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Carbon farming, with Connor Stedman (5 December 2017)

Can we help reverse climate change while creating more productive, profitable, ecologically functional and beautiful rural landscapes? Connor Stedman joins us to argue the case that yes, we can. Connor is a field ecologist, environmental planner, and farm planner at Appleseed Permaculture in New York state, USA, and runs an internationally recognised course on 'carbon farming'. Books mentioned: The Carbon Farming Solution by Eric Toensmeier and Drawdown edited by Paul Hawken.


Player hating on Elon Musk, with Rafael Schouten (28 November 2017)

Sometimes it feels like billionaire Elon Musk – the Paypal co-founder and and main force behind SpaceX and Tesla Motors – is single handedly revitalising that mid-20th Century spirit of can-do capitalism, upgraded with a eco-green racing stripe. He's a company owner that's captured the public imagination in a way that makes Apple's Steve Jobs seem so pedestrian. Elon also says he can bring a human telepathy device to market in four years, and that he's planning to build a city on Mars....


Novel crops for a novel climate with Dr Chris Williams (21 November 2017)

What exciting crops can we grow in the backyard that you can't readily get in the supermarket, and what crops are adapted to a warming climate? We're joined by Dr Chris Williams who researches and teaches about the social, cultural and technical aspects of urban agriculture at the Burnley Campus of Melbourne University. Amongst his many interests he runs the Novel Crops Project which identifies less widely grown food plants for cultivation in Melbourne gardens, for example, sweet potato...


Two futures, with Seona Candy (14 November 2017)

We need to rapidly draw down carbon from the atmosphere, and radically reduce the amount we are pumping out at the same time. If that were achievable, what might the world look like? What would our lives be like in 2040? To explore this, we welcome back Seona Candy, research fellow with the Victorian Eco-innovation Lab at the University of Melbourne. VEIL and Seona are a part of the Australian Cooperative Research Centre for Low Carbon Living (CRCLCL) and their Visions and Pathways 2040...


To procreate or not in an age of climate change (7 November 2017)

Bushy, Kate and Jed (all parents) and Adam (who's childless) take some time to consider the reasons or not for bringing kids into the world, a world threatened by resource depletion, climate change and other ecological crises.


Call of the Reed Warbler, with farmer Charles Massy (31 October 2017)

Charles Massy gained a Bachelor of Science in the 70s before returning to the family farm near Cooma and the Snowy Mountains. He has been farming since, and in 2009 Charles Massy returned to ANU to complete a PhD in Human Ecology. In his latest book Call of the Reed Warbler he explores regenerative agriculture; an approach to farming that rebuilds topsoil, increases biodiversity, and importantly for Australia, resurrects eroded land and combats climate change. Charles joins us in the...


Art in a heat wave, with climate scientist Andrew King and Refuge organiser Tara Prowse (24 October 2017)

On 11 November, Arts House will transform the North Melbourne Town Hall into an Emergency Relief Centre. The project is called Refuge, and we're joined by Arts House producer Tara Prowse to discuss this collaboration between artists, emergency services and the public. The theme of Refuge this year is heat waves, and to tell us how Melbourne and Australia will be effected by heat and other extreme weather events in the future we're joined by storm chaser and Melbourne University climate...


Learning Community Resilience from Black Saturday with Daryl Taylor (17 October 2017)

We speak with Daryl Taylor, a survivor of the 2009 Black Saturday fires in Kinglake. In 2009 when that enormous tragedy hit, Daryl already had over a decade’s experience in community and organisational development roles. And since that day in February he has been involved on many informal and formal community based recovery and advocacy projects. His work has been acknowledged with 13 state and national awards and best practice commendations. And his experiences in the aftermath of the...


Can we avoid another financial crisis? With Prof. Steve Keen (10 October 2017)

Steve Keen is professor and Head of the School of Economics, History and Politics at Kingston University in London. He’s credited with being one of the few economists who warned of the Global Financial Crisis and his books include 2001’s Debunking Economics and his just published Can We Avoid Another Financial Crisis? He joins us from Amsterdam to discuss the incredible blindspot at the heart of mainstream economics, why Australia looks vulnerable to a financial crisis, and what...


Tinkering and thinkering with Katherine Wilson (3 October 2017)

We chat with Katherine Wilson, author of Tinkering: Australians Reinvent DIY Culture. She says "home-based tinkering — the everyday commitment to material problem-solving — is emerging as a legitimate vocation, in ways we haven’t seen since pre-industrial times." We talk about the joys of pulling things apart and putting things together.


