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Gordy and Justin talk about comics -- a lot. Gordy loves comics and fancies himself an expert but ends up making up most of his facts and disregarding the ones he thinks are stupid. Justin loves comics too, but prefers to get his comic lore from Gordy as opposed to the source -- accuracy be damned. This is their struggle. This is their journey. This is their destiny.






Episode 41 – Old Country Bergo

Gordy tries to pick his ideal X-Men line-up and, in the end, doesn't even come close. It's harder than it sounds. Also, here's the cast of Andromeda - Kevin Sorbo, Spaceship Lady, Security Lady, Computer Man, Alien Man w/ Cool Name, Other Monster Alien Man with a name like Gog Magog or something. You're welcome. Oh, and don't forget - Ecto Cooler is coming back soon. Longshot is a constant, gorilla glue bones and all.

Duration: 01:01:27

Episode 40 – The Seven Soldiers of Buttonfly

Why can't we stop talking about Rob "Feetsies" Liefeld?! Is it his natural charisma? His raw talent? His perfect body? Or is it just those dope button flies?! Everytime we try to get to the bottom of it we never get past the ankles. This week we eventually give up on the Rob Equation and jam on Seven Soldiers for a good while. That's right, it's another eppy of Gordy trying to remember and explain a Grant Morrison comic. You're welcome. And thus is come to pass the first harrowing of the...

Duration: 01:17:52

Ashcan 05 – Sleepy Brunch Time Podcast

Gordy and Justin wake up early (well, early in some cultures) for a delightful post-Stilt-Man Day brunch. The plan was to gab about comics with big delays between issues in honor of this rare and holy day, but then they spend the first 10 minutes talking about jeans. Button up, folks!

Duration: 00:27:21

Episode 39 – Dead Church

Ya think Ythaq? Ya know it, ya'll! What does that mean? Historians will argue over that for decades to come, but we've got no time to dwell on it right now. Too much to do! We've gotta check in with Lil' Justin and his hijinks, ignore Dr. Strange, watch some West Wing, then whip up a formal apology to the Bridges family. It's taking longer than it should because we keep forgetting who they are. Plus we're trying to write it in that Alan Moore, Crossed 100-style and it's only making it...

Duration: 00:59:18

Episode 38 – Earworms

This week Gordy spends a fair amount of time ranting at the collector's market, with special attention paid to the Demon Count Loot Crate. Justin politely indulges him. Then the boys get all riled up about super penises and the masturbatory habits of those who have them. Learn how Thor manages to never spill his seed, and whether or not Superman can control the force of his ejaculate (sorry, Kevin Smith fans). Can Batman jerk off in costume and still retain his cool, you often wonder?...

Duration: 01:02:45

Episode 37 – The Ippy Files

Gordy and Justin open up about their lives as child prodigies in this very special episode of GtJc. Turns out they both liked drawing endless depictions of mass murder and uncanny violence as children. In other words, they were way ahead of the game. Plus, get your first ever taste of Gordy's childhood opus "The Ippy Files." All that AND the debut of the FULL LENGTH Hawkman track "Hawkman Comes," Written by Justin Bergo and Shaun Holton, performed by Shaun Holton. Seriously, it's fucking...

Duration: 00:31:37

Ashcan 04 – Royal Flash

In part 1 of "The Flashman Papers Chronicles," Gordy rambles on to Justin about The Flashman Papers, a non-comic book series he likes quite a bit. Remember - they don't say "dude" as much as Gordy does in the book itself. Below is Gordy's preferred read order. Flashman Royal Flash Flashman's Lady Flash for Freedom! Flashman and the Angel of the Lord Flashman at the Charge Flashman in the Great Game Flashman and the Dragon Flashman and the Mountain of Light Flashman on the March Flashman...

