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131 - Kirik Jenness of The Underground Forum

I loved this talk with Kirik Jenness who is mayor for life of the underground forum at, the author of The Fighter's Notebook, the official records keeper for mixed martial arts, and has "done every job in MMA except for being a ring girl."


130 - Pro-tip: How to Improve Your Chokes in Just 10 Seconds

In this short episode I share a tip I learned from Elliott Bayev that'll simultaneously allow you to finish way more people with your chokes but also stop you from completely burning out your arms, legs and/or grips in the attempt. If you're looking for help with a specific area of grappling have you checked out the search bar at the top of my site Tons of videos, tips, articles, and drills there just waiting for you to find them!!


129 - Training with Dan Severn, Saving Jiu-Jitsu, and Training Around the World with Dan 'The Wolfman' Theodore

Dan was bitten by the MMA bug after watching UFC 4; soon he was training with Dan Severn and learning all he could about wrestling, jiu-jitsu, fighting and MMA. Many miles and multiple black belts later he's on the podcast. In this conversation we focus on the fighting aspects of jiu-jitsu, 'friendly' sparring sessions gone bad, catch wrestling, Systema (yes, systema), training with hundreds of MMA fighters, doing MMA color commentary, and the lessons learned from decades of living the...


128 - Can Kung Fu, BJJ and MMA Coexist? A conversation with mantis boxer Randy Brown.

A conversation with Kung Fu stylist (and BJJ brown belt) Randy Brown that included the history of Chinese martial arts and what made them less effective over time, what traditional martial arts look like when you start training them with resistance, and much more. I think you'll like this one! Find out more about Randy Brown at


127 - Why Techniques Never Work on the Day They're Shown (and How to Fix That)

OK, so you've just learned a cool new technique that you're pretty sure is the Kryptonite you need to defeat your hardest sparring partner. So then you crash and burn when you try it out in sparring - what's going on? In this episode I break down exactly why techniques NEVER work on the day they're shown, and the simple steps you need to make that killer technique functional as fast as humanly possible. Check out my FREE app for learning BJJ, The Roadmap for BJJ app for iOS and Android!...


126 - Killer Waves and Night Time Rescues with Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer Donald Lipscomb

Really enjoyed this chat with Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer Donald Lipscomb. We went into detail about rescuing people from capsized ships, the selection process with a 90% attrition rate, and the training required to jump from a helicopter into stormy seas with nothing more than a pair of fins to push yourself through the water. We also talk about how jiu-jitsu and wrestling helped give him the mental and physical toughness he needs to do an incredibly gruelling job. If you get the chance,...


125 - Reilly Bodycomb on Sambo, Leglocks and Competition

Loved this interview with Reilly Bodycomb. Reilly is a Russian sambo and leglock expert who has competed in a TON of different rulesets including BJJ, no gi submission grappling, MMA, Sambo, and wrestling. He shared stories about competing all over the world, and shared some major insights about how the rules you compete under totally influence the development of a sport. My favourite part was when we were riffing about creating the 'perfect' grappling rule set. I hope you enjoy it as much...


124 - My Interview on the Cody Jitsu Podcast

This is a fun episode: instead of me doing the interviewing the tables get turned and I get grilled by Cody from the Codyjitsu podcast. We covered tons of stuff including my martial arts background, how I got my black belt, my favourite moves and techniques, specific strategies to train around injuries, the role of competition in training, and much more. Follow Cody on Instagram: @AmericanGrapplingAcademy Follow me on Instagram: @Stephan_Kesting And if you've actually read down this far...


123 - What To Do When You're On the Bottom, Getting Crushed, and Unable to Breathe...

One of the very worst things is to be trapped on the bottom with all your opponent’s weight on top of you and be unable to breathe. This is usually followed by exhaustion, panic and surrender. But it doesn’t need to be like this – there are several approaches to breathing in BJJ that can make sure air gets into your lungs, oxygen into your blood, and keep you in the game, even when you’re being completely crushed on the bottom. The following video breaks down the 3 levels of answers to...


122 - How to Blast Through Physical Setbacks When Your Training Gets Stalled

How to deal with the super-frustrating but ultimately inevitable physical setbacks, limitations and injuries when you're doing a contact sport. Hint: it will ALWAYS be two steps forward, one step back; the trick is how you deal with it to stay motivated and not get discouraged. I speak from the heart AND from experience here! Please remember to subscribe to the podcast on the platform of your choice so that you don't miss any of the future content that I'm coming out with!


