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116: Pool Dads: Live from Tampa #GrownDadBusiness Ep.116

A little rest & relaxation in Tampa for Dads before Aaron films his comedy special March 3rd. Jason gets to visit his daughter, drinks by the pool, multiple naps, good comedy shows at the Tampa Improv are a formula for a great week. Also: 53 days of sun, vitamin D, YBor, Columbian Cracker Barrel, Cuban-Primantis, @SikeItsMissy, spa money, grown man face care, booze brunch, crepes, knuckle cream and the cock park. Rate - Review - Subscribe - Share! PITTSBURGH! Get tickets for Aaron's ONE-HOUR...


115: Drunk Dads Ep.115 #GrownDadBusiness

Inspiration struck the Dads on Super Bowl Sunday when fellow Dad comedian Kevin Hart got hammmmmered at the Super Bowl. Aaron and Jason talk through Kevin’s hilarious evening and THEN tell their own best(?) drunk stories. ALSO: old newscasters, crying kids, edittteded, Arthur, Chuck E Cheese, The Rock, stolen beer, what kind of drunk are you, peach schnapps, christmas lights, new episode ideas, The Malkins and a famous Winnebago. Oh and what’s your ham guy’s name? Rate - Review - Subscribe -...


114: We Got Tics (not those ticks) Ep.114 #GrownDadBusiness

For the first time, the Dads mention a topic the week before - AND actually do it! Jason and Aaron realize they have a lot of odd quirks and ticks (not deer ticks) - Is it a medical condition? Is it because they must control their universe? ALSO: kids calming you down, birthday crowns, symmetry, label makers, such-and-such, numbers trigger us, training to find your stapler, lots of speakers, symmetry, alphabetizing everything, carrying groceries, Aaron’s bad analogies, eat the frog and doing...


113: It's a Birthday Episode! Ep.113 #GrownDadBusiness

Are grown-up birthdays dumb? Or do you go all out? Jason breaks down his perfect birthday day and the Dads get into crazy kid parties going on now. Also: Pawn shops, KitchenAid mixers, luchador masks, toe-stubbing, remembering episode ideas, jail strong, American Girl party, numbers make us crazy, Super Bowl cake, ChuckECheese, and some creative party ideas! Rate - Review - Subscribe - Share! PITTSBURGH! Get tickets for Aaron's ONE-HOUR Comedy Special March 3rd! We’re filming both shows!...


112: Snow Day or Two-Hour Delay Ep.112 #GrownDadBusiness

The Dads get a two-hour snow delay so they podcast! If you’re somewhere warm (eat it), listen up and learn the snow struggle. Do other countries have snow days? Cinders or salt? Also: bread bags, school closing scroll, Badass Billy Gunn, wardrobe changes, The Break Up, news flashes, nail glint, four-minute intros, ham money, avocado face spread AND The Potty Song LIVE! Rate - Review - Subscribe - Share! PITTSBURGH! Get tickets for Aaron's ONE-HOUR Comedy Special March 3rd! We’re filming both...


111: Showbiz Dads with Michael Killen Ep.111 #GrownDadBusiness

This week, Aaron is joined by a special guest Dad, Michael Killen, creator/director of ABC’s ‘Downward Dog,’ co-founder of Animal Media Group AND he’s directing Aaron’s one-hour comedy special on March 3rd in Pittsburgh! The Dads chat about what it’s like working in entertainment with kids, family schedules, raising kids in LA versus Pittsburgh, moving a family across the country - also - Oprah, friendsgiving, kid’s pitching screenplays, “glamorous” showbiz perks and muffins in plastic bags,...


110: The Dad Bod Strikes Back Ep.110 #GrownDadBusiness

Making any New Years resolutions? The Dads aren’t either but always on the journey of defeating the elusive “Dad Bod!” Also: holiday food, a new name for the podcast, sequel titles, Utah fans, chipped teeth, saran wrap for your body, Hey TODD, Siri’s Japanese is bad, sloppy joes AND a surprise visit from Aaron’s daughter ‘Beka The Professor! Rate - Review - Subscribe - Share! Special Thanks! Ink Division Custom Printing! The best printed apparel at an incredible price! Amazingly quick...


109: Year in Review: 2017 Ep.109 #GrownDadBusiness

The Dads are back! Aaron and Jason have had a hell of year, chatting life and career changes and the state of our country - yeah we go political, a little. Also: Call of Duty, some fave episodes, Don Rickles, episode ideas, Chris Farley, the occult, Alexis got ideas, dad outfits and The Last Jedi. Rate - Review - Subscribe - Share! Special Thanks! Ink Division Custom Printing! The best printed apparel at an incredible price! Amazingly quick turnaround, hands on customer service and locally...


108: Save the Date: About Aaron’s Comedy Special Ep.108 #GrownDadBusiness

On March 3rd, Aaron will film his one-hour comedy special! Jason takes the interview reigns to chat with about how all of it came to be and what the process is for March 3rd to happen. The comedy show, which will be distributed internationally, is being produced in association with Animal Media Group & directed by Michael Killen, creator of ABC’s “Downward Dog.” Also on the podcast: when kids should swear, first snow driving and proper attire for the news. Get tickets for March 3rd! We’re...


107: Do You Believe in Santa? #GrownDadBusiness Ep.107

Merry Merry Christmas! Too soon? We don’t care. Oh, this episode is #NSFK (Not Safe for Kids)! The Dads knock out a bunch of Christmas ish: how to handle telling the kids, Mall Santa’s, “playing” Santa that night, Christmas movie debate, hiding and finding presents, Christmas morning routines AND Jason takes us on a journey to the ‘A Christmas Story’ house in Cleveland! Tired of the word CHRISTMAS!? Special Thanks! Ink Division Custom Printing! The best printed apparel at an incredible...


