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The editors of Boing Boing talk about and interview the creators of comic books, science fiction, videogames, movies, and more.

The editors of Boing Boing talk about and interview the creators of comic books, science fiction, videogames, movies, and more.
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The editors of Boing Boing talk about and interview the creators of comic books, science fiction, videogames, movies, and more.






020: MAD's Al Jaffee

Ruben Bolling and I had a terrific time interviewing one of our heroes, the amazing Al Jaffee, who has been a member of MAD magazine’s usual gang of idiots for 56 years (his work has appeared in every issue, save one). Best known for his MAD Fold-in, which has appeared on the inside back cover of the magazine since 1964, he’s also the creator of a long running column, "Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions," and my favorite, his dozens and dozens of whimsical inventions that border on the...


166: Coding Horror's Jeff Atwood

In this discussion with Boing Boing’s software developer, Dean Putney, programmer and entrepreneur Jeff Atwood shares many good insights about learning. For instance, he says no one really buys giant programming book anymore: “Programmers are learning online from each other now. They just “page fault” in the information. That’s how people learn today.” He also says, “If you want to prove that you understand something, teach it to someone else.”


165 - Secret Dad Society

Mike Evans is a musician, teacher, husband, and father from Pennsylvania. He was a founding member of the touring neo-swing band, Big Tubba Mista, and currently performs with The Greatest Funeral Ever, Gumbo Junk Brass Band, and other local bands. When not performing, he recruits his two kids, who are too young to know any better, into doing zany projects and exploring curious new hobbies….Anything from kite aerial photography, geocaching, or remote control seagull-cams, to juggling,...


164: Dr. Monkey

Our guest this week is Steve Denton, AKA Dr. Monkey. Steve Denton is an internet scourge, sometime writer, full time smart aleck, and an unrepentant gadfly in the ointment of life. He runs the blogs Monkey Muck and Dr. Monkey’s Retro Scans, which we’ve mentioned previously on Gweek.


Bestselling Author and Entrepreneur, Seth Godin

Seth Godin enlightens us this week with an unexpected assortment of tools that will have you exploring the deepest recesses of your subconscious while, at the same time, enriching your hobbies and lifestyle.


Incredibly Interesting Authors 008: The End of Absence author Michael Harris

Soon enough, nobody will remember life before the Internet. What does this unavoidable fact mean? For future generations, it won’t mean anything very obvious. They will be so immersed in online life that questions about the Internet’s basic purpose or meaning will vanish. But those of us who have lived both with and without the crowded connectivity of online life have a rare opportunity. We can still recognize the difference between Before and After. We catch ourselves idly reaching...


Cool Tools Show 009: Author A.J. Jacobs

This week AJ Jacobs, bestselling author and journalist, shows us how he rids himself of lifeâs common nuisances and hazards like an untied shoe, a noisy environment or a half hour wasted in traffic so he can focus on larger pursuits, like bringing the world together in one great big family reunion. AJ reminds us that we are all cousins and encourages all of us to explore just how we are related by hitting up some of his favorite genealogy resources. Oh, and weâre all officially invited to...


Gweek 160: David Rees

Gweek 160: David Rees by Gweek


Gadgets 012: Giveaway! Nomiku Sous Vide Immersion Circulator

In this episode we are giving away one of Jason's favorite kitchen appliances: the Nomiku Sous Vide Immersion Circulator. See the full post for details. We also review the G-Buzz portable alarm clock and the Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus Food Processor.


Gweek 158: My genius friend Rick Rosner went to high school for 10 years

Rick Rosner is my unfathomably weird and wonderful high school friend. I knew he was smart, but it turns out he is the second smartest person in the world, according to a bunch of IQ testing he's taken. He is so unusual that Errol Morris made a documentary about him.


Gadgets 11: Paintball Sentry Gun vs Toddlers - no contest

This week in Gadgets, Fark's Drew Curtis joins us to share stories about his awesome non-lethal home weapons arsenal. Brought to you by Pluralsight, the world's largest tech & creative training library.


