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Personalized Probiotics for Gut Health ft. Sunny Jain || Episode 56

Optimizing the gut microbiome (the system of microorganisms living largely in our intestines) is increasingly being thought of as a crucial lever for many aspects of our health: Preventing metabolic disorders, reducing negative heart conditions, and even improving brain health. This novel area of the human platform is gaining a robust body of research, and Sun Genomics CEO Sunny Jain joins us this week to demystify the importance of gut health. Sunny believes microbiome science has...


Biohacking to Live a Healthier, More Productive, Longer Life || Geoffrey Woo Interview from "LLAMA Podcast"

It's time to switch things around! In this special episode, Geoff is put on the hot seat as Peter Bowes interviews him about biohacking, fasting, and nootropics. Original episode description below: The enhancement of the human body is the main goal of Geoffrey Woo, a biohacker and entrepreneur based in San Francisco. He sees the human body as a quantifiable and manipulable system, and the next platform for innovation and growth. The evolving science behind nootropics, which are legal...


State of the Art in Human Performance ft. Geoff Woo, Michael Brandt, Brianna Stubbs, Alexandar Krongard || HVMN Panel

We had a full house join our recent panel on elite human performance with Navy SEAL Admiral (ret.) Alex Krongard, Dr. Brianna Stubbs, and Michael Brandt. Thank you all for those who came! It's always humbling seeing the faces of our tight community. The variety of people at the event, from athletes to doctors to techies, all bonded over one common goal: To improve human performance in tangible and quantifiable ways.


Paving the Way for Personalized Medicine ft. Dr. Molly Maloof || Episode 55

Dr. Molly Maloof is on a mission to radically extend healthspan and maximize human potential using scientific wellness, technology, educational media, & lifestyle medicine. Her iterative programs take the quantified self to the extreme through comprehensive testing of clinical chemistry, metabolomics, microbiome, genetics, & biometrics (e.g. heart rate variability & continuous glucose monitoring). A well-known private doctor in Silicon Valley, Dr. Maloof now works for Sanos, a biotech...


Will Humans Become Able to Regenerate Organs and Tissue? ft. Ira Pastor || Episode 54

Will the future of human enhancement include the ability to naturally modify the state of human tissues and organs in order to cure degenerative diseases and affect complex regeneration? We discuss this controversial field with Ira Pastor, the CEO of Bioqark, a biotech company that develops combinatorial biologics that aim to reverse underlying disease, degeneration, and the aging process.


The Entrepreneurial Brain || Geoffrey Woo Interview from "Brains Behind It"

How did Geoffrey Woo get to the forefront of a massive revolution at the intersection of digital health, genomics, and things we consume by building HVMN? This is a great look at how a formally trained computer scientist grew to become one of the best-known biohackers in the span of a few years. Disclaimer: This interview is from "The Brains Behind It" by Dave Farrow. You can find the episode here:


How to Improve Your Memory ft. Nelson Dellis || Episode 53

Nelson Dellis, a 4x USA Memory Champion, was inspired by the passing of his grandmother from Alzheimer's disease to start training his memory so that he could keep his mind strong and healthy throughout his lifespan. Not only does Nelson share some tactical tips to improve memory, but he also provides live examples of his deep and impressive memory recall. Nelson also urges people to live a lifestyle that combines fitness, both mental and physical, with proper diet and social involvement.


Evidence-Based Holistic Medicine ft. Dr. Felice Gersh || Episode 52

Dr. Felice Gersh is a rare combination of a Board Certified OB/GYN who is also fellowship trained in Integrative Medicine. Her career has evolved over the years into one which utilizes the most cutting-edge and high-tech diagnostic testing, while incorporating science-based therapies – from the herbal to the surgical – to assist in the healing process. "I don’t do things that aren’t tried and true and evidence-based. Part of the difference from me and the other natural paths, is the way I...


Biohacking Athletic Performance ft. Michael Brandt || Episode 51

Fitness, much like nutrition, has been shown to have a direct effect on your cognition, mood, and overall mental state. How can we hack it? Over the last few months, HVMN co-founder Michael Brandt has doubled down on his fitness regimen to become an improved, enhanced version of himself. In this episode, he shares his story of endurance running and drops key fitness tips and hacks. “Talking about human enhancement…if you’re going to be putting hours into the gym anyways, and having...


Empowering the Body and Mind ft. Tom Bilyeu || Episode 50

One of our core philosophies is that humans are a system. We should think and approach the human system in a systematic, holistic manner in order to fully optimize our outputs. Tom Bilyeu, co-founder of Quest Nutrition, which was ranked #2 on the Inc 500 fastest growing companies, has his own experience realizing and pursuing this philosophy.


