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Another episode of the Gossiping Heifers. This week we welcome American Idol’s Vincent Powell and actor, comedian, Pauly Shore. A writer and producer for The Root has come forward with sexual harassment allegations against the Rev. Jesse Jackson that she says took place at a prior place of employment, a “popular” media company. Despite GOP efforts to sabotage the Affordable Care Act, President Barack Obama’s signature policy appears to have new life. President Donald Trump says tougher gun...

Duration: 00:57:41

The Adventures of Baby Boy

This week we welcome special guest, playwright Eric Jones of One Nation Project. Revered Right is back with his church announcements. On the bitch fit, why are black people always late? Sayfullo Saipov, the 29-year-old who is believed to have plowed his rental truck into pedestrians and cyclist in NYC earlier today reportedly left behind handwritten letters pledging his allegiance to ISIS. Another shooting in a church in Texas. It’s been almost a year since President Obama left office, but...

Duration: 01:06:36

Negro Zombie

This week our special guests the ladies of the Reset Conference offering to empower and to waken the passion within. Also, Lloyd Gite, of the Gite Gallery to talk about his Nigerian art exhibit. Reverend Right is back with the church announcements. This week's bitch fit, are men behaving like bitches? Part one of our live discussion panel talking about black business ethics. The Davis Magnet International Baccalaureate Elementary School in Jackson will be renamed for the former President...

Duration: 01:07:07

You Sho Is Ugly

This episode we welcome Mallorie Bailey Massie of Real Housewives of Atlanta and sister of Cynthia Bailey. We will be talking jewelry, hair, and cosmetics. Revered Right joins the heifers for another round of church announcements. The bitch fit of the week on why the ugliest people take the most selfies? It’s another round of our game, the Ethnic Guess. Love and Hip Hop of Hollywood’s Hazel E. makes Jigga of the week for remarks about dark skin women and bashing the gay community. Netflix...

Duration: 01:02:00

Queens of Petty

This week’s episode features special guest, comedian, and author, Ms. Pat. Reverend Right is back with the church announcements and it’s another round of the game show, Ethnic Guess. Trump tries a Spanish accent while dismantling Obamacare. Film executive Harvey Weinstein comes under fire for sexual allegations. Weeks after the controversy surrounding Jemele Hill calling Donald Trump a white supremacist on social media, the network has issued a statement and has suspended Jemele for two...

Duration: 01:03:25


This week on the Gossiping Heifers we welcome special guests, Wanda James, owner f Simply Pure dispensary. Celebrity DJ Traci Steele joins us to discuss her infamous interview with Kevin Gates and reality TV and her upcoming tour. Reverend Right is back with the church announcements, sending out playa prayers to Kevin Hart. Discussing the headlines this week include, Puerto Ricco still recovering and as Trump tweets. Former Congressman Anthony Weiner to serve 21 months for sending explicit...

Duration: 01:19:23

Rocket Man

This episode of the Gossiping Heifers we talk to singer, George Tandy Jr. and DJ Envy of the Breakfast Club. Ever get tired of being too nice? Why it doesn’t always pay to be the nice guy. In headline news: In the mist of natural disasters, Donald Trump delivers his speech to the UN, toying with Korea. Melania Trump’s lawyers go into action after the American Institute uses her image on billboards. On word on the street: Issa Rae labeled a racist after commenting that she is rooting for...

Duration: 01:15:09

Cookie Strike

This episode we welcome special guests, Dr. Kanishia Hall and Tameka “Tiny” Harris. Revered Right joins us for the church announcements. It’s sad when you have to pull a cookie strike, and we are not talking Toll House cookies. Top story: What happened to 19 year old Kenneka Jenkin? Willie D of the Ghetto Boys gives his two cents on the case. Hand in Hand telethon raised over $44 million for Hurricane victims. Miss Texas Margana Wood gives the best answer in reference to Trump’s response...

Duration: 01:17:19


There are times in life when you have to simply unfollow people to keep your peace of mind. New segments including a good word with the Reverand Right! It's all good, talking about Trae Tha Truth help Hurricane Harvey victims. Jigga of the week, which is Keke Wyatt's soon to be ex-husband, Michael Jamar Ford. Joel Olsteen holds service for hurricane victims, but still passing around the collection buckets. Netflix and chill movie of the week, Juice, should you Netflix or should you chill?...

Duration: 00:55:54

After the storm

Hurricane Harvey hits Houston, and recovery efforts are in play. The word on social media is all about Joel Olsteen not opening his church doors to hurricane Harvey victims with feedback from Rev. Right and Fatman Scoop. Our special guests' cancer and domestic abuse survivor, author and realtor, Angelia Dunbar. Our special interview with singer Johnny Gill, talking music and tours with New Edition. On Ask a Heifer: Would you start online conversations with someone who is married? and the...

