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GBoW – Episode 22

The podcast about beards and their significance in relation to all things A Game of Thrones (the card game) is once again touching ground in its sporadic release schedule. This one is a first for one thing and a dear return of others. The amount of rambling scheduled for this week made a meaningful guest appearance almost impossible, leaving our dear listeners at the whims of Jakob and Samuel. But! Our dear producer and sometimes co-host Buzz is back behind the wheels, meaning that we did...

Duration: 00:54:31

GBoW – Episode 21

So we're back for our 21st episode and for the first time in our long and cherished history we have a guest back for seconds! It's the incomparable Evan Johnson, marketing manager at Asmodee North America, all around great guy and builder of janky Thrones decks. We have SPOLERS! This week's spoilers are, dare we say, some of the best you've heard. We also talk a bit about winning and/or successful decks at recent events, the status of attachments in the meta game, and escape rooms. Listen...

Duration: 00:58:19

GBoW – Episode 20

Do you know there's something called "time zones"? Apparently the world is divided into these "zones" where "time" is different – AT THE SAME TIME. Needless to say ignorance about this fact makes scheduling across said time zones very difficult. That's why we're super please to announce that we finally got our 20th episode recorded, with our super amazing guest Mr Kenno Nishioka! Kenno shares an awesome deck list and we talk about the Thrones scene in and around Manila, the Philippines and...

Duration: 01:14:11

GBoW – Episode 18

If our beards grow as fast as we release new episodes of this ”podcast”, we’d look like your great grandfather and/or Santa Claus by now. Anyway, as long as it means us getting a continuous stream of interesting/funny/wise guests, I hope you guys are fine, as are we. This week we’re joined by the venerable James Waumsley to help us checking off names on the list of passionate Tyrell players. Also, he’s pretty insightful as most of you already know. And funny. So, here you go. Listen and...

Duration: 00:50:23

GBoW – Episode 17

This week's episode brings the topics of community building, jank building, sweet custom swag and chocolate cake together in an unusually serious talk with our next door neighbour, Simon Majdrup Hansen of the Copenhagen meta. As Ben Parker would say, with great beards come great responsibilities, and we felt the time was right to have Simon on and pick his brain (and beard) about how to properly care for your community and cater to it's various needs. Oh, and there's a contest this week!...

Duration: 00:49:57

GBoW – Episode 16

This week we're joined by none other than Joshua Chambers in an episode that will leave you wanting more! Our program was already packed with hot topics when SPOLERS arrived by raven from the FFQ HQ. Now, what is your favorite podcast discussing Thrones and beards to do in a situation like this? Do we delay? Save the spolers for another day? Nay, we give you MORE podcast in one episode instead! Listen and subscribe to the audio version at our Soundcloud page:...

Duration: 01:14:49

GBoW – Episode 15

The streak is alive. We’re back this week for another episode, this one numbered 15. This episode has been in the plans for a long time, and finally the stars aligned to allow us bring Chris Schoenthal on as a guest. The keyboard of your humble GBoW episode description editor insists on typing ”Christ Schoenthal”, make of that what you will. As usual we try to give you a mix of insightful discussion, beard care tips and a personal flavour. Enjoy. Listen and subscribe to the audio version...

Duration: 00:34:28