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HR Works (E42): Expand Your Onboarding Beyond the 'New Hire' Experience

Does your onboarding process mainly consist of new hire paperwork and introductions to staff and management? Mimi Jerkan and Marina Vasich of SilkRoad, a global leader in talent activation, say that onboarding should involve much more than the new hire experience, and should encompass the entire employee journey. They call it 'strategic onboarding' and they're with us on HR Works: The Podcast for Human Resources to go over it's essential components.

Duration: 00:13:51

HR Works (E41): How to Build Championship Mindsets in Your Organization

We often look to sport teams for examples of engagement and passion and motivation, and we use sports metaphors for several workplace situations. In keeping with the start of the NFL season this week, a few of the many football metaphors used in business include "kicking off" a new project or product planning process, "Monday morning quarterbacking" a decision, "dropping the ball," pitching a "hail Mary" or even "dancing in the end zone" after a success. Today’s guest, Amber Selking, PhD,...

Duration: 00:29:57

HR Works (E40): 7 Practices of Extraordinary Workplace Teams

Workplace teams can be the cornerstone to the success of an organization when they are functioning at a high level. But unfortunately, as nearly anyone who has been part of a workplace team can attest, that isn't always the case. And the symptoms of a team that isn't working well are probably also too familiar—unclear goals, poor communication, disagreements and conflicts—and can thwart teams from reaching their full potential, and ultimately organizational or financial success. Today's...

Duration: 00:09:00

HR Works (E39): Make Employee Training More Impactful through Storytelling

HR professionals and in-house trainers know that in a world of non-stop communication and distractions, effective employee training can be challenging. But our guests—Sharon Lucas, President of CDT3 Training and Jessica Du Preez, a Graphic Recorder—have experience in making training more engaging, memorable and impactful by incorporating storytelling. In this episode, you'll learn how storytelling overcomes the obstacles to effective employee training, the elements of a great story, the...

Duration: 00:18:04

HR Works (E38): Get Winning Workplace Results by Winning Over Your Employees

In many workplaces across the country, managers feel pressured by company leaders to achieve specific goals or levels of productivity, and become focused on winning no matter what it takes, using motivation by fear to get their employees to work faster, harder and for longer hours. These tactics may work in the short term, but lose their effectiveness over the long haul as employees will eventually tune out, burnout, or simply seek employment elsewhere, thus creating morale and turnover...

Duration: 00:23:22

HR Works (E37): Strengthen Your Employer Brand with Outplacement Services

Organizations are spending more and more time focusing on conveying their employer brand when recruiting candidates—generally, these efforts are intended to give potential candidates insights into company culture, as well as what they might expect in their day-to-day experience at the company. But one area that employers may overlook when crafting and projecting their brand is how they treat their people post-employment—that is, upon and after termination. In this episode of HR Works,...

Duration: 00:25:17

HR Works (E36): Beyond Engagement—Create a Culture of Employee Activation

Retention, engagement, and branding—as the battle to find and keep top talent intensifies, this trio of topics continues to gain in importance for all HR managers. BLR recently completed a survey on these topics, which was sponsored by SilkRoad. To help us gain additional perspective we asked SilkRoad's Mimi Jerkan to join us. Jerkan explains that while having employees who are satisfied and engaged at work is a great thing, it's employee ACTIVATION that determines the success of...

Duration: 00:18:47

HR Works (E35): How Can HR Truly Impact The C-Suite? A Q&A with Dave Ulrich

HR execs are getting better and better at the basics of HR management and many have also improved at the strategic level. Dave Ulrich, the man some call the “father of modern HR,” joins us to discuss the roles and skills HR executives must assume and acquire in order to both earn a proverbial 'seat at the table' AND have a significant impact once they have that seat. He says HR execs must be credible activists, strategic positioners, and paradox navigators—and he defines and explains the...

Duration: 00:26:57

HR Works (E34): A New 'Employee Value Equation' for Performance Management

Measuring current performance is no longer sufficient because performance ratings don’t often correlate with business performance, explains Kelli Hinshaw VP of Strategic Development at Cy Wakeman. In response, she and her colleagues have developed a new approach to performance management and measurement they call an “employee value equation.” Our first returning guest on HR Works: The Podcast for Human Resources, Kelli joins us to explain both why she believes current performance...

Duration: 00:32:09

HR Works (E33): Why Workplace Diversity & Inclusion Are More Critical Than Ever in 2017

Traditionally, workplace diversity dealt with race and ethnicity, and then gender—but now the term seems to encompass just about everything from generational differences to political ideologies to gender identity. We wanted an expert’s perspective on what diversity “looks like” in 2017 and its role in organizational success. Susan Scott, founder and CEO of executive development and training firm Fierce joins us to discuss: • Why it's so critical to have a diverse workforce in 2017 • The...

