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Grits to Glitz, episode 325

FODDER! Man, y'all's minds go right to the gutter -- and that's why we love you. Hey! We're back! Sorry about the long break, but we were sick. But it's all good now, because we're seeing drone shows and wearing Christmas frocks and exchanging Christmas presents and ... Wait a minute, did Amy even say what she got for Christmas? Doesn't matter; she gets to go to Ikea! Write to us and tell Bay how her son should decorate his dorm room! or...


Grits to Glitz, episode 324

Amy got an exchange student! Bay visited Amy in Missouri! We ate a lot of food we liked! We drove a long way! Bay has PTSD because her boss moved the office from one place on Gay Street to another place on Gay Street! Do you like calendars and fun perfume? So Do Our Awesome Listeners! Please don't abandon us just because we almost podfade every October. Come to Bay's house for Thanksgiving at Christmas! That's an official invitation; RSVP as necessary to Call us at...


Grits to Glitz, episode 323

Amy has had a terrible couple of weeks -- like, seriously, suddenly she has Bay's karma. From a favorite little restaurant suddenly taking a terrible turn for the worse, to a massive -- MASSIVE -- leak under the patio, it's all just, "Ugh." Bay, in the meantime, has turned to a life of crime. She stole a parrot. Well, a cockatiel. Does it count if the victim had 3 weeks' notice while Bay said things like, "I'm going to steal that cockatiel"? (Vocabulary Vixen may need to help us define the...


Grits to Glitz, episode 322

We're fine. We hope you're fine. It's been a weird month, and then stupid stuff happened in Las Vegas. Like every thinking person, Bay and Amy bounce between being sad and being, well, a little angry about that. It's OK; we'll all hug our dogs and be better someday. Speaking of dogs -- Amy almost owns a dog! Is the adoption final now? No? How 'bout NOW? Amy is programming stuff in Las Vegas, and Bay answers the phone really well in Knoxville! Adopt a needy Frenchy


Grits to Glitz, episode 321

Oh, y'all, Amy needs help feeding people! Not really; she figured it out. (Grocery stores deliver now, y'all!) Seriously, though, this episode bolts from entertaining friends to doing good things for rescued French bulldogs, past Bay's culinary efforts and right through the good that buying two pocketbooks can do a mother, and up to and beyond burritos and cool TV shows like Project Runway. We're back into PR, y'all!!! Tim Gunn is our hero!! Arf, arf! custom dog clothes chicken thing Best...


Grits to Glitz, episode 320

She ain't getting old! Dammit. Now, listen, we have a lot to talk about. There's Amy's startling new fashion obsession. There's a new Frenchie in our lives, and she snores. Bay's eclipse menu is more like a bridal shower, and we all want to go to St. Louis to see Amy's new foster dog. Finally, programmers, help Vocabulary Vixen out: How do you say the singular of "parentheses"??? Project Runway's Season 16house dressesTa Ta Towels ALOHA She snoresparking for the Great American Eclipse...


Grits to Glitz, episode 319

PAR-TAY!!!! Right? Well, right? Like, y'know, like people do in, like, Las Vegas? Where Amy lives? But this time, the lights are going to go out where Bay lives, the band of totality of the Great American Eclipse on August 21st! But Amy's still gonna party. With friends. Who drop by Las Vegas. Because it's a vacation destination. (Dammit!) We're fine, Amy's fine, Bruce is fine, and we love looking up old baby items because our mommy tried to kill us with the 1960's versions of "car seats,"...


Grits to Glitz, episode 318

Time for a Grits to Glitz trip report! Bay went to the mountains and stayed in Amy's cabin, and she has a lot to say about it. Wilderness! Wild animals! Stupid people! Tubing! Nice people! People with sticks! Torrential rain doesn't mix with onion rings! And for heaven's sake, if you say the car is unlocked, MAKE SURE THE DAMN CAR IS UNLOCKED!!! Other than that, we've got mini health reports (we're fine!) and we love The New Yorker's punctuation sexiness. Write to us!...


