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Podcast hosted by Adam Stanco and featuring long-form interviews with some of the most interesting minds in basketball.




Great Point Podcast Ep. 40: Doug Gottlieb

Adam Stanco's in-depth interview with Doug Gottlieb, one of the best passers in college basketball history and a broadcaster for Fox Sports Radio and FS1. They discuss Gottlieb's playing career, including his intense recruitment, defending Allen Iverson, what he learned after getting dismissed from Notre Dame, and his unique ability to distribute the ball. Gottlieb opens up about his interview with Oklahoma State regarding their head coaching position, detailing the questions he was asked...

Duration: 02:22:58

Great Point Podcast Ep. 39: With Eldridge Recasner

Adam Stanco's in-depth interview with one of the best players in University of Washington history and 7-year NBA veteran Eldridge Recasner. They discuss Recasner's remarkable story of resilience and perserverance. After going undrafted, Recasner's journey led him to Germany, the Phillippines, the Global Basketball Association, and the CBA, before he finally reached the NBA. Along the way, they discuss: - How players in the Pac-10 were literally scared to play against Gary Payton - The...

Duration: 01:19:13

Great Point Podcast Ep. 37: Ed Feng

Adam Stanco's in-depth interview with data scientist and writer Ed Feng, founder of The Power Rank. They discuss Feng's book "How to Win Your NCAA Tournament Pool" and the tips and strategies entailed in finding success in your office pool. Feng reveals how he created the algorythm he uses to compare college basketball teams and which of this year's teams stand out analytically. Together they examine the favorites and dark horses who have a realistic shot at winning the 2017 NCAA...

Duration: 01:06:39

Great Point Podcast Ep. 15: Kevin Negandhi and Dave McMenamin

In spite of some audio issues,Adam Stanco has an in-depth discussion with Kevin Negandhi and Dave McMenamin about Kobe Bryant's complicated relationship with the Philadelphia area. Kevin anchors the morning SportsCenter and Dave covers the Cavs and national NBA stories for All three went to high school insoutheastern Pennsylvania's District One, where Kobe played high school basketball. They share multiple stories about their interactions with Kobe,discuss Kobe's prep career, try...

Duration: 00:59:42

Great Point Podcast Ep. 9: Larry Teng

Adam Stanco's in-depth discussion with television executive Larry Teng. Larry is currently the executive producer of USA Network's Graceland and the director of the new CBS show Supergirl. He has directed and/or produced some of the most watched prime time dramas on network TV, including NCIS, Los Angeles, Hawai'i Five-O, Criminal Minds, Elementary, and Medium. Larry talks about his lifelong passion for hoops, how he got his start in the business,the intricacies of creating a successful...

Duration: 00:53:22

Great Point Podcast Ep. 8: Sonny Vaccaro

Adam Stanco's in-depth discussion with former sneaker executive Sonny Vaccaro. Sonny reveals how he started his career andtakes us insidehis remarkably close relationships with Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Tracy McGrady, and LeBron James. Sonny explainshow he helped build Nike and adidas, what was missing from the 30-for-30 documentary about his life,andwhy his case against the NCAA is so important to him.

Duration: 01:06:40

Great Point Podcast Ep. 7: Graham Bunn

Adam Stanco's in-depth interview with reality TV star Graham Bunn. A former contestant on The Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad, and Bachelor in Paradise, Bunn opens up about the highs and lows of abasketball careerwhich culminated in playing professionally in Germany. They discuss Bunn's close relationship with former Duke star Jay Williams, his tumultuous relationship with his college coach, and how the Bachelor franchise has changed his life.

Duration: 00:58:07

Great Point Podcast Ep. 5: Dave McMenamin

Adam Stanco's in-depth discussion with NBA writer Dave McMenamin. Dave reveals how he started his career, his unique relationship with Gilbert Arenas, what makes Kobe Bryant and LeBron James so great and so similar, and some things you surely didn't know about Steve Nash,Dwight Howard, Kyrie Irving, and a few other NBA stars. Follow Dave's work here:

Duration: 01:04:01