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E25: Chris Fussell - How to Solve Complex Problems by Building a Team of Teams

To kick off 2018, this week's episode of GrowthMinded Milwaukee features Chris Fussell, a former Navy SEAL Officer who served as Aide-de-Camp to then-Lieutenant General Stanley McChrystal. Chris held that role in General McChrystal’s final year commanding the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), where they served for a year together in Iraq. Chris witnessed first-hand the Special Operations community’s transformation into a successful, agile network. From his experiences, Chris...


Regional Talent Solution: WHR Group's Relocation Playbook

WHR Group and the M7 Regional Talent Partnership have joined forces to create a special subscription offering to businesses of all sizes in the Milwaukee region. Listen as WHR Group President Paul De Boer and Director of Sales & Marketing Rod Pflederer discuss the issue and some of the benefits of the offering.


E24: George Blomgren - Attracting Great Employees in the Face of the Talent Gap

This week's episode features a discussion with George Blomgren, a regional talent expert focused on attracting great employees to Wisconsin. George shares his insights on how to attract the best talent using an employer brand, and how we can take on the talent gap by strengthening our regional brand.


E23: Chris Heivly - Building Startup Communities with "The Startup Whisperer"

This week we welcomed Mapquest co-founder Chris Heivly into the Podcast Milwaukee studio. Following a successful exit to AOL, Chris has dedicated almost 20 years to identifying communities to implement startup ecosystems. He has had a variety of roles over his career, and today serves as the Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Techstars and as co-Managing Director of The Startup Factory. Chris has a clear understanding of what it takes to build a successful startup community, and sheds light on...


E22: Julie Huls - Milwaukee and the Innovation Economy

This episode of GrowthMinded Milwaukee features Julie Huls of Austin, Texas. Julie is a leading influence in the rapidly expanding innovation economy and uses her skills and experience to help communities and organizations position themselves for strategic growth. Julie's knowledge of organizations in the tech industry is unparalleled. Her passion to help communities, combined with her experience, makes her insight incredibly valuable. Listen to her take on Milwaukee's current position,...


E21: Ed Barthell - Milwaukee's HealthTech Serial Entrepreneur

This week on our show, Todd invited Ed Barthell into the GrowthMinded studio to cover a wide array of topics. Ed is the Founder & CEO of EmOpti, a healthtech startup focused on the success of ER departments for hospitals and their institutions. Ed was also responsible for Em Systems, a healthtech company that developed software to efficiently route ambulances. He is something of a serial entrepreneur in our region, as evidenced by his passion to engage in high-tech solutions in the...


E20: Greg Satell - "Mapping Innovation" in a Digital Age

Our guest this week is a global authority on innovation. Greg Satell is the author of "Mapping Innovation" and writes over 100 articles per year featured in Inc., Forbes and Harvard Business Review . Todd and Greg discuss the author's framework in "Mapping Innovation," and how the concepts apply to some of the issues facing Wisconsin's business community. Enjoy the show!


E19: Todd Sobotka - Creating Wisconsin Jobs with BrightStar

Our guest this week is Todd Sobotka, Investment Committee Chair of BrightStar Wisconsin. The brainchild of Wisconsin Angel Investor Tom Shannon, BrightStar is a not-for-profit committed to creating quality jobs in the state by providing additional capital to the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Todd and the team at BrightStar have an active portfolio but are still engaged in a number of innovative projects in Milwaukee and the surrounding region.


E18: Rene' Boer, "At the end of the day, it's just pizza"

This week on GrowthMinded Milwaukee, Todd McLees welcomed in the bestselling author and EOS implementer Rene' Boer. Along with Gino Wickman, creator of the Entrepreneurial Operating System, Rene' co-authored "How to Be a Great Boss." Armed with more than 30 years of experience guiding leadership teams at well-know brands such as Pizza Hut and Jamba Juice, Rene' is now an EOS Implementer who has worked with hundreds of bosses at more than 50 privately-owned companies. Rene’ earned a BS in...


GrowthMinded MKE - Ep 17: Dale Boehm, President & CEO of Caspian

This week's guest on GrowthMinded Milwaukee is Dale Boehm, President and CEO of Caspian Technologies and Owner of the restaurant Artisan 179 on the shores of Pewaukee Lake. Dale has been heavily involved in many of the initiatives in the Milwaukee region, and in his conversation with Todd McLees he explains why Wisconsin is becoming a "fly-in state, not a fly-over state." Enjoy the show!


