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Episode 10: Skeleton Crew

It’s the HRN news without Patrick Martins - and without Erica Wides - in a hostile takeover of the show by Mike Edison and Rachel Jacobs, who just want to talk about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s connection to veganism, Americans actually learning to eat better, if you’re white, and exactly how much of cheese is contraband. Meanwhile, skyscrapers are killing us, not just that one in England that melts cars; and Jack reports on the food situation in Rio as the Olympics get ever closer. Plus an...

Duration: 00:26:01

Episode 9: Sugar and Schadenfreude

Patrick sits this one out as Mike takes over to talk about mayonnaise and schadenfreude, while Erica concludes that we need to eat less sugar and do more home-cooking. Meanwhile, it’s hot as hell, or at least as hot as the inside of a cooked chicken, and Mike is not happy about it; and Jack reports from the road on NBA addictions that aren’t drugs, but are still having negative effects. Plus and Op-Ed by Jimmy Carbone on his anti-fracking – and pro-breweries – adventures upstate.

Duration: 00:29:30

Episode 8: Flour Fouls, Future Fish Farming, and "Flash" Fleming

The news is still without Patrick, but Mike takes the mic again, as he and Erica discuss flour fouls, AM access to alcohol, and future fish farming. Meanwhile Mike's weather report is more depressing than usual with links to summer suicide; and Jacks on the road serving up . . . sneakers? Plus an op Ed on how you can best help the hungry from JoAnn "Flash" Fleming

Duration: 00:28:35

Episode 7: Co-Anchor Coup, Celebrity Fast Food, and Garbage Fish

Mike is back with a vengeance and has taken the co-anchor seat while Patrick is away, and he and Erica bring the stories about the regulation of tuna fishing, celebrity fast-food endorsements that make people eat garbage, and the literal garbage that fish are eating to their doom. Mike also forecasts a dark horizon for Donald Trump in the form of a wall, and Jack has a special report from Bonnaroo about basketball diets.

Duration: 00:29:45

Episode 2: Arsenic and Old Rice, Ugly Is Beautiful, and Predator Becomes Prey

This week on HRNN, Jack keeps the the co-anchor chair warm for Patrick as we report on how rice's trace arsenic is affecting babies, why apple scabs are actually amazing, and a follow-up on last week's sushi news and what you should eat instead; plus, the good and bad of May's weird weather (mostly bad), and Kobe Bryant's epic sign-off thanks to his epic diet. Later, Erica's Op-Ed reveals the secrets of the mysterious KFC press conference.

Duration: 00:21:36