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Camouflage Ice Cream & Wedding Cakes Made Out of Cheese and I Got a New Pair of Glasses for $9...Goodbye Summer!

Camouflage Ice Cream & Wedding Cakes Made Out of Cheese and I Got a New Pair of Glasses for $9...Goodbye Summer! is the title of this "Labor Day Weekend is over" podcast. I've been too busy to keep up with all of this, due to circumstances that are only partially under my control. Fall is almost here...Where did this summer go??


It's Been a Crazy, Busy Week...Kinda Like a Circus and That's Really a Good Thing!!

I think I had hit the summer doldrums, and if you look it up in the dictionary, doldrum descibes in perfectly. And then, all of the sudden a couple of weeks ago it got crazy busy which let to a whirlwind of activity... And then, it got even busier and crazier and...busier and crazier and...oh, you get the idea.


034 Gordy Talks About the Flood in South Bend, Indiana and Recalls Driving His Car into a Flood in Wheaton, Illinois

There was a flash flood that hit South Bend, Indiana earlier this week, and caused some problems for a WNDU-TV photographer Eric Walton while he was in the news vehicle. Gordy remembers a flood in Wheaton, Illinois that he was caught in while driving his Dodge Dart. It was a great car...till that night.


033 Gordy Goes Camping....Sort of, well Not Really, but the Next Best Thing?!?

Gordy's camping weekend includes visiting the campsite of the extended family twice, but not having to do the tent thing or the camper thing or really anything except enjoy the best parts of camping without the parts that make it challenge. It was fun, and a great time was had by all!


027 Do you know what "terms & conditions" you agree to on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter & other Social Media? Here ya' go!

When you accept the "Terms & Conditions" for Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and other social media apps, do you know what you've agreed to? Of course you don't! That's what you have Gordy for! You won't believe the kind of info these companies are getting out of you, and you didn't even know...until now!


026 Gordy Shares Advice for Folks Looking for a New Job...What NOT to do! And, which States Have the Happiest Mugshots?

It's been an uneventful weekend...so, let's hope today we can get back to life as we remember it...almost normal. What states have the criminals with the happiest mugshots? What are the big mistakes people make when looking for a new job? What terms & conditions have you agreed to with all the apps you've downloaded? You might be surprised!


025 Welcome to the Water Cooler of Life: Babies are Being Named After Pokemon Characters...Wait, What?

Gordy talks about people naming their babies after Pokemon characters, and wonders about the future of civilization as we know it. A guy got stabbed while he was on vacation and immediately proposed to his girlfriend...makes sense, right? And, M & M's have a new flavor, "Coffee Nut"...hold on, it tastes like coffee? Wow!


024 Gordy Offers His E-Mails to the Russians in Exchange for a Bowl of Borscht & a Bottle of Vodka. Meanwhile it's storytime!

The Dems had Senator Al Franken and Sarah Silverman do some on stage comedy during tonight's convention show. Meanwhile, the e-mail dump by wiki-leaks and maybe the Russians overshadows their opening night. Remember when national political conventions were boring...ah, those were the days! What next? Dancing Donkeys? Stay tuned...


023 Gordy Covers the News Items Beyond the Headlines, From the Bottom of the Barrel and Then Some!

Stories of stupid people doing really dumb things. A naked couple rides a stolen lawn mower...sure, why not? Turning to national news, last week, it was the Republican National Convention...this week, the Democrats take over Philadelphia...It's like one circus has left, and the next circus is about to begin. Remember, it's all about We the People...right?


022 Scoundrels, Idiots & Fools...no I'm not talking about the Republicans or Democrats...Cool Down at the Water Cooler!

Time for a break from the political tilt-a-whirl...enjoy some stories of real people making idiots of themselves during their everyday lives. Grab a cup of coffee or a nice cool glass of filtered H2O from the water cooler and enjoy a doughnut along with some stories saved from the trash can of life!


