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#9 - Embracing the Lows

Jaemin and Gabe discuss embracing the lows of life, as well as manscaping, banishing phones from bedrooms, an easier way to call your representatives, updates on Jaemin's online dating life, and more!

Duration: 00:57:58

#7 - How to Switch Careers in 9 Months (w/ Peter Krouse)

Jaemin and Gabe welcome Peter Krouse to discuss how he became a working software engineer in just 9 months, conscious dog parenting, ethical men’s fashion; the virtues of slow reading; and more! Send us thoughts, feedback, and Quick Picks of your own at Show Notes [] (2:47) What Are You Bringing to the Table? • Peter: How he went from working in a travel company to being a software engineer in just 9 months! – (8:39) Advice: do...

Duration: 01:13:16

Bonus Ep. - S-Town, Drake, and Whitewashing (w/ Alan Ai)

In this Bonus Episode, Jaemin and Gabe welcome their resident culture expert and lawyer, Alan Ai, to do a deep dive into pop culture. They discuss Get Out, whitewashing, Mike Pence, Drake’s playlist, how hip hop is like dirty talk, S-Town, and why Alan hates podcasts.

Duration: 00:54:21

#6 - Meditation Retreats and Big Life Transitions

Jaemin and Gabe share their thoughts on Gabe's first weekend meditation retreat; navigating big life transitions (like moving!); silencing your phone's notifications; 7 minute workouts; and much more! Show Notes [] What Are You Bringing to the Table? • Gabe: How a weekend meditation retreat finally got me excited about meditation. – Deer Park Monastery – Vipassana Meditation Retreats • Jaemin: Navigating big life transitions (like moving out of a 30-person...

Duration: 00:57:25

#4 - Soft Veganism, Chronic Health Issues, and Better Questions

Jaemin and Gabe share their thoughts on going not-quite-full vegan, coming out of the hypothyroidism closet, better questions to ask when you meet someone, how to do the right thing monthly (and effortlessly), and much more! Show Notes [] What Are You Bringing to the Table? • Jaemin: What you can learn from struggling with chronic health issues. • Gabe: Changing my views on vegans and going vegan-ish. – When people try to come at veganism but you ready...

Duration: 00:55:36

#2 - On Trump, Creative Perfectionism, and Onesies

In this episode, Jaemin and Gabe cover topics such as: • re-thinking their views post-Trump • learning to be a disciplined half-ass • why you need a onesie (with a tail) • and much more! - Show notes at: - Music for the podcast: "As Colorful As Ever" by Broke For Free (

Duration: 00:59:51

#1 - Jaemin & Gabe Record a Podcast!

As part of Jaemin's October Creativity Challenge, he finally moved forward with something he's always wanted to do: record a podcast! So he sat down with Gabe Rose, a lifelong friend and frequent collaborator, and they decided to hit the record button and see what happened. In their first podcast attempt, they cover topics such as: • sleep drugs extracted from sleepy cats • giving up a kidney • undergoing a journey of the senses • why religion is underrated • what we’re missing about Trump...

Duration: 01:11:30