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Overcoming Cognitive Distortions and Focusing on Accurate Thinking with Dr. Cristy Lopez [PODCAST 138]

How many times have you been in a place where you’ve come across inaccurate thinking? What would it take to mitigate the influence of inaccurate thinking in your mindset? Imagine the impact it would make if you were able to overcome cognitive distortions. Today’s conversation is with Dr. Cristy Lopez, a celebrity expert psychologist, coach, consultant, and speaker. She helps people maximize their productivity and contribution in life, relationships, and business. In this segment, you’ll...

Duration: 00:21:09

How to Implement Effective Advertising, Target the Right Audience, and Build Momentum with Adrienne Richardson [PODCAST 137]

Have you ever been in a place where you were dying to know how to make traffic work for you so you could generate more leads cost effectively? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to target the right audience efficiently? Imagine if there was a way where all of that could be done for you automatically so you don’t have to stress about it and manage it? In today’s segment, you’ll hear from guest expert, Adrienne Richardson. Adrienne Richardson is a lead generation expert who manages more...

Duration: 00:37:04

Simplify Your Business TODAY, Do what you LOVE, and Discover Your Genius Zone with Richard Phu [PODCAST 136]

Wouldn’t you like to have the ability to stay in your Genius Zone? What would it mean for you to have a systematized and simplified business model? Imagine streamlining your business so well that you streamline your way right out of the company! Wouldn’t that be awesome? In this segment, you’ll discover steps you can take TODAY to simplify your business, focus on what you LOVE to do rather than what you should or have to do, and operate within your Genius Zone. All of this is made possible...

Duration: 00:37:49

Increase Your Sales, Effectively Engage with Clients, and Establish Connections that Will Last! [PODCAST 135]

Wouldn’t be great to have your business working for you, rather than you working for it? If you are at a place where you are tired of trading time for money and you are looking for a way to have your business work for you even when you aren’t working, you’ve come to the right place! In this powerful segment, you’ll learn about a time-tested process that will give you the tools to increase your sales, effectively engage with your clients, and connect in a way that will last. Here’s a...

Duration: 00:19:24

Lessons Learned through Failure and 3 Ways to Make More Money! [PODCAST 134]

What would it mean for you to have more freedom and prosperity in your life and business? Imagine how that would impact and benefit your family and those close to you. Sounds great doesn’t it? So what does it take to get there? What principles and lessons can move you closer to that goal? In this segment, you’ll learn about how to recover from failure and take actionable steps toward success. You will need pen and paper for this session as you learn about THREE ways to make more money and...

Duration: 00:20:23

How to Generate Sales Leads, Craft a Compelling Offer, and Deliver Value with Jeremy Ellens [PODCAST 133]

Have you ever been in a place where you felt stuck in your business? Are you tired of struggling through each level of growth? Is there a better way to build your business that doesn’t lead to frustration? Guess what? There is! In today’s segment, you’ll hear from guest expert, Jeremy Ellens as he opens up about how business leaders like you can generate sales leads, craft a compelling offer, and deliver value to your clients. Jeremy is the co-founder of a lead generation, quiz software...

Duration: 00:38:04

Tools and Tips for Making Relationships Work with Dr. Cristy Lopez [PODCAST 132]

How important are relationships to you? Relationships are part of your everyday routine in both personal and professional environments. Shouldn’t they be as healthy and vibrant as possible? What would that require? Where do you even start? In this segment, you’ll discover tools and tips that will empower you to go the distance with your relationships. Don’t be satisfied with relationships that simply survive, learn how to make them thrive and blossom in a healthy and supportive...

Duration: 00:20:08

How to Establish, Cultivate, and Prioritize Meaningful Relationships with Dr. Cristy Lopez [PODCAST 131]

What would happen for you if you were to become more effective at creating unbelievable relationships? And, what if you could connect at a deep level with your partner, your team, or your spouse? Imagine the advantage that would give you both personally and professionally! Today’s segment is going to show you how establish, cultivate, and prioritize those relationships so you can thrive! Today’s conversation is with Dr. Cristy Lopez. Dr. Lopez is a celebrity expert psychologist, coach,...

Duration: 00:20:42

How to Build a Dream Come True Solution and Craft an Irresistible Offer [PODCAST 130]

Have you ever struggled with inconsistent sales? You might be focused on a convincing message rather than a compelling message. What would it mean for you if your clients and leads felt compelled to elicit your services? This episode is a follow up to last weeks session that introduced the Client Multiplier Method and how to identify, find, and feed your “Hungry Market.” At the end of the day, what would happen for you if you could have a systematic and predictable way to generate more...

Duration: 00:19:53

The Client Multiplier Method: Increase your Sales Leads TODAY! [PODCAST 129]

Do you ever struggle with implementation in your business? Do you ever find it difficult to get things done? What if you had a tool that would help you cut through the clutter and generate more consistent, predictable, and qualified leads? In today’s segment, you’ll learn about the Client Multiplier Method. Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn in this segment: Resources mentioned on this episode: ********************* This...