Duration: 00:35:02

HR Works (E30): 2017 Recruiting Trends—Social Media Tactics, Negotiation & 'Thinking Locally'

Given the current talent economy, organizations are challenged to consistently attract and retain the right caliber of talent. BLR, with the kind sponsorship of SilkRoad, has just completed a survey about several interesting aspects of recruiting today. To help us interpret some of the survey data, we’ve asked Alexandra Levit to join us. She is the CEO of Inspiration at Work. In this episode of HR Works, Alexandra addresses: • Trends in salary and benefits negotiation • Importance of...

Duration: 00:30:33

HR Works (E29): How To Bring Out the Best In Your Employees Through Performance Coaching

There’s a sea change going on in the world of performance appraisals. Many organizations are moving away from the once-a-year-focus on past performance to a system with more frequent encounters, more focus on the future, and more time spent discussing employee development and opportunity. To help us understand this change better, we’ve asked Anita Bowness to join us. Anita serves as Global Practice Leader, Business Consulting, for Halogen Software. She joined Halogen in 2014 with nearly 20...

Duration: 00:32:17

HR Works (E28): Recruiting from Alternative Candidate Pools—Ex-Offenders, Vets and the Disabled

Suddenly, with the improving economy, recruiting is on the front burner again. Organizations from all types of industries are experiencing difficulty hiring workers at all levels. For some guidance on how to kick start your recruiting, we’ve asked Arte Nathan to join us. Arte is the Principal of Strategic Development Worldwide and also serves as a Hope for Prisoners Board Member. He served as Chief Human Resources Officer for Steve Wynn’s gaming companies from 1983 - 2006, and opened all...

Duration: 00:32:54

HR Works (Episode 27): How Should You Address Workplace Romances? (Encore)

How should employers practically and realistically address the sensitive topic of romance in the workplace, which can have potentially serious workplace implications if left unchecked? In this encore presentation of our inaugural episode, BLR Senior Legal Editor Jennifer Carsen, JD, joins us to discuss how employers should address romance in the workplace.

Duration: 00:13:22

HR Works (Episode 26): How To Use Your Company Brand As A Recruiting Tool

It’s easy to agree on two things: it’s getting harder and harder to recruit and great employees, and social media are playing a major role. And the question is, how can we leverage our social media profiles and presence and activity to support our recruiting efforts? It’s all about the employment brand. To help us get some practical advice around branding, Kathy Harris, founder and managing director of Harris Allied, an executive search firm, joins us. Among other topics, she discusses...

Duration: 00:14:40

HR Works (Episode 25): Workplace Violence Prevention and Readiness Essentials

It’s hard to listen to the news without hearing about an act of violence, and an unfortunate number of those happen in the workplace. No employer or employee is immune from becoming a victim. and many employers are “soft targets” for violence. But it’s hard to know exactly what steps to take to protect your workers. To help us with practical tips, we’ve asked Michael Miele to join us. Miele, the Northeast Sub Regional EHS Manager for EATON Corporation, has 36 years of experience in...

Duration: 00:25:08

HR Works (Episode 22): How HCM Software Created Measurable ROI for Manufacturing Co.

It seems there’s nothing in the HR world that an app or software program can’t handle for us. But does technology really save time, and is there a measurable ROI? And how far can we trust software to make HR decisions? We found Brad Nycz, a bona fide HR manager, to talk to us about his experiences with human capital management (HCM) software and how it’s helped him and his team. He’s IT and HR director for Dowco, a manufacturer of high quality products for the marine and power sports...

Duration: 00:18:19

HR Works (Episode 21): Hire for Success Through Cultural Fit Interviews

Have you ever gone through the recruiting and interviewing process, finally decided on a candidate, and made what you thought would be a great hire, only to realize later that the person just didn’t fit? If you're in HR, we're guessing more than a few of you answered 'yes' to this question. To get some tips on how to assess cultural fit, we’ve asked Tara Kelly to join us. Tara, CEO of customer experience software provider SPLICE Software, conducts culture interviews with candidates...

Duration: 00:23:29

HR Works (Episode 17): How to Manage & Engage Remote Workers to Create a Great Digital Culture

There are few if any companies today that don’t have remote workers on the payroll. And that’s all to the good in many ways, but it’s also true that managing remote workers can be challenging. To get some perspective and some practical tips on creating a great digital culture, we’ve asked Miranda Nicholson to join us on HR Works: The Podcast for HR Professionals to share the expertise she's gained in 6 years of working with remote workers. She is the Talent Department Manager at Formstack,...

Duration: 00:13:00

HR Works (Episode 14): Personalize Your Workplace Rewards to Attract & Engage Millennials

Every HR manager is experiencing dramatic changes in workplace culture. For example, we’re seeing unlimited vacation policies and we’re witnessing the death of the annual performance review. To a large extent, the changes are driven by the arrival of the Millennials, who by most estimates will soon make up over half of the workforce, if they don’t already. But one area that seems unchanged is reward and recognition programs. Today’s guests want to change that. Taylor Smith and Kevin Yip...

Duration: 00:20:29

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