The environmentalist with a chainsaw, Rowan Reid (26 September 2017)

Our guest this episode believes there is a third way which challenges the dichotomous view that when it comes to forestry, one ought to be either a conservationist or profiteer. Rowan Reid is a scientist and himself a farmer and forester. He’s also been a Senior Lecturer at Melbourne Uni for 20 years, and is the managing director of the not-for profit Australian Agroforestry Foundation. He won the 2001 Australian Eureka Prize for Excellence in Environmental Education for his farmer course:...


Sustainable Outlaws and Tiny Houses (19 September 2017)

We are joined by sustainable architect Craig Byatt and facilitator Liz Franzmann who Sarah met recently through her job as a masseuse. They both had terrible backs and when she asked them why, it turned out it is because they just finished building a tiny house. That said, they're generally really positive about the process, and talk about how you can build one without a permit, without a registered builder and what the laws on living in them are. Later in the show we hear from Nick...


Epistemological Uncertainty with KMO (12 September 2017)

We're joined by eloquent US podcaster KMO, who has made hundreds of hours of fascinating radio through The C-Realm, which covers many of the same topics as Greening the Apocalypse, only he's been at it since 2006. KMO shares his personal journey from a well paid early Amazon employee -- a time when he was inspired by techno-utopian visions -- to an out-of-work divorcee feeling more attracted to doomsday scenarios; and we discuss what role psychology plays into our visions for the future....


Cultures of Place with Alastair McIntosh (5 September 2017)

Alastair McIntosh is a Scottish writer, broadcaster and activist on social, environmental and spiritual issues. His books include Soil and Soul: People versus Corporate Power described as “world changing” by George Monbiot, “life changing” by the Bishop of Liverpool and “truly mental” by Thom Yorke of Radiohead. His two most recent books are Spiritual Activism - Leadership as Service co-authored with Matt Carmichael and Poacher's Pilgrimage: an Island Journey. He joins us via the wires to...


Resilient Futures with David Platt (29 August 2017)

We talk with David Platt from Resilient Futures to remove the buzzword tag from 'disruption' and actually provide some insight to how changes and adaptation in people, community and technology have always been with us, and always will be, but we can develop strategies to work with the grain of change.


Superintelligence with Adam Ford (22 August 2017)

With Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Steven Hawking all warning that future artificial intelligences of our own creation may pose existential threats to humanity, we delve into both the risks as well as utopian visions surrounding superintelligent AI as we are joined by Adam Ford of Science, Technology & the Future. We make a few references to Nick Bostrom's book Superintelligence.


Sunlight and Seaweed with Tim Flannery (8 August 2017)

The marvellous Prof Tim Flannery was once described by the Financial Times as akin to a cross between Charles Darwin and Indiana Jones for his pioneering mammalogy and paleontology field work. But he gave up this adventurous life to focus on climate change writing and campaigning. Tim drops into the studio and we discuss why, and talk about his new book (his second follow up to the highly influential The Weather Makers): Sunlight and Seaweed: An Argument For How To Feed, Power, and Clean...


Kicking Arse and Taking Names with John Joseph (1 August 2017)

We're joined by punk rock icon and vegan athlete John Joseph, author of Meat is For Pussies: A How-To-Guide for Dudes Who Want to Get Fit, Kick Ass, and Take Names. Before John was lead singer of The Cro Mags, he grew up on the streets and in foster homes. Got into gangs. He was drug mule. Stabbed. Shot. Went to jail. Went AWOL from the navy. Now at the age of 55 he's a plant powered triathlete, author and spiritual warrior. Sarah Coles interviewed him as John was in his tour van...


The future, and how to survive it, with Shaun Chamberlin (18 July 2017)

Transition Towns founder Rob Hopkins describes the late historian and green economist David Fleming as “one of the most original, brilliant, urgently-needed, under-rated and ahead-of-his-time thinkers of the last 50 years.” Fleming thought the globalised market economy would, in the not too distant future, begin to fail as it faces limits to growth from resource depletion, and said: “Localisation stands, at best, at the limits of practical possibility. But it has the decisive argument in...


Moonshining the apocalypse (11 July 2017)

We talk all things booze making: gastonomic, hedonic and sustainabilic. Bushy's mate former professional beer maker and now avid home brewer (and data journalist) Marc Moncrief joins us.


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