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Shoving the J into journalism, Hack covers current affairs, music, politics and culture with youth in mind.

Shoving the J into journalism, Hack covers current affairs, music, politics and culture with youth in mind.
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Shoving the J into journalism, Hack covers current affairs, music, politics and culture with youth in mind.




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How to defeat IS Turnbull style, on the partner violence beat, the rise of the boutique festival (Tues 24 Nov)

'Calm, clinical, professional...' will Turnbull's IS strategy work? What it's like walking into a house torn apart by domestic violence. Plus find out why there's been a boom in boutique festivals.

Duration: 00:29:48

Domestic violence in your teens and how do you spend your fun tokens? (Mon 24 Nov)

How do you read the warning signs of a violent relationship if it's your first? And how do you spend your money when it comes to live music?

Duration: 00:29:56

FRIDAY SHAKEUP: Paris, Freya, fashion, bro crisis (Fri 20 Nov)

GUESTS: Alyx Gorman - Timeout and Jack Manning-Bancroft - AIME.

Freya Newman tells all... and Facebook changes the Safety Check policy (Thurs 19 Nov)

The student that outed Francis Abbott's $60k scholarship tells all one year on from her sentencing. Indonesia puts a hold on executions for 'economic' reasons. Plus Facebook offers safety check for Nigeria terror attacks.

Duration: 00:30:03

Anonymous is taking on ISIS... plus an app could change the way you shop (Wed 18 Nov)

Will Anonymous do more harm than good as they take on ISIS online? We get the latest on the deadly Esperance fires... and test drive an app that makes shopping way more ethical (but maybe less fun).

Duration: 00:30:08

Big name bands pull out of Paris gigs and Tom Tilley comes good on a promise (Tues 17 Nov)

Why the big bands are cancelling European shows... and why smaller bands aren't... plus Tom Tilley dons the high vis for a special meeting with the environment minister.

Duration: 00:29:52

Paris attacks special: inside the Bataclan theatre (Mon 16 Nov)

Hack speaks to an Australian who was inside the Eagles of Death Metal gig with his 12yo son when the terrorists started shooting into the crowd.

Duration: 00:29:50

FRIDAY SHAKEUP: The war on young people!!! (Fri 13 November)

GUESTS: Steph Harmon - Junkee and Michael Cahill - Music Writer News.com.au

Duration: 00:30:04

Groovin the Moo letter leaks to Hack, Tropfest sadness, Apple store racism accusation (Thurs 12 November)

Hack has obtained a copy of a letter that details the financial strain on the Townsville leg of Groovin the Moo. How the fall of Tropfest affected our reporter Ange... and iPhone video reveals awkward situation.

Duration: 00:29:37

Turn it up!!! When the volume's not loud enough... and we talk to JETPACK MAN! (Wed 11 November)

Are outdoor gigs under threat from noise limits. Complaints about the sound at Tame Impala's gig spark debate on volume. Plus the latest on yesterday's shark attack and the Aussie who flew a jetpack around the Statue of Liberty.

Duration: 00:29:47

History being made in Myanmar, why North Korea ripped on us, should 16 year olds vote? (Tues 10 November)

House arrest, political dynasties, oppressive military rule and now victory. Aung San Suu Kyi's story has it all. Plus we'll debate whether 16 year olds should be allowed to vote and find out why North Korea has criticised us!

Duration: 00:30:17

FRIDAY SHAKEUP: scary student politics, Melb Cup Mayhem, Essena (Fri 6 November)

GUESTS: Joyride from OneDay and Claire Reilly - tech writer from CNet.

Duration: 00:29:48

Was it a bomb? The Indonesian fires... and the Godfather Part II (Thurs 5 November)

"There is a significant possibility the crash was caused by an explosive device on board the aircraft." That's the statement that has the world worried. Get the latest on the Indonesian fires and more from our chat with the god father of the selfie.

Duration: 00:29:36

Lending gambling credit to problem gamblers... and the Godfather of Selfies! (Wed 4 November)

People like Anthony are given so much gambling credit... they lose it all... and then get offered more credit. High school students do a dress rehearsal for Paris climate talks... and we meet the man who started taking selfies in 1977!

Duration: 00:29:52

MICHELLE PAYNE LIVE ON HACK... plus Essena O'Neill's social media truth bomb (Tues 3 November)

She told her detractors to 'get stuffed' then she picked up the phone to Hack. Meet Michelle Payne the first female jockey to win the Cup! Plus the story of Instafamous Essena O'Neill... has she changed your view of social media?

Duration: 00:29:43

How close would you get to a humpback whale? Plus... why Knights and Dames are history (Mon 2 November)

Discover the new place to go swimming with humpback whales! Hear a story that might make you want to ask your parents about their drinking habits. Turnbull dumps Knights and Dames... plus we survey the damage to the Hayne Plane.

Duration: 00:29:46

FRIDAY SHAKEUP: Abbott v Pocock, ASMR and the Two Child Policy! (Fri 30 October)

GUESTS: Anne Edmunds - comedian and Rod Schnieder - LNP member.

Duration: 00:29:23

We go mosque counting in regional Australia. Plus which social class are you in? (Thurs 29 October)

Why is Bendigo fighting over one mosque when a smaller city just down the road has four? We explore Muslim communities in regional Australia. Plus... what the class study says about you!

Duration: 00:29:44

Rent for less than $100/week... plus a big development on the Drake Tinder Slut Shaming case (Wed 28 October)

Find out how some people are short cutting exorbitant rents. Discover a graffiti hotspot that's not Melbourne... and find out who's facing charges after the scandal that outraged so many of you last month.

Duration: 00:29:51

Discover ASMR... is it sexual? Plus the new Chief Scientist speaks out on coal (Tues 27 October)

ASMR might be the weirdest or most wonderful thing you'll find on the internet. People get tingles from listening to whispering and random sounds... does it work on you? Plus the new Chief Scientist says he's looking forward to the end of coal.

Duration: 00:29:42

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