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Green Crush With Alan Park - Ep 23 = Conspiracy Queries Episode 95

Welcome to Conspiracy Queries with Alan Park – these are the conspiracy queries, I am the Alan Park. At long last, it’s Episode 95. Long lost listeners wondered what happened to me… Stage4 prostate cancer. Fully metastasized, a discount wheelchair, a cane to walk, a certain death. No longer able to do that show - while looking for a way to live. All of those FACTS out there… yet I was told, “there’s nothing else that can be done.” On Conspiracy Queries - I asked questions about situations...

Duration: 01:38:43

Green Crush With Alan Park - New Year’s Episode 2018

Looking back on 2017 and what it brought to the cannabis community is the theme of the Green Crush New Year’s 2018 Edition. It doesn’t take long to find our vantage point looking forward, highlighted by some of the new laws and ways in different lands, that will somehow affect us all. Our announced and anticipated guest Cheryl Shuman, CEO and founder of The Beverly Hills Cannabis Club, leaves us in a last-minute lurch, so we do a bit of a profile on her, and what she is trying to accomplish...

Duration: 01:12:15

Raw Mike Richards - Full Alan Park Interview

The interview that started it all. Alan opens up about his full journey with Cancer and Cannabis on The Raw Mike Richards Show with a fellow survivor. Recorded live on May 24, 2017 Subscribe to Mike’s show at: As always, find Green Crush at these fine places online: Facebook ( @greencrushpod on Twitter and...

Duration: 00:56:40

Green Crush With Alan Park - Crushmas Episode 2017

The Christmas episode! The time of year when you have an episode, and it is Christmas. Much like the first Crush episode, Alan recounts his medical reasons for telling his particular story and its remedy. This research is the axis of the show, the reason for its existence. Many of the da [...]

Duration: 01:19:41

Green Crush With Alan Park - Episode 22

Episode 22 shimmers with synergy between Episode number 11 and today’s efforts. A twinning-up – DNA binding together as the official story dwindles. Our guest from Kansas, USA, shares his vast knowledg with the less experienced. The founder of Kansans For Hemp, Kelly Rippel trades in sustainable water development and distribution to school kids, as he similarily educates us with his acquired data of hemp and cannabis by coming to the Green Crush (stage) fore. Before that, some year-end...

Duration: 01:23:48

Green Crush With Alan Park - Episode 21

Episode 21 holds perhaps an unknown reason of why it is superior to usher in a renewal of focus, away from our own native country Canada. Out of disappointment for the missed opportunities and suppressed democratic impulses, here begins our perceptive journey of awareness into countries other than the disappointingly regressive Canada. Our special guest is Rhys Cohen, Director of Cannabis Consulting Australia and its educational training program CANN10. Unlike anything to our knowledge in...

Duration: 01:20:48

Green Crush With Alan Park - Episode 20

Episode 20 - A Green Crush turning point… We talk to one of the most prolific cannabis activist Canada has ever seen. Fair enough to say, without the efforts of Jodie Emery and her husband Mark, we may not even be poised to “legalize“ this healthful substance. Getting close to crunch time as far as Canada’s new restrictive, punitive, money-grabbing cannabis laws are concerned, and by that I mean it’s pretty much a done deal despite the facts and official denials. So on today’s “Cops or...

Duration: 01:08:09

Green Crush With Alan Park - Episode 19

Episode 19 we have a scheduled guest! He works within and around the cannabis industry. He has several fantastic products, some of which are delicious… Some of which involve growing. At the last minute our guest had to cancel, under legal recommendation and/or pressure. Less than 24 hours after Alan told the premier of Ontario face-to-face, that she is going down the wrong track – only to get a ridiculous non-answer… this episode highlights more evidence that the people creating lie-filled...

Duration: 01:21:14

Green Crush With Alan Park - Episode 18

Episode 18 Commanding. So far Canada has foot in its mouth and the other in a beartrap of stupidity, regarding its pending legislation proposal designed to further restrict proper cannabis aspect. But it seems other countries around the world might doing it properly. Is Ireland one of them? We’ll see. Irishman Steven Kelly - representing activist Internet presence, “It Makes Sense“, tells us of Ireland’s very difficult relationship with legalizing cannabis – the last presentation of such a...

