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What is the incarnation, how did it happen, and why would Jesus have to come to earth in human flesh? Join Matt and Micah as they share some great insights into this key Christian doctrine of the incarnation.

Duration: 00:49:08

Baptist Heritage: What is the origin of the Baptist faith?

Micah and Matt are on location at the annual Mississippi Baptist Convention in Jackson, MS to discuss the long and cherished history of the Baptist faith. They take a look at the origin of Baptists and the influence of the Protestant Reformation on the Baptist faith.

Duration: 00:44:54


Join Micah and Matt in a very insightful discussion on what the Bible says about being single.

Duration: 00:42:55

Preaching Books: Top Picks

Micah and Matt take some time to share some of their favorite and most helpful preaching books. This conversation will be beneficial to those looking to renew their passion for preaching, and suggests some good resources for Bible study teachers and leaders.

Duration: 00:40:16

Jehovah’s Witnesses

Matt and Micah center their conversation on the faith and practice of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Listen in on the discussion to find out what they believe about the Bible, God, Jesus and salvation. Do they worship the same God as those who are evangelical Christians? Do they believe Jesus is divine?

Duration: 00:40:38

Mormonism: Is Mormonism a cult and do Mormons worship the same God as those in traditional Christianity?

Join Matt and Micah as they uncover some of the basic teachings of the Mormon faith. They answer the question that people often ask, “Is Mormonism a Christian faith or a cult?” They also expose their view of Jesus and his identity and work. This is a helpful discussion that will inform your understanding of […]

Duration: 00:36:25

Trinitarian Nature of the Church

In this episode, Micah gives some helpful insight into the nature and function of the church of the Lord Jesus. The New Testament gives us several images that illustrate who the church is and what the church has been called to do, and this discussion helps us see how the identity of the church reflects […]

Duration: 00:38:03

Navigating the Sexual Revolution

Matt and Micah tackle part 2 of their discussion of the recent release of the Nashville Statement, which provided a biblical response to same sex and transgender issues. This discussion is part of a developing sexual revolution in our culture, which deserves careful thought and gracious response. Listen as Matt and Micah navigate this discussion […]

Duration: 00:45:51

The Nashville Statement: Addressing biblical and cultural issues of sexual identity

Matt and Micah analyze and react to the recent release of The Nashville Statement, which offers 14 articles related to biblical and cultural issues regarding human sexuality. What does the Bible say about these issues? How should we respond to the changing cultural landscape on sexual identity, especially homosexuality and transgenderism? Join Matt and Micah […]

Duration: 00:47:40


Matt and Micah and joined by Dr. Lee Brand, pastor of Beth-el Missionary Baptist Church in Starkville, MS. He offers some helpful insight into the art and science of the task of preaching. He also helps us understand what goes into a pastor’s preparation time as he gets ready to stand before God’s people each […]

Duration: 00:40:23

Racial Reconciliation

Matt and Micah are joined by special guest Dr. Lee Brand Jr. Lee is the pastor of Beth-el Missionary Baptist Church in Starkville, MS where he has served for 15 years. He joins the podcast today to talk about some of the issues surrounding the subject of racial reconciliation. What does racial reconciliation look like? […]

Duration: 00:43:05

Discipleship: How can we become and grow better disciples?

Matt and Micah are joined by Greg Spencer, pastor of First Baptist Church, New Albany, MS to discuss the topic of discipleship. Greg has studied discipleship in depth and has led his own church to develop a model of discipleship that can be helpful for the rest of us. What is a disciple? How can […]

Duration: 00:50:57

5 Issues Facing the Contemporary Church

Matt and Micah are joined by special guest Mark Marshall to discuss a number of important issues that are facing the church today. Mark is a seasoned pastor and denominational leader who gives insight into the present trajectory of the church and how the church needs to move forward.

Duration: 00:50:38

Inerrancy: Can we be sure the Bible is the Word of God?

Matt and Micah tackle the subject of inerrancy and give some great information about how the Bible was inspired, transmitted, and translated. The body of Christ needs to be confident that the Bible she hold in her hands is the Word of God.

Duration: 00:40:19

5 Truths about Death

What happens when a person dies? What does the Bible say about death and can we face it with security? Matt and Micah give some helpful insight into a subject that many misunderstand or choose to avoid. Listen in as they discuss the reality of death and some specific biblical truths about what happens on the […]

Duration: 00:44:10

Worship: What is worship and what is the role of a worship leader?

Matt and Micah are joined by their music ministers, Marty Hurt and Greg Beaty, to discuss the topic of worship.

Duration: 00:45:59

Most Listened Episode! Assurance of Salvation

Since the beginning of the Gospel Reign podcast, there is one episode that has been listened to and shared more than any other. Join Matt and Micah as they discuss the issue of the assurance of salvation. Have our hosts ever struggled with assurance? Listen in and share with others.

Duration: 00:28:59

6 Scripture Verses Commonly Misinterpreted

There are many Bible passages that are often handled poorly. Micah and Matt take a look at some of the most commonly misinterpreted scriptures and give some sound advice on the importance of context.

Duration: 00:33:08

Discerning a Call to Ministry

Matt and Micah are joined by a very special guest on this episode of Gospel Reign and they discuss the idea of the call of God to vocational ministry. Dr. Ronald Meeks, Professor of Biblical and Associated Studies at Blue Mountain College, stops in to offer some great insights about what a call to the gospel […]

Duration: 00:57:34

Listener Q&A: Christian flag, textual variants, denominations, and refugees

For a very special 20th episode, Matt and Micah tackle a few questions asked by some Gospel Reign listeners. Enjoy!

Duration: 00:41:01

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