Oxygen for Therapy and Enhancement ft. Scott Sherr || Episode 49

Episode 49 features Dr. Scott Sherr, the Director of Integrative Hyperbaric Medicine and Health Optimization at Hyperbaric Medical Solutions. He believes that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) -- the administration of 100% oxygen at greater than atmospheric pressure -- is one of the most powerful ways to decreasing inflammation, accelerate wound healing, and optimize both physical and mental performance. Let's dig into the science and implications of this intervention.


Behind the World's First Ketone Ester ft. Kieran Clarke || Episode 48

Episode 48 features Dr. Kieran Clarke, the professor of physiological biochemistry at the University of Oxford and creator of ▵G, the raw ketone ester compound inside HVMN Ketone. A ketone metabolism pioneer, Kieran's research throughout the years focused on the effects of diet on energy metabolism in heart, brain and skeletal muscle, and thereby on physical performance and cognitive function. As a key partner and collaborator with HVMN, the launch of the world's first ketone ester...


Dominic D'Agostino on HVMN Ketone and Ketosis || Special Episode

Today, Geoffrey Woo sits down with Dr. Dominic D'Agostino, one of the leading researchers in the field of ketosis. Dominic shares his thoughts on the implications of ketone esters and what HVMN Ketone (our new product) unlocks. Here are a couple of key talking points from the interview:


Biohacking for Self-Actualization ft. Serge Faguet || Episode 47

Episode 47 features Serge Faguet, an accomplished entrepreneur who founded the leading online hotel booking company in Russia. His successful journey in entrepreneurship was paralleled by his desire to become the best he can possibly be in order to gain an edge in the cutthroat business world, leading him to invest $200,000 in biohacking (you can read about his experience here). Since diving into human enhancement, Serge dropped his body fat from 26% to 10%, reached a VO2 Max of 70 (akin...


Correcting Nutritional Deficiencies ft. Christopher Kelly || Episode 46

There comes a moment in many of our lives when we realize health is truly in our own hands. We have been conditioned to only go to the doctor when there is an obvious symptom, and once it is corrected we are good to go. It's rare that you ever find out why you had said symptom, and therein lies the gap between healthy and unhealthy. To be healthy, you need to dive into the root causes of your issues and fix them. To be healthy, you need to take a step back and read research from multiple...


Biohacking in Silicon Valley ft. Melia Robinson || Episode 45

Biohacking, a phenomenon with roots all over the country, has fiercely taken over the competitive tech world of Silicon Valley. Executives are taking nootropics to gain the extra edge they need over their competitors, entrepreneurs are fasting to stay clear-headed as they accelerate company growth, and even everyday joggers are tracking their footsteps and making micro-adjustments to their diet and training to beat their PR. Thanks to dedicated media reporters, everyone around the world...


Fasting for Longevity ft. Peter Bowes || Ep. 44

We all know a healthy diet is essential for all aspects of health, but what if we can further hack our lifespans by controlling our feeding windows? You's called intermittent fasting! If the direction current science is heading is any indication, taking charge of when to eat means taking charge of many levers in your biology that can lead to a long, healthy life. Episode 44 features Peter Bowes, a BBC reporter and host of the LLAMA Podcast. One of the earliest supporters of...


The "Grinder" Movement ft. Tim Cannon || HVMN Enhancement Podcast: Ep. 43

Biohacking is an umbrella term for the passion and mission to enhance and improve upon the human body, often with a hacker-like ethos. One arm of this comes in the form of "grinders", a growing collective of biohackers whose expertise lies in functional body modification (usually with electronic hardware) that extends their human capabilities. Episode 43 features Tim Cannon, a human host of multiple implants including RFID's (radio-frequency identification devices) and magnets. His...


Creating Healthy Processed Food ft. Cameron Sepah || Episode 42

Meal replacement drinks, shakes, and powders (like the popular Soylent) have taken the tech world by a storm. There's a huge and proven market for people who just don't have the time to have a well-balanced meal and would rather rely on a packaged drink that provides them the nutrition of a complete meal. Although largely supported by its users, there has recently been an increased demand for a meal replacement that makes its macros even more healthy...a keto-friendly version. Episode...


Hacking Your Memory ft. Dave Farrow || Episode 41

Have you ever tried memorizing and recalling the exact order of 59 decks of cards randomly shuffled together? Our guest this week not only attempted this incredible feat of brain power but succeeded in doing it, breaking the World Guinness Record for "Greatest Memory". Episode 41 features Dave Farrow, a master of memory and PR strategies. Due to a difficult and formidable childhood filled with health problems and near-death experiences, Dave began to fall behind on his academia and had...


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