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Guts N' Glory is a podcast about the power of following one's gut.

Guts N' Glory is a podcast about the power of following one's gut.
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Guts N' Glory is a podcast about the power of following one's gut.




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Go Everywhere, Do Everything

Scrubbing through Fatina’s recordings, there’s an audible lust to live as she gives voice to her goals and dreams. She gets lost in conversation with herself, has this contagious laugh and is like a self-generator of motivation. When your to do list includes working in intelligence and running an internationally owned groovy jeans company. We’re discussing how to keep up with your own dreams. You’ll need a running tally to keep track of what Fatina Hilal has planned....


Came In Through The Back Door w Beryl Fine

Camera in hand, as well as simultaneously helming the tastebud-enticing Haute Chocolate Brooklyn chocolate company, Beryl Fine deals us a gulp of honesty. Wearing her gut on her sleeve, hear her roll with the punches. I left our conversation with a shift of attitude towards my own challenges and a craving for chocolate…specifically Cinnamon Chipotle. Please share your thoughts and show us some love by...


"A Moment of Clarity" with Sara Aphrodite-Stolwijk

Sara Aphrodite-Stolwijk is the woman behind the brand "Sara Aphrodite". An array of handmade, one of a kind garments, focusing on the singular vision of merging high fashion and street wear to produce quality pieces. The brand is making the transition to becoming fully vegan. Currently, all materials are sourced through donations, recycling, and secondhand finds. Check out Sara Aphrodite and photographer Brianna Capozzi - certified eye candy by following the links below: SARA:...


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