021 Gordy Talks About How Weird This Political Year is Getting, as the Republican Convention Rolls On...

The Republican National Convention is getting a lot of attention, and internet jokes are flying around like bats in a barn or a bat cave or wherever bats fly around...Gordy shares a few. Also, Gordy was surprised when he came home from work today to find a completely cleaned house. It surely wasn't the work of that lazy dog Rufus...but, who? Hmmmm...the plot thickens!


019 Take a Break from the Heavy News of the Day & Relax with a Story or Two Around the Watercooler

The 24 hour news cycle has gone into overdrive over the past week. It just doesn't seem to let up sometimes. The news is overwhelmingly tragic and sad and maddening. Time to take a breather and kick back for 10 minutes with some odd stories that will take your mind a different place, if only for a few moments...thanks for listening.


018 Tricia Sloma explains Pokemon Go to Gordy, who just doesn't like it one bit...Enjoy!

Tricia Sloma & Gordy Young go back a long way...to 1994. When a new trend comes along that Gordy doesn't understand, he relies on Tricia to explain it to him. Pokemon Go has been all the rage over the last 6 or 7 days on the internet...this can't be good, can it? You be the judge!


017 Crazy Lady with a Gun Threatens Guy Over Missing Duck...Huey, Dewey & Louie Doing OK...but ask, "What the Duck?"

Scraping the bottom of the barrel of stories that the rest of the newsroom has thrown along with the rest of the garbage, I have salvaged this collection to help you , dear listener, make it through another 15-20 minutes of your life knowing that as bad as things may be for you, at least you are a lot smarter than these mopes. Cause for celebration, I'd say!


016 Gordy Reviews the Worst Ten Songs to Reach #1 in the Last 40 Years & Other Dumb Stuff

I'm still recovering from my surprise birthday party my daughter Megan threw for me at the local Mexican eatery, Jose's ...I got tons of birthday wishes...way too many to read on the podcast, but thanks to everyone for the well wishes. On this show, I review a list that the PhoenixNewTimes.com folks put together of the worst songs to reach #1...they're pretty bad, I agree!


015 Gordy is Back at the Water Cooler with a Whole Barrel Full of Stupid Stories to Waste Your Time...Why Not?

A couple of more thoughts about the incident when a drone fell from the sky and stopped the performance of the Elwood Splinters Blues Band, and slightly injured one of the musicians. We're back to the water cooler for some deliciously stupid stories about how people survive their own stupidity...or not! Grab a cup of something tasty, take a break and join us!


014 Drone Crashes Onstage During Elwood Splinters Blues Band Show: One Musician Suffers Minor Injuries

I talk with Harvey Stauffer (Ole Harv') about the Elwood Splinters Blues Band performance July 2nd at Chain-O-Lakes, South Bend which was interrupted when a drone lost control and fell to the stage striking horn player David Lee, slightly injuring his arm and damaging one of his saxophones nearby. No one else injured & after a brief break Lee continued playing with the band with a towel wrapped on his arm.


013 Gordy's 4th of July 2016 Stories: Gather Around the Watercooler!

Beginning this week, all new shows featuring stories to share around your water cooler. Maybe your workplace doesn't have a water cooler, and you're chained to your desk or work station all day...well, think of this water cooler as a place you can go in your mind as you listen while you're supposed to be working. If you're at home...just relax and take a breather, you're cool.


012 Gordy Young Show Goes to "Water Cooler Format" Beginning Next Week on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays!

Two important announcements this week; Great Britain did its "Brexit" thing (big whoop) and Gordy Young announces that his soon to be award winning podcast, "The Gordy Young Show" will now be released on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in what is being described as the new "Water Cooler Format", perfect for wasting time at work with fellow employees!


011 Ann Voss Peterson: Award-Winning Romance Novelist & Thriller Author and the True Story of Melinda DuChamp

Ann Voss Peterson writes romance novels and thrillers...and she's damn good at it. She's authored somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 books over the last 20 years! The last few years, she's branched out into a new genre which she authors under the pen name of Melinda DuChamp and it's funny, wacky & just a bit bawdy...kind of like who she is in real life. Enjoy!