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Fabric Waste to New Fashion - Stephanie Benedetto of Queen of Raw

"If we continue at the current pace of textile production, by 2025, two-thirds of the entire world's population is going to face shortages of fresh water and be exposed to toxic chemicals from textile dyeing." Stephanie Benedetto on Green Connections Radio Look around you. Everything you set your eyes on came from raw materials of some kind. Your clothing, the chair or seat you're sitting on, the desk you're sitting at. Natural resources were used to make it anew. What if it was made from...


Focusing Amidst Chaos - Kasia Retreska, McPherson Strategies

"People are more committed to and loyal to brand than they are to the politicians...because the brands are in their homes, they touch and feel them every day." Kasia Retreska, McPherson Strategies We seem to live in two, chaotic parallel universes. One one hand, the government and Twitterverse gyrate from policy-by-tweet or other crisis to crisis, in ways, some say, that abdicate Constitutional responsibilities. On the other hand, companies are taking stronger and louder stands on social...


Environmental Health Risks & Innovation - Dr. Maria Freire, President, the Foundation of the National Institutes of Health

"The potential disastrous health effects" of climate change include an "increase (in the) rates of allergies, asthma, heart disease and cancer, among other illnesses." The Scientific American, 2017 How do we innovate our way through the risks to public health from climate change? Listen to the remarkable Dr. Maria Freire, President of the Foundation of the NIH (National Institutes of Health) with Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson to find out! You'll hear about: What did Dr....


Fabric Scraps to Good Use – Jessica Schreiber, Fabscrap

The clothing manufacturing process generates about 15 million tons of waste per year, according to the EPA, and 85 percent of apparel we buy ends up in landfill. What can we do about this? Meet a creative entrepreneur who saw a marketplace gap and formed a non-profit to fill it, helping the environment, budding designers and others, and apparel companies at the same time. Listen to Jessica Schreiber, founder and CEO of Fabscrap, tell Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson how she...


2018 Energy Trends to Watch - Christa Marshall, Greenwire, E&E News

The Trump administration is unabashedly pro-fossil fuels and anti-clean energy, yet the Energy Dept. has historically invested heavily in clean energy technologies and incentives, including regulations and in trade policies. In addition, many top Energy Dept. roles are still vacant a year later. What's going on? What should we watch to find out how we'll fuel our energy-dependent economy and what companies should prepare for? Listen to top energy reporter Christa Marshall of Greenwire...


Making Clothing Sustainable - Karla Macgruder, Fabrikology

"Sustainability is so big and it's so hard for apparel companies, just getting into it and understanding what to do." Karla Macgruder on Green Connections Radio How do you make fabric from recycled plastic? Listen to this fascinating interview with Karla Macgruder, CEO of Fabrikology with Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson to find out! 85 percent of apparel ends up in landfill, this is a tough one. How can apparel companies use less water, energy, fewer toxic dyes and...


Facebook's Energy Use - Bill Weihl, Sustainability Guru, Facebook

We use Facebook every day, multiple times a day - along with 2 billion other people! - so, have you ever thought about how much energy it takes to power all those servers and buildings? How much CO2 it emits? And, waste its 17,000+ employees create around the globe? Listen to this rare interview with Facebook's Sustainability Guru Bill Weihl (he chose his title) with Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson and hear about: How they power all those posts and operations What caused...


Women in STEM, Innovation - Laura Sherbin, Center for Talent Innovation

"Women in particular are bringing a different problem-solving tooLkit to the table...and innovative potential." Dr. Laura Sherbin on Green Connections Radio As the nation takes a fresh look at women in the workplace, hear from one of the experts on diversity in the workplace, Dr. Laura Sherbin of the Center for Talent Innovation. In this enlightening interview with Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson, you'll hear about: You might want to take notes or listen to this one...


Professional Eco-Vets - with Erica Courtney of 2020Vets

“How is what you're doing affecting your community?" Erica Courtney on Green Connections Radio Applying lessons learned doing logistics as a combat officer in the U.S. Army, Erica Courtney is helping companies reduce their energy and water use to also become more efficient overall. And she does it with a team of vets. Listen to Erica's engaging conversation with Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson and learn: "If you let their bias and discrimination get to you, then they...


Brand Citizenship - with Anne Bahr Thompson, Branding Guru, Author "Do Good"

"It's all about the doing, not the claiming," Anne Bahr Thompson on Green Connections Radio What do you expect from the companies you buy from? A new ground-breaking study says we consumers care if companies "do good" and we buy accordingly. So, how do we leverage it? What does it mean for consumers and businesses? Listen to the study's author, branding guru Anne Bahr Thompson, author of a new book expanding on the research called "Do Good: Embracing Brand Citizenship to Fuel both...


