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125 David Kerr | Managing A Mobile Workforce Even When You Aren’t Mobile

125 David Kerr | Managing A Mobile Workforce Even When You Aren’t Mobile by Ian Altman


124 Christopher Penn | How You And Your Organization Can Embrace Artificial Intelligence

On this week's edition of the Grow My Revenue podcast, I speak with Christopher Penn, one of the world's top experts on artificial intelligence. Christopher is Vice President, Marketing Technology, at SHIFT Communications, which is a data driven PR and marketing agency. He is co-founder of PodCamp with Chris Brogan and co-host of the Marketing Over Coffee, marketing podcast, with John Wall. Christopher shares his insights into artificial intelligence and machine learning, how they might...


123 Chris Voss | Influence And Negotiation, Not Just For The Hostage Negotiator

On today’s edition of the Grow My Revenue podcast, I speak with former FBI hostage negotiator, author and negotiation and influence expert Chris Voss. Chris says that 90% of his job as a negotiator is disarming and he never wants to fool anybody, they need to believe in everything he says. Much the same as it is in sales. In fact, "hostage negotiators are the ultimate cold callers," he says.


122 Dr. Theo Tsaousides | The 7 Hidden Brain Blocks That Keep You From Achieving Success

My guest today, Dr. Theo Tsaousides, says there are seven hidden brain blocks that prevent us from realizing our full potential. These brain blocks run in the background of our lives, often times sabotaging our goals and dreams. Because they operate mainly out of sight, most people aren’t aware they have these blocks until they reach critical mass.


121 Jeff Lesher | How Organizations Can Reach Their Goals, Not Just Talk About Them

On today’s edition of the Grow My Revenue podcast, I speak with Jeff Lesher, a principal for management consulting firm, SHIFT Consulting. Jeff believes that employees fail to carry out the tasks necessary to accomplish a company’s major initiatives, in part, because companies don’t clearly communicate with their employees what the path to success looks like.


120 | Business Trends To Drive Success In 2018

For the fifth straight year, I'm making my predictions for the Top Ten Business Trends of the year. It's been hugely popular among readers. If you Google the term "business trends", it's more than likely the number one result that comes up organically is my article on Forbes. In fact, Google often features it as the snippet. On today’s episode of the Grow My Revenue business cast, I'm giving you a quick glimpse — a sneak peek if you will — under the covers into this year's annual trends...


119 Jamie Mason Cohen | What Your Handwriting Says About Your Leadership Style

On today’s edition of the Grow My Revenue podcast, I speak with international speaker, best-selling author and certified handwriting analyst, Jamie Mason Cohen. Jamie says a person’s handwriting reveals a great deal about a person’s personality and leadership style. Analyzing someone’s handwriting, he says, can be a valuable tool in business to determine whether a job applicant, a colleague, or a professional partner is a good fit for the job.


118 Wayne Washington | How To Spot And Plug Value Drains That Impact Your Company's Bottom Line

On today’s episode of the Grow My Revenue podcast, I speak with Wayne Washington, an expert and veteran in the field of operation management. Wayne has been called “The Doctor of of Operations” because of his ability to diagnose ailing operations and figure out where their hidden costs are. Wayne and I talk about the blind spots companies have when looking to sustain growth; the value drains on their organization, and how his "business value formula" creates higher value, long term.


117 Tom Webster | What Marketers Can Learn About From The 2016 Presidential Election

On today's episode, I talk to Tom Webster, Vice President of Strategy and Marketing for Edison Research, the organization behind exit polling for national elections in the U.S. for more than two decades, Tom has conducted political polling for U.S. elections, as well as market research, for some of the top companies across the nation. Tom rejoins us on the podcast to share his insights into how demographics have dramatically changed over the years; and how companies can use consumer data...


115 Tim Conder | How To Make The Transition From Sale To Kickoff As Smooth As Possible

On this episode of the Grow My Revenue podcast, we discuss the do’s and don’ts of customer transition, that delicate point in a transaction between the completion of a sale and kick-off or implementation. We talk about the right way to handle transitions so that customers feel confident and secure that they made the right decision to purchase with you.