Gweek 157: Cartoonist Mimi Pond

In the 1980s Mimi Pond was a cartoonist and illustrator for such publications as the National Lampoon, the Village Voice, The New York Times, Seventeen Magazine, Adweek, and too many more to mention, as well as writing and illustrating five humor books, beginning with the national best-seller, The Valley Girlsâ Guide to Life. She wrote the first episode of the animated series, The Simpsons, and has written for other television shows as well. With her husband, the artist Wayne White, she...


Cool Tools Show 007: Lloyd Kahn, Editor-in-Chief of Shelter Publications

Show Notes Here Editor in Chief of Shelter Publications, Lloyd Kahn shares with us many useful and varied tips, ranging from how to get the most out of your camera lenses, to alternative activities for the senior surfer. Above all, Lloyd is committed to researching the best possible tools and products for any purpose and doesn't disappoint with this lineup of excellent picks.


Gweek 156: WARPO Toys' Legends of Cthulhu

Bryan Katzel is a designer, a creative director, a collector and a creator. He has fronted punk rock bands, launched worldwide brands and created the first line of collectible r/c robots (check out Zibits â theyâre rad). Bryan is also the president of WARPO, a collectible toy company that recently launched a highly successful Kickstarter campaign for Legends of Cthulhu, the first retro inspired action figure line based on the works of H.P. Lovecraft.


Apps For Kids 058: Geometry Dash

Apps for Kids is Boing Boing's podcast about cool apps and games for kids and parents. My co-host is my 11-year-old daughter, Jane. In this episode, we talked about Geometry Dash, a platform game where you have to jump, fly and flip your way through dangerous passages and spiky obstacles. Itâs $2 for iOS and Android. This episode of Apps for Kids is brought to you by Shoparoo - start earning for your school today.


Gweek 155: Dan Shapiro: creator of the most-backed game in Kickstarter history

Dan Shapiro is a serial entrepreneur. He founded Photobucket and most recently Sparkbuy, which was acquired by Google. Last summer he invented a board game that teaches programming to preschoolers called Robot Turtles. It became the most-backed game in Kickstarter history and is available now in stores. Dan's now working on a book for O'Reilly about startup CEOs and enjoying the summer with his wife and five year old twins. Many thanks to our sponsors: Bombfell, the glorious clothing service...


Gadgets 10: Jamaican earbuds, music for ADHD, & a hammer-proof iPhone screen protector

This week in Gadgets, Gareth Branwyn, author of Borg Like Me, joins Xeni and Mark to discuss Rasta-colored earbuds, a music-based brain app for increasing oneâs attention/focus, a scratch-resistant iPhone protector, and a free reverse phone number lookup site. Photos and links to the stuff we talked about can be found here.


Gweek 154 - IDW comic book publisher Ted Adams

I had a great time talking to Ted Adams, publisher of IDW. They produce high quality comic art books with full-size scans of original comic book art by masters of the genre. They also publish Darwyn Cooke's graphic novel adaptations of Richard Stark's Parker crime novel series. Recently, IDW published the first Parker novel, The Hunter, with all-new illustrations by Darwyn Cooke. Check out the samples here:


Cool Tools Show 006 - author Gareth Branwyn

Author of the new book, Borg Like Me, Gareth Branwyn tells us about the set of household tools he inherited from the former occupants of his house that have proven their usefulness and longevity over the years. In this episode we discuss what makes these tools so special and how we all can prepare to pass on our household's best suited tools to the next generation of homeowners. See show notes:


Cool Tools Show 005 - Tim Jenison, star of Tim's Vermeer

Tim Jenison, Founder of NewTek and star of Tim's Vermeer, a critically acclaimed documentary about his discovery of a possible tool used by hyper-realist painters throughout history, takes us behind the curtain this week to see what tools made this investigation possible. Show notes and links to everything we talked about are here:


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