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2017 Fantasy Football Preview: Quarterbacks

The Collective regroups to start talking about specific fantasy positions, starting with the signal callers. The team debates how early to take a QB you love, and each member gives you their targets in the late rounds. Want to play in the SuperContest but live outside of NV? Find out how you can at www.FootballContest.com. Support GG, and your stomach, by ordering amazing meals from www.BlueApron.com/GridironGamble. Leave your Ten-Second Take at 7-2-4-4-GAMBLE.

Duration: 00:36:12

Basic Fantasy Draft Strategy Using a Mock

Rich rides solo and gives some basic fantasy football draft strategy using a mock he completed -- even though he screwed up, passing on Zeke Elliot and picking Rob Gronkowski.

Duration: 00:33:21

2017 SuperContest Preview with FootballContest.com's Vegas Matty

The 2017 football season is around the corner, and the Collective is back! Rich and Donnie preview the upcoming SuperContest with Vegas Matty, co-creator of the preeminent proxy service FootballContest.com. Live outside of Sin City but want to participate alongside the Collective in the SuperContest? Find out how at FootballContest.com.

Duration: 00:36:48

Way-Too-Early Futures

The Collective dusts off their microphones to deliver you some Way-Too-Early future bets for the 2017 NFL season. They each pick a Total Over, a Total Under, a Super Bowl winner, and a Week 1 spread. Twitter: @GridironGamble www.GridironGamble.com

Duration: 01:02:44

Super Bowl XLI Preview and Picking Contest Winners

The Collective convenes for one last time before Super Bowl XLI to award our contest winners, talk about our favorite props, and pick winners for the big game.

Duration: 00:46:13

2017 Championship Weekend

Like Las Vegas, The Collective was destroyed during Divisional Weekend -- Donnie led the way with a 2-2 record. The boys get back together to preview Championship Weekend, where both the NFC and AFC Championship Games have lone wolves. Send your picks to @GridironGamble or gridirongamblepodcast@gmail.com.

Duration: 00:33:10

2017 Divisional Weekend

The Collective is back for Divisional Weekend, where one team is about to be the biggest playoff favorite since 1998 (hint, hint), and two hosts are laying the points! All four hosts pick the same two teams on Sunday, and Mo is a lone wolf for Saturday's first tilt. Send your picks against the spread to @GridironGamble or gridirongamblepodcast@gmail.com.

Duration: 00:40:55

2016 Week 16: Contrarian Picks and a Fan's Choice

It's time to get weird. The Collective needs to go 9-1, maybe 10-0 in the next two weeks to cash, so they're getting weird with some contrarian picks. They're even asking the fans to pick game number five -- check out @GridironGamble on Twitter to vote! Send your SC picks to either @GridironGamble or gridirongamblepodcast@gmail.com.

Duration: 00:52:17

2016 Week 13: Mo Ties Lone Wolf Record

The Collective was a stellar 4-1 in Week 12, bringing their SuperContest record to 32-25-3. The four hosts seem divided on many of the games in Week 13, however, and Mo ties a record with six lone wolves! Send in your picks using the SuperContest lines to @GridironGamble on Twitter and gridirongamblepodcast@gmail.com.

Duration: 01:04:15

2016 Week 11: Firing the Last Veto

Donnie is sick, and shows up to the show late, claiming that he hates every pick. Mo says that he loves every pick. Brett picks against his favorite team. And Rich fires the final veto (if he doesn't retain it). Send your picks against the SuperContest lines to @GridironGamble or gridirongamblepodcast@gmail.com.

Duration: 00:39:38

2016 Week 10: Breaking the Rules

There is a Thursday Night Football game that is interesting, and Rich is traveling on Friday, so the fans of The Collective are treated to an early pod! Two hosts have opposing games as their number one pick, Brett selects against his favorite team not named the Bills, and Mo tries to recover after losing the biggest bet of his life in the Presidential election. Send your best pick against the SuperContest lines to @GridironGamble on Twitter or gridirongamblepodcast@gmail.com.

Duration: 00:49:51

2016 Week 9: THIS IS THE WEEK

Is this FINALLY the week? Brett thinks so, so he fires his veto! Find out who he put in, why Rich is pissed, and hear Donnie's rant after last week's Bills pick. Send your picks against the SuperContest line to gridirongamblepodcast@gmail.com or @GridironGamble on Twitter.

Duration: 00:46:13

2016 Week 8: Donnie Leaves the Show

The Collective fractures during the Week 8 show when Donnie is tilted into oblivion. Can the team rally after a 2-3 week and a bit of infighting to rebound? Send your contest picks against the SC lines (http://bit.ly/GG-Card) to @GridironGamble or gridirongamblepodcast.com.

Duration: 00:41:50

2016 Week 7: The Near-Perfect Week

The Collective nearly had a perfect week in Week 6, but Mo vetoed in a losing side. Mo, who joins this week from a random Starbucks in Chicago, explains himself, and each member gives their top picks as they unveil their Week 7 card in the Las Vegas SuperContest. Send your picks against the SC lines to @GridironGamble or gridirongamblepodcast@gmail.com.

Duration: 00:52:35

2016 Week 6: Too Sharp for Own Good

The Collective got back on track last week with a 3-2 record, but still needs to improve upon their overall record of 13-12. Week 6 produces a very Too Sharp for Own Good card with a bunch of bad teams getting points, two of which pain Brett and Donnie deeply. Mo even fires a veto, targeting his most hated team in the league. Send in your pick against the SC lines (Card: http://bit.ly/GG-Card) to @GridironGamble or gridirongamblepodcast@gmail.com.

Duration: 01:09:35

2016 Week 2: Veto!

After a perfect 5-0 week in the Last Vegas SuperContest, The Collective is back with five consensus picks, including their highest-rated game ever. Unfortunately, they can't even agree on their consensus picks, and one of the hosts vetoes one out for a ROAD FAVORITE! Check the SuperContest lines at http://bit.ly/GG-Card, and submit your picks to @GridironGamble on Twitter or at GridironGamblePodcast@gmail.com.

Duration: 00:48:33

2016 Week 1: TNF Rules, Donnie's Lone Wolves, and Dak

All four members of The Collective were on the Broncos +3, but they don't submit Thursday Night picks so it was all for naught. They are happy about their five-game card which features four consensus pick, but there is one game that creates drama. Send your top pick to @GridironGamble on Twitter or gridirongamblepodcast@gmail.com using the SuperContest lines: http://bit.ly/GG_Card

Duration: 00:45:09

2016 Futures

The Collective is back! Before the season kicks off, and they start making picks for the Westgate SuperContest, Rich, Brett, Mo, and Donnie offer up their favorite future bets. Find out who each host thinks is the best bet to win the Super Bowl!