121 - Police Combatives with Lt Kevin Dillon (ret) - Survival

I really enjoyed talking to Lieutenant Kevin Dillon (ret) who served for 25 years as a police officer, SWAT team member, and detective commander before moving on to become a full time trainer for police departments. In this episode we talk about his closest calls on the street, how police departments train their officers to fight, degrees of force and escalation in combatives, how to talk somebody down, strategies and tactics that anyone can employ to keep themselves safe, and much...


120 - Nick 'Chewy' Albin from Chewjitsu on BJJ, Wrestling, MMA and More

Chewy (aka Nick Albin) is well known for the BJJ advice he gives on his prolific Youtube Chewjitsu channel, so I was thrilled to have him on the podcast. It's a great chat and we cover a ton of material, including how he got his nickname, his journey from wrestling to MMA to jiu-jitsu, gi vs no gi training, preventing injuries in training, why he decided to leave tech and go full time in jiu-jitsu, getting his black belt on the same day that his mother died, how jiu-jitsu saves lives, his...


119 - A Trick for Beating Exhaustion When You Roll or Compete

Getting tired when you're rolling sucks. And it's even worse when you're competing; you can't breathe, you go into survival mode, your plans goes out the window and life starts sucking. In this episode I share my number one tip for beating this exhaustion and performing up to your potential in competition. Let me know what you think of these tips and mini-rant podcast episodes. You can find me at the following places... Twitter: Instagram:...


118 - Minimising Injuries and Maximising Recovery

To get better fast in any sport you have to be able to train hard, which means minimising injuries and maximising your recovery. In this episode I give you some of my best tips to accomplish both of these goals. If you found this information useful then please share the podcast with ONE other person who might also benefit from hearing it. Thank you so much , Stephan Kesting


117 - The Huge Difference Between Knowing a Technique and Being Able to Execute It Against Resistance

In this rant I go off about so-called 'technique collectors', which are martial artists who memorise 35 different variations of a technique but are unable to execute ANY of those variations against a real opponent giving even a little bit of resistance. Then I go through the 5 step formula for taking any technique and making it functional. This 5 step formula is broken down for you in more detail on my second website Hope you find this rant...


116 - Should You Pull Guard in BJJ Competition or Not?

Should you pull guard in BJJ competition or fight doggedly for the takedown. You'll get some answers to this perennial question in my conversation about pulling guard with BJJ black belt Rob Biernacki.


115 - Stephan Talks With 8th Degree Black Belt Carlos Machado

Loved talking to jiu-jitsu pioneer Carlos Machado about all things BJJ. His love for the art and experience in the sport comes through at every second. I hope you get as much out of this interview as I did! Some of the highlights include 01:07 - Carlos on growing up in Jiu-Jitsu family 05:52 - BJJ comes into the mainstream 08:41 - Training with Rolls Gracie 11:07 - Style of the Machado game 13:03 - The continuing evolution of Jiu Jitsu 17:54 - Who are the most athletic Jiu Jitsu...


114 - Should You Stretch Before or After a Workout, a Controversial Topic!

You wouldn't think that something like stretching before a workout could be controversial, but it is. Some evidence and experts suggest that you should only do it after your workout, whereas most traditions say that you should do it before. Who's right and what should you do? In this episode I break it down for you (hint, it really, really depends on the sport you do)!


113 - A Close Call on the Mats, and 3 Takeaways for Avoiding Injuries!

The other day I almost tore a partner’s ACL off the bone, which would have required him to have surgery and many months of rehabilitation. What happened exactly? I was more experienced and a bit bigger than my training partner that day and we were doing some no gi sparring. Because of the experience discrepancy I was hyper-focusing on a couple of very specific positions, namely Ashi Garami and the 411. (This is a form of Targeted Sparring which is a great tool to use when you're going...


112 - An Instagram Live Q&A Session with Stephan Kesting

Today's episode comes from a Q&A session I did on Instagram live (@stephan_kesting) and gave the answers to a ton of BJJ and training topics including... 05:00 - When I started training BJJ 06:56 - Is BJJ ever going to make it into the Olympics 08:04 - Advice for remote learners without access to a school 12:33 - Teaching seminars? 13:19 - Grappling and submissions when there's a weapon involved 17:51 - Grapplearts leglock videos 19:01 - The leglock positional hierarchy 20:39 -...


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