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Kolhapur, India


Green FM 90.4 is one of its kinds Community Radio Station launched keeping Farmers, Women & Youth in mind. It is one of the most unique services that are being offered in the modern era for serving the community. The name Green FM suggests that our Radio channel is devoted towards making the earth real Green by spreading Green knowledge in the community. While provide absolute entertainment to audiences in Western Maharashtra, we are focused on making sure that even farmers get benefited by the programs aired by Green FM 90.4. We are confidant that success in this new mission as it has a creamy human power of the artist still working in [Cinema, Radio, T.V.] audio-video fields. We believe that if the information is transmitted in the attractive manners to the farmers, youth and women they will get appropriate knowledge and it will be helpful to them in their day-to-day life and only then the purpose of CRS will be fulfilled.