Duration: 00:26:18

Episode 36 – Occasional Fish Dicks w/ Mark Russell

Mark Russell, writer and visionary behind DC's Prez, stops by this week to talk to G&J about everything from Cart Dracula (get ready for some big news, Drac Pack!) to Eagle Free and everything in between. Do we contemplate the fate of all mankind at some point? You know it. Plus, we get a little sample of Mark's tasty Frankenberry fan fiction. You don't wanna miss this one, Prez Head! Apologies for the sporadic drops in sound quality. Skype was being a real sore ass that day.

Duration: 00:58:14

Ashcan 03 – Prophecy Boy, He’s a Power Man

In a throwback to shows of yore, Gordy downs a few Red Alerts(tm) and tells Justin all about one single comic. He manages to recall countless minute details, none of which help anyone to understand one thing about the plot … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:35:32

Episode 35 – Halloween Jammers 2015

Happy Post-Halloween! OooOOooOOoooh! In this spooktastic eppy, Gordy continues his downward spiral into insanity by trying to convince Bergo that the Flash is real. Not spooky enough for you?! OK, well how about Apocalypse versus Dracula?! How about porno zombies?! … Continue reading →

Duration: 01:01:43

Episode 34 – Fuck Yourself, Bob Kane

We celebrate the legacy of Batman this week by talking about the (alleged) big piece of shit that gets credit for creating him. Does Bob Kane deserve the credit for Batman? Not even a little bit (allegedly), but that didn’t … Continue reading →

Duration: 01:02:38

Ashcan 02 – Gordy Plays Justin Comics

Take the stage with Gordy and Justin this week as we explore the very best of comics-based songs and soundtracks. Gordy has spent years curating a glorious collection of the very best comics jams and now he’s here to share … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:39:15

Episode 33 – Sourpatch Surge

Ah, the 90s! Pogs were taking the nation by storm, kids were lined up for blocks at payphones to call 1-800-I-Feel-OK, and all anyone could talk about at school was Urkel and his hilarious hijinks. It all seemed so innocent, … Continue reading →

Duration: 01:03:10

Ashcan 01 – Dial H for Hawkman

Welcome to the first ever GTJC Ashcan episode! What’s an ashcan? In comics it’s a shorter, usually indie and/or promotional comic that gets sold/handed out at cons. What is an ashcan for our purposes? A short, bi-weekly get together where … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:33:15

Episode 32 – GTJC@SDCC 2015

Gordy made the journey to the San Diego Comic-Con this year and has a couple of things to say about it. Justin spent most of the weekend in a literal closet, but that seemed pretty cool too so they also … Continue reading →

Duration: 01:16:02

Episode 31 – Snake Fingers Magoo

The boys decide to slow things down a little this week, crank up the Fleetwood Mac, and take a gander at Marvel’s All-New, All-Different line-up. They flip through the covers of somewhere around 40 new number 1s to see if … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:55:30

Episode 30 – Anaprez Rickwalker

We’re Eagle Free in ’73 this week as the boys talk about the President Teen in 2015. What do we mean? It’s difficult to say. After a look back at Prez and it’s definitive take on Dracula, we look to … Continue reading →

Duration: 01:09:09

Episode 29 – Dairy to be Nipotent w/ Kuen Tang

We start things off this week with an impromptu discussion about a weirdo who slobbers on iced cream for a living that quickly spirals into an exploration of his comic book potential. Could The Aerator end up as Steam-Man’s number … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:58:11

Episode 28 – Speedy Puck Bonanza

This week we celebrate our Canadian brothers to the North by highlighting their many contributions to the field of superhero comics, and right around Queen Victoria Day to boot! Yes, that means we mostly just talk about Wolverine and make … Continue reading →

Duration: 00:55:38

Episode 27 – Fernando, No Mushrooms w/ Dag Frognes

This week the boys start off by taking a stroll down Transmemory lane, looking back at Transmetropolitan and why it’s so god damned appealing to this day. At some point during this Fernando the Italian Egg Beast is summoned, but … Continue reading →

Duration: 01:04:42

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