Duration: 01:00:13

Green Crush With Alan Park - Episode 17

17 means building a consensus, it does for Green Crush anyway. We are fortunate to speak with a 20+ year user of cannabis. Has his life ground to a halt? Is he irresponsible and addled in the brain? No, no he’s not. He’s a very successful athlete and businessman who has built an entire career on his relationship with cannabis. Canadian Ross Rebagliati is the world’s first ever snowboarder gold-medal Olympian, taking home the gold at Nagano, Japan Winter Games, 1998. While snowboarding was...

Duration: 01:05:38

Green Crush With Alan Park - Episode 16

I take another stab at last week’s opioid news. Detailing the arrest of a massive purveyor of that drug, CEO of INSYS, John Kapoor is seemingly off to jail for trafficking. Might be good news for other demons in the same game. Our guest, Dawn Mcilmoyle is a former member of Canada’s Navy and MST survivor. What is MST? Military Sexual Trauma… an American term that Canadian Military sufferers also use. And if they’re naming it as a phenomenon, you know it’s something that shouldn’t be...

Duration: 01:10:03

Green Crush With Alan Park - Episode 15

Episode 15 centers on the opioid crisis that is ruining countless lives. Everyone has an opinion – everyone has the desperate question, “what is going on?” “what’s happening to these people?” “what can we do about it – how did this happen?” We reveal that about all of those concerns, the answer lies before us already. It only takes political awareness and Will to put the responsible criminals in jail, and rehabilitate the people taken prey by one of history’s greatest...

Duration: 01:19:20

Alan Park Keynote Speech - NORML Canada Conference at Karma Cup 2017

Alan Park speaks at the 2017 NORML Canada Conference as part of The Karma Cup at Vapor Central in Toronto, Ontario. Alan’s fired up as the day before this speech was the announcement of the Ontario government’s proposed marijuana legislation. Make sure to tune in to this coming Tuesday’s show as we’ve got two incredible, prominent guests from the UK and the USA!

Duration: 01:12:08

Green Crush With Alan Park - Episode 12

Number 12, the old 1-2. Getting to the end of his rope, Alan realizes it’s the same old tricks…the same old tricks forever more. He explains how even people and companies “on our side” are rarely on our side when they have to follow government dictation. From where does the government dictate? From policymakers, that’s who. Why do policymakers continue to make policies against the majority of the people? Why do people not realize that their will is being ignored, their best interest swept...

Duration: 01:12:03

Alan Park appearance on The Jaymie Icke Friday Night Phone-In Show

Alan Park made a recent appearance on the all new Jaymie Icke Friday Night Phone-In Show presented by Europe’s number one independent radio show, The Richie Allen Show. Here’s the interview in its entirety. Reposted with permission. Original Upload: Audio Podcast: Green Crush With Alan Park: Facebook ( @greencrushpod on Twitter and...

Duration: 01:23:34

Green Crush With Alan Park - Episode 11

Again of course we tack further away from the official regulations. They’re not even regulations, they are a Proposal to have regulations. The Proposal stinks, the answer is no. Opportunistic government players are rigging the game from both ends. Counter-democratic, counter-economic expansion, these ninny nannies are now trying to tell us where we can partake of the plant. Our guest today, Anthony Foster, is a purveyor of one of those socially based, Cannabis lounges. These safe havens...

Duration: 01:15:15

Green Crush With Alan Park - Episode 10

This episode drives home the point that the various categories that we cover are inter-related and hard to separate. “Cops or Truth” can also be “Unblinded Me With Science” and History can also be the Future. Again we strive to re-perceive Cannabis in it’s more positive light, the truth filled, fact based, helpful Cannabis facts. The government does just fine on its own profiting from and demonizing it. Our special guest today, all the way from Vancouver is “Watermelon” aka Mary Jean...

Duration: 01:02:57

Green Crush With Alan Park - Episode 9

Just when you think you’ve think you’ve got your show figured out, and all the pieces are in place, along comes some of the most intellectually deficient, mean spirited, oppression by-law. We react to the new legal framework proposal put forward by the Ontario liberal government. We spend time with a normal person, with a normal life, who tried all the normal remedies and gave it all up for the Green - Kelly from “Coming Out Green” as our guest.

Duration: 01:01:45

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