Grits to Glitz, episode 317

Cars, cancer, kidney stones, cats, cosmetics, a cacaphony of cookery criticism, and tubing. One of these things is not like the others! Sigh. Such a typical Grits to Glitz kind of Independence Day! Call us -- 44-222-96269! Lincolntotally different kind of caratypical ductal hyperplasia Kidney stones Lips By Amy Cracker Barrel on steroids Whist, Stove & Spirits Toodle on a tube


Grits to Glitz, episode 316

Yes! Bay and Amy are back, and all they can talk about is fostering stuff. (Although, really, they should concentrate on fomenting change.) Amy's got a strange dog in the house! Welcome, Bruce! Bay's buying what Amy's selling: Lipsense lipstick! Write to us at! French Bulldog Rescue Network Before You Foster Buy lipstick from Amy


Grits to Glitz, episode 315

It's kind of a sad show, folks, because we had to say goodbye to Amy's French bulldog Lana. But it's also kind of a fun show, because then we talked about how Woodrow went to Las Vegas and Amy painted a picture and Bay remembered the recipe for Harvey Wallbangers. Grab a bottle of Galliano and join us! Leave us voice mail at 44-222-96269! French Bulldog Rescue Network Galliano Paint Nite Eiffel Tower Restaurant


Grits to Glitz, episode 314

How much worse is it that Bay *should* have had this thought for Episode 316?! This is an overdue episode and a weird one, since Amy's had wonderful Satyrsphere company, and Bay went to a commencement ceremony for a community college in a community that is, shall we say, somewhat Trumpy in flavor? And Amy has some sad news, but we're staying upbeat and hopeful! Then Bay gets all judgmental in the name of Vocabulary Vixen (but seriously, she will smack you), and Amy totally flirted with...


Grits to Glitz, episode 313

What's wrong with this ice bucket? Nothing! Nothing is wrong with Amy's ice bucket!!! But, my goodness, it took a while to get to that point. Do you love your refrigerator? Amy might need some recommendations... someday... Anyway! Bay's cat is still an attention whore, and the French Bulldog Rescue Network surely has devoted volunteers! Bay, despite being 17 years old, just celebrated a major anniversary. Amy's car needs washing almost as much as Bay's does, and we're obsessed with the...


Grits to Glitz, episode 312

Amy and Bay are together in tiny Townsend, Tennessee, and It's A Real HOOT!!! Get it? Hoot? We heard hootie owls? GET IT? OK, yes, we may have been drinking at the time. We pulled a Harper Valley PTA at an HOA meeting, and then we went shopping for shoes, and we got pedicures, and we had lunch, and we rode an alpine coaster, and it was the best best-friends-and-booze bonanza in the boonies we could have ever asked for! If you go to Cades Cove, you must dine at the Burger Master. No...


Grits to Glitz, episode 311

Sugar, would you like some coffee? This week's show is super Southern, thanks to an email from a dear listener! Do you subscribe to any magazines? Let us know at 44-222-96269! Someone tell the Satyr that Bay needs remedial lessons, too, OK? style section Vanity Fair B52's are awesome first ATM tongue-coloring cheez balls from 2009


Grits to Glitz, episode 310

Oh, if only we could read calendars! Well, we're podcasters, not weathermen. The Vocabulary Vixen is back, and we like movies and protesting and voice mail and all kinds of stuff. Listen to podcasts! Write to us at!!! The Allusionist nifty dance homages The Big Listen Visit Anaheim Join an Indivisible group


Grits to Glitz, episode 309

Cell phones pockets, tasty Triscuits growing in the yard, Shazam and smacking your Mama when she gets the song right -- how much more insane can this episode get? I'll tell you how much -- Barbra and Liza and data managers and nap technology, and some protesting and Vocabulary Vixen, and OMG, We Changed Our Theme Song?! Bay and Amy are off to a wild ride for a podcast this week. Call us to complain! 44-222-96-2-69!!! Lascivious Biddies pocket book Triscuits Data Manager Babs + Neil Patton...


Grits to Glitz, episode 308

Why weren't you in Vegas? All the cool kids were there! We're heavy on travelogue, light on notes this episode. We relive our giddy weekend and share with you the behind the scenes drama, the gambling and carousing exploits, the dining and dancing on tables...y'all do remember dancing on tables, right?


Grits to Glitz, episode 307

What's the worst that could happen in 2017? OH so many things could go wrong in 2017... but we have the OH SO RIGHT event that will be Vegas Grits to Glitz Gabbing, Giggling, Gambling, Gourmandizing, and Gamboling Gathering! Tonight, we cover Amy's Christmas trip to East Tennessee, and Bay rhapsodizes about china, DVD's, and having Amy around for Christmas. (And there's the bunny trail about bargain hunting with our mother. That was pretty cool.) Call us! 44-222-96269! like this like...


Grits to Glitz, episode 306

How much work do we put into decorating? And are we ready for Christmas yet? Is Tennessee still standing? What are we going to do when Amy is home for the holidays? Are we social enough? Or are we going to be more social when Bay goes to Las Vegas in January? Only 4.5 weeks 'til VGGGGG!!! Write to us at! Star Shower TarantulaYoda vs Frenchies China Caesars Cosmopolitan Honey Salt Don't Tell Mama Pizza Rock


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