114 | How To Reach Prospects When You Are Brand New To Sales

On today’s episode of Grow My Revenue, I discuss the fundamentals of prospecting — how to determine the number of clients you need to contact to meet your goals; what to say once you get through them; how to follow up properly; and how to manage your time efffectively so you’re maximizing your efforts.


113 Dan McGinn | How To Mentally Prepare Yourself For Success In Any High-Stakes Situation

We all know someone who exudes confidence and control — the type of person who can walk into a high-stakes situation and, without breaking a sweat, knock it out of the park. Not only are they cool and collected, these folks also have the uncanny ability to inspire confidence and poise among their colleagues and peers. How do they do it?


112 Alison Stratten | How To Create UnWavering Customer Loyalty In The Age of Disruption

On today’s edition of the Grow My Revenue podcast, I speak with Alison Stratten, co-author of five business books on marketing & sales and co-owner of UnMarketing Inc. Alison and her husband, Scott Stratten, have written a new book, UnBranding: 100 Branding Lessons In The Age Of Disruption. In it, they profile 100 companies who have gotten braning right. Alison and I talk about the biggest mistakes companies make when it comes to branding; how companies can remain relevant and ready in the...


111 Simcha Gluck | Why Business Should Be Fun And Games

On today’s edition of the Grow My Revenue podcast, I speak with Simcha Gluck, the co-founder of FreshBiz, a training and development company that uses game-based learning to improve the performance of organizations around the world. Simcha and I talk about the biggest mistakes companies make when it comes to employee engagement and development; how fun and games can be leveraged in business to create tangible results; and why companies should encourage their employees to think like...


110 Mary Kelly | How Organizations Can Embrace Change And Use It To Their Advantage

On today’s episode, I talk with speaker, author and Ph.D Mary Kelly about the nature of change and what leaders can do today to embrace change and lead their teams through shifting workplaces. Mary and I discuss the specific strategies companies can use to reduce stress that results from uncertainty and changing times. We talk about millennials and how we need to groom them for leadership, as well as the leadership skills that are going to be needed 10 or 20 years from now that may not be...


109 | What To Do When Clients Go Radio Silent And Other Listener Questions

Have you ever spent time building and nurturing relationships with clients only to have them suddenly shut down on you? They don’t return your phone calls, respond to your emails or give you any reason for their disappearance. It’s a common complaint I hear from salespeople. What do you do when a hopeful prospect suddenly goes silent? On today’s episode of Grow My Revenue, I answer that question (and others) and give you some practical advice and strategies on how to handle situations that...


107 Dustin Matthews | How To Give Powerful Presentations That Wow

My guest today is going to explain how to turn drab presentations into a powerful ones that move people to buy your products, book your services and support your ideas. He’s developed a 5-part system that is going that will help you prepare for and dominate your next sales presentation.


106 Tucker Max | How A Book Can Increase Your Reputation, Expertise and Bottom Line

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I should write a book”; then immediately dismissed the idea because it seemed too far-fetched, time consuming or overwhelming? Whatever prejudices you may have about writing a book, set them aside because my guest today is going to make you rethink all the notions you have of what a book is (and isn’t) and what it can do for your business.


105 | Breaking Bad Habits, and Why Questions Are Way More Powerful Than Statements and Giving Demos

Too often I see salespeople clamoring for the chance to give prospects a demo of their products. They think that if they could just show clients how their products and services work, the orders would come pouring in. In the same vein, sales people (mistakenly) believe if they just made clients aware of the problem, they’d be eager to sign up, regardless of whether they believed the problem was important or not.


104 Gerry Lantz | How To Make Boring Messages Come Alive With Brand Storytelling

Today, we talk specifically about ways organizations can differentiate themselves by using tried-and-true story techniques and formulas that increase a brand's visibility and recognition.


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