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Episode 07: Dodd Frank

It's a special emergency episode responding to the recently passed Senate Bill 2155. It's such an emergency we released it a day late. We talk about the efforts by some Democrats to portray their watering down of Dodd-Frank financial regulations as a defense of small "community banks" and how corrupt and hollow these kinds of lies are. It's interesting we promise. Listen to the whole thing there's a game at the end. DO NOT SKIP TO THE GAME.


Episode 06: Oprah

On this week's episode we examine the life and times of Oprah Winfrey, the only African American female billionaire in the world. We discuss her journey from poverty to wealth and some of the hucksters and scam artists she's inflicted on America along the way.


Episode 05: Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest billionaire ever who sacrificed his friends to build his social network. We talk about how he has caused depression to the masses,a myriad of poor judgments leading to him falling up, and other details about the supposed boy wonder. Find out all the trials tribulations and more on Grubstakers. Enjoy! Here's the tumblr with some of the research we did and any necessary corrections:...


Episode 04: Sackler Family/Pharmaceutical Drugs

This week we ditch the format and talk generally about the Sackler Family who own Purdue Pharma, how antibiotics in our livestock is making superbugs and the overall process to get a drug approved in the United States. Enjoy! Here's the tumblr with some of the research we did and any necessary corrections:


Episode 03: Michael Bloomberg

The richest politician in history? In episode 3 we explore the life and works of the billionaire former mayor of New York City. He always said his vast wealth would prevent him from being influenced by lobbying but his Wall Street first policies and the explosion of homelessness under his watch raise questions about that. Also why didn't he fix the damn potholes? Here's the tumblr with some of the research we did and any necessary corrections...


Episode 02: Elon Musk

In the wake of the Falcon Heavy launch many are wondering about the story of Elon Musk, the man who single handedly took credit for the work of countless SpaceX engineers. From his origins founding Zip2 with money his father earned from the apartheid government of South Africa to his tireless fight against the scourge of unionization we discuss what is known about this mysterious man and his journey to the front page of Reddit. Here's the tumblr with some of the research we did and any...


Episode 01: Jeff Bezos

On the debut episode of Grubstakers, the only podcast about billionaires, we examine the life of Jeff Bezos founder of and the richest man on Earth. We trace his rise from humble nerd fucking his subordinates to his innovative idea to bankrupt and ruin every mom and pop bookseller in the country to his more sinister current form. Perhaps the most horrific labor abuser in America his fortune was accumulated through staggering exploitation. Don't listen if you want to feel good...


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