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Granytales is a storytelling podcast for kids but something that adults may find fascinatingas well.. Story telling is quiet ancient but got lost in the mist of time. It perhaps originated in the gloomy recesses of the cave around a flickering fire told by a primitive hunter? Or maybe as an excuse for failure, using them long ago to calm the fears or doubts of a family perhaps?Myths, legends of all kinds, fairy tales, trickster stories, fables, ghost tales, hero stories, and epic adventures,these stories were told, retold. These reflect the wisdom and knowledge of the early people which have been forever lost in the recesses of time. We at Grannytales wish to carry on this tradition by reviving these ancient mythical, mystical and perhaps awe inspiring , life changing stories which have been long forgotten.Nobody has the time or energy in this fast changing and moving world to take the place of thestoryteller..whether man , woman, mother or father,aunt , uncle, grand father or grandmom.. each have their own set of challenges to face everyday and unfortunately storytelling has been relegated to the background . We don’t want these new age kids to miss out on the wealth of knowledge gleaned from these stories which are an important factor for their all round growth and personality, making them a complete human being.It is believed by most historians and psychologists that storytelling is one of the many things that define and bind our humanity. Humans are perhaps the only animals that create and tell stories.Today, stories are an intrinsic part of our societies and culture. Movies, books, music, news media, religions,architecture and painting, you name it, and the influence of storytelling is to be seen in all aspects of our life.Defining our values, desires, dreams and, as well as our prejudices and hatreds. the oral stories have beenhanded over from generation to generationWe at Grannytales are extremely passionate about telling stories and that’s what prompted us to start this podcast channel. We spend hours on on end researching beautiful spellbinding meaningful inspiring stories from all around the world some of them original written by people alive to transport them into that very world of yore.Using music, sounds and a 3 D immersive experience so they feel in the midst of action.we go a step beyond to give our best inputs. each episode takes more than hours to produce form deciding on topics to finding stories,transcribing writing ,interviewing storytellers for original content,, editing,scoring original music,and publishing and promotion.The best part of our podcast is we encourage interaction with the kids in the form of question and answers during and after the podcast is done which makes them more involved and help learn and assimilate more effectively.We have no monetary advantage from doing this other than a simple and overwhelming passion for the art. We keep going due to listeners like you.. people who really love and appreciate what we do and how we do it.Your donation truly makes a difference to us. Helping us give great output everytime. So thank you!!:)



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