Duration: 00:20:23

Discover the Power to Get Things Done, Advance Momentum, and Experience Transformation with Christopher Cooper [PODCAST 128]

Have you ever been in a place where you wondered, “Why is it so hard to get things done?!” Imagine, what would happen for you if you were able to live in momentum, create momentum, and advance momentum? Today, we have a solution for you! Our guest expert is Chris Cooper, co-author of the bestselling book, “How to Get Things Done” and host of the “Elevate” podcast/show that impacts people around the world. Chris wants to help leaders like you breakthrough the distractions and the...

Duration: 00:36:28

Identifying and Overcoming Addiction with Susan Peirce Thompson [PODCAST 127]

Two out of three people are impacted in some way by addictive behaviors. What would happen for you and your business if you could to learn to understand and overcome addictive behaviors? Today we get to the heart of the matter and help you know what questions you need to ask about addiction, how to recognize it in someone, and what you can do today to make a shift to a healthy business and life. Today’s guest is a leading expert at helping you identify and overcome addiction. Susan...

Duration: 00:36:25

Discover the KEY to Building Rapport and Connecting with Influencers with Esther Kiss [PODCAST 126]

Imagine where you would be if you could build rapport with a new contact in a way that is natural and allows you to establish a rich relationship. Don’t settle for shallow and low quality relationships! Esther Kiss is the founder of Born to Influence, a boutique publicity firm. She specializes in helping experts like YOU get more publicity, leads, and sales. Esther has been featured on TV, in newspapers, magazines, and on top podcasts in the world - AND she helps her clients do that...

Duration: 00:20:46

Learn How to Leverage Publicity to YOUR Advantage with Esther Kiss [PODCAST 125]

What if you could use publicity to get more credibility, more exposure, leads, sales and visibility? Imagine what that would do for your business! Would YOU like to know some of the inside secrets to get publicity that translates into growth, leads, sales, and revenue? Today’s guest is a publicity expert! Esther Kiss is the founder of Born to Influence, a boutique publicity firm. She specializes in helping experts like YOU get more publicity, leads, and sales. Esther has been featured...

Duration: 00:22:31

Discover an Unorthodox Way to Bootstrap a New Company and Leverage the Collaborative Process with Stephanie Frank [PODCAST 124]

Have you ever wondered why your new company isn’t taking off the way you thought you it would? Maybe you are at a place where you don’t seem to be hitting the profit margins or the outcomes you had hoped for. Our guest, Stephanie Frank, will share an unorthodox method that has the power to transform the way that you think about building and growing your business. Stephanie is a certified cyber-crime intelligence investigator, an internationally published bestselling author, and she speaks...

Duration: 00:20:56

How to Create a Movement and Expand Your Reach with Stephanie Frank [PODCAST 123]

What would happen for your business if you could put an unusual but relatively simple method in place that engaged over three and a half million people; what would it do for you? Imagine you were launching a book, or launching a new product, service, or a new project in your company, and having proven methods you can put in place to create and advance momentum. In other words, you had a proven model to create a movement. That’s what today’s segment is all about. Our guest today is...

Duration: 00:22:51

Discover a Content Marketing Plan that WORKS, Tools to Connect with Your Audience, and How to Leverage Success with Joe Pulizzi [PODCAST 122]

Did you know you can generate more leads and sales by offering content to your audience? As you can imagine, there is a strategy to be able to do it properly. One of the keys is to go SMALL to go BIG? It might sound crazy but it will make sense once you listen to this episode with guest expert Joe Pulizzi. Joe is an expert in content marketing and founder of the Content Marketing Institute. He’s been able to work with enterprise brands like LinkedIn and many others! In this segment,...

Duration: 00:41:21

Learn about the Power of Asking the Right Questions, How to Connect with Your Peers, and Build Momentum in Your Life with Joseph Varghese [PODCAST 121]

Do you ever find yourself struggling with staying on track or building momentum? In this segment, you’ll hear from guest expert Joseph Varghese as he explains how you can have greater focus and accountability with a couple of strategies that you might not have seen coming. Joseph’s lessons and insights are a bit controversial so make sure you listen to this episode and get in on the conversation - you don’t want to miss it! Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn in this show: Resources...

Duration: 00:39:48

Unlock the Secret to tell a GREAT story, the Power of the Four Part Joke Formula, and Why Words Matter with Kevin Rogers [PODCAST 120]

What if you could discover how to use words that pull people toward you and influence them to do more of the things you want them to do… what would that do for you? And what if you could go out and actually tell a better story? In this segment, you’ll hear from expert storyteller Kevin Rogers as he walks through the secret to tell a great story, the power of his Four Part Joke Formula, and why the words we use matter. Imagine how it would change your life if you could share your story in...

Duration: 00:40:07

Learn How to Deal with Anxiety, Discover Your FLOW State, and Get Back into the Driver’s Seat of YOUR Life with Dr. Cristy Lopez [PODCAST 119]

What would happen if you had ZERO anxiety in your life? What would that mean for you, your business, your family? Is it even possible? In this segment, you’ll hear from guest expert Dr. Cristy Lopez as she explains how to deal with anxiety, discover your FLOW state, and get back into the driver’s seat of YOUR life. A celebrity expert psychologist, coach, consultant and speaker, Dr. Cristy Lopez helps people maximize their productivity and contribution in life, relationships and...

Duration: 00:13:40

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