Duration: 01:04:15


When you are treated to VIP, some people like to wiggle their way in. Enough with the making things go viral already, the irritation of inbox campaigns. Black businesses, do you save money turn you’re a/c off overnight? Our special guest, TaKari Lee, daughter of Jackie Christie of VH1’s Basketball Wives. We discuss her new book, “Light to her shadow”, and her strained relationship with her mother. Can a new bill require Donald Trump to undergo a physical and mental health exam to determine...

Duration: 01:12:31


The Gossiping Heifers recover from a bad restaurant referral, do white people know how to pick restaurants? Social media chain letters and transparent people are part of the discussion. Special guests this week is the RNB legend, or as we call him “Mr. 900”, Al B. Sure. Al B. Sure talks about the music industry and today’s music. Also, Visionary and Motivational speaker Trent Shelton, talking about his know you’re worth tour coming to Houston. In the news: a tragedy in Charlottesville and...

Duration: 01:18:14

Ego Trip

Women can stroke a man's ego, but how well can a man stroke a woman's ego? The Gossiping Heifers discuss the ways men should stroke a woman's ego. Hairstylist drama, when your client tries to consultant you on how to do your hair. Our special guests from WE TV's "Growing up Hip Hop", Briana Latrise. We are talking reality TV, the rough edges and of course, Angela Simmons. Greenleaf's, Julian Brittano shares his story from two weeks in L.A. and landing on the set with Oprah Winfrey. A giant...

Duration: 01:10:59

Doing the most

There is a point where people do the most. Women are proposing to men and other foolishness. Donald Trump taking a 7-day working vacation already costing tax payers $20 million since being in office. In addition to a vacation, Trump encourages police brutality. R Kelly’s ticket sales are not going so well, is it scheduling conflicts or scandals? Comedian and actress Tiffany Haddish comes under fire after making Cosby joke. Rapper Safaree just got on Twitter and decided to post some serious...

Duration: 00:56:28

Dress Code

Schools have dress codes, maybe adults should have dress codes too. The Gossiping Heifers discuss dress code violations. Our special guest, Robert Edward "Ed" Forchion, Jr., also known as NJ Weedman, is an American Rastafari cannabis rights and free speech activist, a frequent candidate for public office, actor, writer, and restaurateur. A resident of New Jersey and California, he is a registered medical cannabis user. He has been arrested and convicted for some of his activities and has...

Duration: 01:06:29

Personal Space

Nothing like having a little personal space, not so much when you are in public. Why do the most annoying invade your personal space? Ever hear of comedy groupies? They do exist. Our special guest is actor and comedian, Brandon T. Jackson. Brandon has been featured in movies such as Tropic Thunder, Roll Bounce, Lottery Ticket, just to name a few. Brandon is bringing his stand up to H-Town with his Fresh N Funny Unplugged tour. It’s a no go for the GOP health care bill. Usher’s confessions,...

Duration: 01:10:56


These are the people in our neighborhood . . . and it's nothing nice. From parking, manners, and knowing when to leave, yep we are talking about it. Special guests this week include actor, comedian, humanitarian, Bill Bellamy. We are talking to Bill about his performance at Improv Houston and politics. Also the Godfather of West Coast Hip Hop, Alonzo Williams, talking about his new book, appearance in HBO's The Defiant Ones and the history of N.W.A. Even when Donald Trump pays a visit to...

Duration: 01:20:31


The Gossiping Heifers are having Memphis flashbacks with our homegirl, Rene as she visits H-Town. Our special guests are comedian, Hope Flood and male Perspective guest, actor, Cedric Pendleton on Cougar Edqittque. Donald Trump back at it on Twitter, calling out U.S. agencies and attacking the makers of "fake news". We tried to stay away, but the drama between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna just got real. Jay Z's latest album release, 4:44 has the haters clapping back on social media. What...

Duration: 01:26:21

You Already Know

We are talking to our special guests, the Queen Diva of Bounce, Big Freedia and Connection Coach, Johnathan Sprinkles gives some insight how a good woman can improve her man. Not much to personally vent about, but dome if the behavior of black women on reality TV. Donald Trump's priorities seem to be on Twitter with his health care bill on the back burner. In an effort to increase accountability and transparency when it comes to police-involved shootings, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed...

Duration: 01:20:09

Haters Are Motivators

After word on the streets gets back to the heifers on being copy cats, its best to let your haters be your motivator during the “Vent Session”. In “Trending News”. The Congressional Black Caucus is in no hurry to meet with Trump. Kenya Moore is moving forward in marital bliss and is leaving ex-boyfriend Matt Jordan at least 200-yards behind. Have you ever heard of the sour toe cocktail served with a mummified toe? It’s in “Dumbish”. Our special guests include show sponsor, Christopher...

Duration: 01:17:21

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