Brand Purpose 2018 – with Billee Howard, Brandthropologie & Centiment

“People are really making decisions more about who a brand is and why they’re doing something, as opposed to just what it is they are offering, because that is largely commodified by options and price point.” Billee Howard on Green Connections Radio You’re planning 2018, but are you looking at your brand anew too? Maybe you should, says Billee Howard, master brand storyteller and CEO of Brandthropolgie. She’s also Chief Strategy Officer of Centiment, an IBM Watson company leveraging...


Going to the movies? A Story About "The Post" You Don't Hear About

Are you seeing the movie "The Post" this season? Here's something you aren't hearing about.... Movies and television productions are one of the most wasteful businesses on the planet. But clever entrepreneurs are doing something about it - and Steven Spielberg took notice. Think about all the energy for lighting and cameras, the sets they build (and blow up), the water and food that sustains the cast and crew, paper for the scripts, cars and vans to transport people, and those nasty...


Recycle Holiday Debris - Melissa Walsh-Ennis, Recycling Reinvented

While you're cleaning up from opening holiday gifts and feeding family, remember that every piece of plastic can take 500 years to decompose in landfills - and can end up in the fish you eat too, as it threatens marine life. Every piece of packaging and wrapping paper, and greeting card, and wine or beer bottle, soda can and box from pasta can be recycled, saving CO2 emissions and the air we breathe, as well as the toxins from it from ending up in our water. Listen to Melissa...


Food Security this Season – w Amy Bachman, DC Central Kitchen

Food Security this Season – w Amy Bachman, DC Central Kitchen “We find value in taking what’s been pushed to the side, whether that’s food or people…” DC Central Kitchen CEO Mike Curtin* Look around you. Imagine that one of every six of the people you see is actually struggling to have enough food. This is the case in Washington, DC, one of the most affluent cities in the world – and it’s one in eight across the U.S, the richest country in the world. At the same time, about 40 percent of...


Awareness to Action – w Nathalie Udo, Sustainability Expert, Co-Author of Organizationsl Survival

“From awareness, we get more actions,” Nathalie Udo on Green Connections Radio As you develop your 2018 plans, whether you’re a sustainability role or not, it needs to be integrated you’re your plans – and actions. Each business or organization or school or home is potentially at risk from some aspect of climate change. It might be rising sea levels lapping at your door. It might be reduced access to resources in the face of extreme weather, as happened with the severe hurricanes, for...


Holiday - Year-End Finances – w Michelle Singletary, Washington Post Personal Finance Expert

“It’s how you think about the money thing” that drives your spending and saving habits. Money. We need it, struggle to manage it and don’t know who to listen to for advice. Everyone seems to be telling us what to do – “On sale, Buy now!” “Save for retirement!” “Low interest rate!” What’s a money-smart person to do? Green Connections Radio went to one of the masters of personal finance to find out: Michelle Singletary, personal finance columnist for the Washington Post and author of...


Gifts! Clean Energy Toys, Robotics – w Steve Aarons, Child’s Play Toys

What makes this holiday season different? Buy a toy that’s fun while also being mentally stimulating and educational. These are a great way to teach kids to take care of the environment – and show them cool career options too. What about assembling a wind turbine or electric vehicle – or even a “21st century house”?! Yes, they can. Kits are available for kids from 8 years old up to build them and more – while also learning about how things work firsthand. Listen to Steve Aarons, CEO of...


Making Recycled Paper - Michele Bartolini, Rolland Paper

"Never give up and be confident in what you know." Michele Bartolini on Green Connections Radio All of us humans use a lot of paper. Look at all the paper on your desk and in your printer. During the year-end holidays we especially use a lot of paper - wrapping paper, greeting cards, year-end reports and budgets. Recycled paper has become a common part of our lives, but where does it come from? Does it really save forests? Energy and water use? Today we find out. Listen to Michele...


Year-End Business Planning - Katie Krimitsos, Biz Women Rock

Year's end is a great time to review the year's accomplishments, set the coming year's goals and plan for achieving them. We can notice what resonated most with our markets and trends on the horizon. Listen to business strategy coach and Facebook marketing whiz Katie Krimitsos suggest ways to grow with Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson. Katie's a master "community builder" and host of her own podcast, Biz Women Rock, so she practices what she preaches. Listen to learn: To...


Making News - Jen Boynton, TriplePundit Media

Do you wonder how the news is made? Whether to trust it? Do you have a great story to tell and want to know how? Find out here. Listen to Jen Boynton, Editor-in-Chief of TriplePundit Media tell Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson how they create news that attracts ~500,000 views/month, and pick up inside tips on how to pitch both TPM and GCR. You'll hear: ...and more! To learn more about Green Connections Radio, go to Thanks for subscribing on...


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