106: What Pisses You Off? Pet Peeves: Volume 1 #GrownDadBusiness Ep.106

The Dads are PISSED! What are some of your biggest pet peeves? Aaron and Jason complain about a lot of things every episode but this is where they really break it down & bitch about just a few things that piss them off. Volume 1: Driving, Airplanes & Restaurants! Also: British accents, truckers, coconut cream pie, Simon & Garfunkle, tipping etiquette, shopping carts, Barry Gibb, farts, #GrownManMoves, lemons and pumping the damn BRAKES! Follow Us: @AaronKleiber @JmClark8...


105: Gravy Boats & Giblets Ep.105 #GrownDadBusiness

Give thanks everyone! We’re thankful for YOU! Aaron & Jason return for a special episode on all things Thanksgiving - especially the menu. You’re surprised the Dads talk food for another episode? Also: The Dads go HAM on HAM, rap duo names, fancy socks, family recipes, cruise ships, corn beef, au jus, seven loaves of bread, boar meat, Johnny Gil, gravy boat tales AND Jason shoves a shot glass where the sun don’t shine! Special Thanks! Ink Division Custom Printing! The best printed apparel at...


104: Sick Kids are F’n Gross Ep.104 #GrownDadBusiness

It’s fall and time for snots, puke, coughing, colds, vicks vapor rubs and sick kids. Also: germs in public, throw up buckets, puke paths, pink eye, poop fingers, pigeon feathers, trapped in a bathroom, urinals are a cesspool and Hall & Oates! Eat a big meal before this episode! Special Thanks! Ink Division Custom Printing! The best printed apparel at an incredible price! Amazingly quick turnaround, hands on customer service and locally owned in Braddock, PA. Follow Us:...


103: Arcade Comedy Theater Day Ep.103 #GrownDadBusiness

November 3rd is officially Arcade Comedy Theater Day in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! The Dads chat about last decade of Pittsburgh comedy and the story of the theater. Why? This is something that is Jason and Aaron are passionate about and it’s a huge milestone for Pittsburgh comedy. Join the Dad’s as the reminiscence and celebrate the amazing growth of comedy in Pittsburgh in the last decade. If you’re not from Pittsburgh, listen to a story of an incredible comedy scene and a theater being...


102: Whaddya gonna be for Halloween? Ep.102 #GrownDadBusiness

The Dads, Aaron and Jason, talk about their best costumes as kids, Aaron has a blast with his family theme costumes and we learn about Jason’s secret Halloween obsession. What could Jason say to Aaron and ruin their friendship? And what could Jason’s dad give out to trick-r-treaters that was a neighborhood game-changer? Also: The Scarehouse, Cesar Romero, how old is too old, Tim Burton bushes, Christmas lights, tin foil boots, Lexi’s stone cold stunner, farts boogers farts and Jason takes us...


101: Scaredy Dads at The Scarehouse Ep.101 #GrownDadBusiness

Jason has been to ONE haunted house in his life. Aaron loves them - so he drags Jason to one of top rated haunted houses in the country - THE SCAREHOUSE in Etna, PA (10min outside of Pittsburgh, PA). Not only do they walk thru the award-winning haunt upstairs - they do the waiver signing, no phones or keys, full touching, cussing, blood-soaked, better wear play clothes, macabre, nightmare inducing BASEMENT - the fully immersive horror movie. The dads talk PRE and POST Scarehouse… was Jason a...


100: Episode 100: The Best Moments of #GrownDadBusiness

Aaron reminisces with Jason about his 10 favorite moments in 100 episodes… before and after Jason Clark’s arrival on the show. Jason relives a pretty good honorable mention too and reveals a little surprise. Most of the moments are hilarious, some a little deeper. Which ones will they be?! Also: a new theme, sound effects, dad bods, show clips, awards, lots of giggling, sweet moments, donuts, pinot grigio, waffle house, sneak peeks, does anyone read this, plugs, new sponsor, meth pee,...


99: Bringing Sexy Back: Music Part 2 Ep.99 #GrownDadBusiness

Music is such a big part of the Dad’s life, that it’ll take them TWO episodes to talk about it! Part 2 has the Dads discussing how music tastes change as an adult, introducing our kids to music, disney music, and lotsssss of 90’s music talk. Also: MJ and JT, Christian ska, Tipper Gore, college concerts, adult dancing, Dee Snyder,mixing & scratching, waxing & milkin, Toad the Wet Sprocket, The Train, DJ Jazzy Jeff and A to the K HOMEBOY! Rate - Review - Subscribe - Share! Special Thanks!...


98: Groove is in the Heart: Music Part 1 Ep.98 #GrownDadBusiness

Music is such a big part of the Dad’s life, that it’ll take them TWO episodes to talk about it! The Dads cover almost (almost) every genre of music, from their earliest music memories all the way thru high school. FYI… the Dads were in their music prime during the 80’s and 90’s, be prepared for singing. Also: trap music, roombas, leather jackets, cassettes, record albums, sticky fingers, karaoke, imports, concert smells, white kids fighting the power, Thriller and “THE POWER OF MUSIC BRUH!”...


97: Josh Blue: The Single & Disabled Dad Ep.97 #GrownDadBusiness

A special episode with Last Comic Standing winner JOSH BLUE! (Don’t worry, still a little Jason in the intro). Aaron was on the road with Josh for a week and finally remembered to record a podcast… in the car. Born with Cerebral Palsy, Josh shares the challenges of being a disabled parent, along with being a part-time single Dad and being on the road performing 250 shows a year all over the world. Also: growing up in Africa, airport friendships, how much Josh spends on Uber, 9 year olds with...


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