GrowthMinded MKE - Ep 16: Brad Bateman, Founder & Principal of Pivot4 Consulting

This week on GrowthMinded Milwaukee, Todd McLees sat down with Brad Bateman, Founder and Principal of Pivot4 Consulting. Prior to founding his own business, Brad was responsible for growing the top line for significant parts of Johnson Controls over his career that lasted around two decades. Those who know Brad hold him in high regard and consider him to be one of the best sales leaders around. Brad and Todd’s conversation will give you a glimpse into what it means to think about growth...


GrowthMinded MKE - Ep 15: Joe Poeschl, Co-Founder of Startup MKE & The Commons

GrowthMinded Milwaukee’s guest this week is Joe Poeschl, a force in the entrepreneurialism and talent ecosystems in Milwaukee. Joe is the co-founder of both Startup Milwaukee and The Commons. The Commons is a bold collaboration between 24 Southeastern Wisconsin colleges and universities, the regional business community, and the region’s entrepreneurs. The program blends startup ventures with corporate innovation, and layers in over 200 mentoring professionals. The Commons has provided a...


GrowthMinded MKE - Ep 14: Paul Hansen, Co-Founder & CEO of Remugio

This week, host Todd McLees welcomed Paul Hansen into the GrowthMinded Milwaukee studio. Paul is the co-founder and CEO of Remugio, a Madison based company making powerful video analytics available to the masses. Remugio is all about optimizing video content, which is becoming more and more critical for both internal and customer facing communication. The good news is that their offering is free to use for the time being. In their conversation, Todd and Paul cover practical uses and value...


GrowthMinded MKE - Ep 13: Mark Fairbanks, Co-Founder of Islands of Brilliance

This week’s guest on GrowthMinded Milwaukee is Mark Fairbanks, co-founder of Islands of Brilliance. Islands of Brilliance is a learning experience developed specifically for children and young adults on the autism spectrum. On this episode of GMMKE, host Todd McLees sits down with Mark to recap how Islands of Brilliance got its start and the ways the program has grown over the last decade. Mark also shares some of the incredible discoveries they’ve made along the way about a percentage of...


GrowthMinded MKE - Ep 12: Chad Raube, Entrepreneur, Investor & CEO at Info-Pro Lender Services

This week’s episode of GrowthMinded Milwaukee features Chad Raube. Chad is the CEO at Info-Pro Lender Services, and he has over two decades of experience as a senior executive, venture capitalist and board member in primarily technology and service business. His career accolades include being named one of the Top 100 most influential people in UK internet, and one of Europe’s top 50 executives in broadband and paid TV. Chad’s story includes early entrepreneurial activities in New Zealand...


GrowthMinded MKE - Ep 11: Jeff Koser, Local Author & Founder of Selling to Zebras

Episode 11 of GrowthMinded Milwaukee features Jeff Koser. In 2008, Jeff wrote "Selling to Zebras: How to Close 90% of the Business You Pursue Faster, More Easily, and More Profitably," and founded a sales consultancy and software company of the same name here in Wisconsin.


GrowthMinded MKE - Ep 9: John Holland, Author of CustomerCentric Selling

This episode of GrowthMinded Milwaukee features John Holland, renowned sales trainer and author of CustomerCentric Selling.


GrowthMinded MKE - Ep 8: Dick Hensley, Regional President of National Exchange Bank & Trust

On the 8th installment of GrowthMinded Milwaukee, host Todd McLees welcomes Dick Hensley into the GrowthMinded Studio. Dick has had a very successful banking career right here in Wisconsin, and has seen countless companies rise and fall. Today, Dick serves as Regional President for National Exchange Bank & Trust, a growth-oriented bank based in Southeastern Wisconsin.


GrowthMinded MKE - Ep 7: Steven Kotler, Author and Co-Founder of the Flow Genome Project

Episode 7 of GrowthMinded Milwaukee features Steven Kotler. Steven is the co-founder of the Flow Genome Project and author of Rise of Superman and more recently, Stealing Fire.


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