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HACK THE DINO is a fortnightly podcast recorded live in Greenlight Comics, Adelaide South Australia. Comics, video games and all other pop culture stuff!

HACK THE DINO is a fortnightly podcast recorded live in Greenlight Comics, Adelaide South Australia. Comics, video games and all other pop culture stuff!
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HACK THE DINO is a fortnightly podcast recorded live in Greenlight Comics, Adelaide South Australia. Comics, video games and all other pop culture stuff!






Episode 38 - New Smash Bros. Switch Characters, Everyone Scared of Red Dead and Listener Questions!

It's Episode 38 of HACK THE DINO, which means it's time for another Ben and Dan solo show! Who will be in the newly announced Super Smash Bros for the Switch? We have a few thoughts. We also give our thoughts on the big bad who is making all AAA devs get their games out before November, and answer the hard hitting questions from you!


Episode 37 - Metal Gear Survive, Smash Bros for Switch and JLA Cancelled.

Dan isn't here for Episode 37, but fear not - we have two loud screaming girls in the background to replace him - oh and Chad Habel and Lyndon Patrick Cullen (I'm serious about the girls, but it's dealt with quickly - hang in there). Ben talks with his TWO guests about Googles ambitions to enter the console market, the cancelling of some beloved DC comics and...sorry, you really have to watch the YouTube show for all that background noise to make sense.


Episode 36 - How good is Florence? Ren and Stimpy Animator and What's New With Nintendo Labo

On the very first Episode 36 of Hack The Dino, Ben and Dan are joined by artist, animator and Canadian Greg Holfeld! Find out what it takes to animate a Ren and Stimpy cartoon and hear what it is like to be a pro artist and animation King! Florence, the new game by Monument Valley's creative director Ken Wong is out, and Ben is a little bit in love with it - so much so, he may marry it. And in DAN vs THE WORLD can Dan come from behind and regain the lead, or will Greg be able to further...


Hack The DinoMore Teaser - Patreon Exclusive Show

Hey all bodies - here's a sneak peak of our Patreon EXCLUSIVE show HACK THE DINOMORE (best pun ever). In the 'off weeks' $3 Patreon subscribers get access to another bite sized show where Ben covers things that have gone on in that past week. Please consider supporting us so we can keep the light on at: Patreon.com/HackTheDino and on YouTube at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLYhLhugBJJjMwOA1f23wkw (Yes, we need more subscribers before we can get our own URL)


Episode 35 - Artist of The Phantom Comic, What is EA Doing and Nintendo - WOAH!

It's time for Episode 35, which means it's time for artist of the new Phantom comic AND Wonder Woman - Paul Bulman. Along with Ben and Dan, the three talk EA and their continued mind boggling business antics, Bendis' role at DC comics and those new Ninja Turtles. Be sure to review, and to catch HACK THE DINO TV over on youTube. And please visit Patreon.com/HackTheDino and help keep our lights on.


Episode 34 - Nintendo Labo Thoughts, Trade Paperbacks vs Floppies and THE BEN SHOW!

Our first guest is a man who declared last time he was on (a year to the week)that the Switch would suck and fail with no third party support - with Dan agreeing. What does he have to say now that he is the owner of a Switch? Plus, Dan gives us the numbers showing that single issue comics are on the way out, and the first round of DAN VS THE WORLD kicks of with a bang!


Episode 33 - Games to Watch in 2018, Create Your Own Comics, VR Games Thoughts

Ben and Dan go SOLO in the first episode of 2018! The duo let you know what games you should keep an eye on in 2018, talk about more Marvel controversies and play a one sided DAN vs THE WORLD as a warm up for Dan's trophy defence this year!


Episode 32 - Loot Boxes are Needed, Best/Worst Video Game Movies, New Writers for Spider-Man

MERRY X-MEN! The last show of 2017 brings author, ring announcer and journalist Sean Fewster to the desk to talk video game movies that are so bad they are good, the necessary evil of loot boxes AND the FINAL DAN VS THE WORLD for the year! Can Dan walk away with the literal trophy or can Sean pull it together and grab the gold for the world?


Episode 31 - The Game Awards, DOOM VFR, Doki Doki Thoughts and the State of the Comic Con Circuit

Straight out from watching The Game Awards, Ben and Dan are joined by pro tattooist and comic book creator Paul Briske and talk about the state of the Comic Convention Circuit, the winners and announcements from The Game Awards and give thoughts on DOOM VFR and Doki Doki Literature Club. And then, with only one episode to go be fore the trophy is presented can Dan pull ahead of THE WORLD in the video game jukebox quiz, logically called DAN vs THE WORLD!


Episode 30 - Star Wars Battlefront 2 Controversy and Thoughts of a Comic Book Editor and Artist

Editor Shaun Keenan and artist/male model Mark Lautheirinereeereemenre join Ben and Dan for their first year anniversary of HACK THE DINO! They discuss all the hilariousness of EA and their disaster of a PR exercise with Star Wars Battle Front 2, Shaun makes an announcement and Dan makes his push for the fabled trophy in DAN vs THE WORLD!


Episode 29 - PAX Australia Thoughts, Bendis Leaves Marvel and is Marvel in DEEP TROUBLE?

The Greenlight Comic Collection is now complete, as the final partner of the comic store, 'Suave' Mark Selan joins Ben and Dan (finally). With Dan running late, Mark and Ben talk video game news, Dan arrives and gives us his thoughts on PAX, and the three talk about this whole Marvel/Bendis thing. All that, and can a person who hasn't played video games in 20 years beat dan in DAN VS THE WORLD?


Episode 28 - Mario Odyssey a 10, Retro Gaming Community and Pre-Ordering Comic Bundles

Dan is away at PAX Australia so Ben cons the mythical Ross to co-host the show with him. Will Brennan (he sure will)joins the two and talks Retrospekt.com.au, argues about what constitutes a 10/10 game and has a very impressive showing in the HIT video game musical quiz DAN VS THE WORLD!


Episode 27 - PUBG Hits a Record, Indie Speed Runner and Kids Comic Recommendations

Indie game developer Carmine Fantarela chats with Dan and Ben about his soon-to-be-launched game ICEBOX SPEED GUNNER. He also gets some comic book recommendations from our two hosts, we continue our Kojima watch and Ben gets way too excited about Dino Riders.


Episode 26 - Yakuza Kiwami Thoughts, Minecraft2, Destiny 2 vs Overwatch and LENTICULAR COVERS!

Chad Habel, Mr Game Truck himself is back to talk all things current in gaming - well, not all things. That was just to give you a hook as to what we are talking about. Ben is excited for the SNES Mini, Dan is excited about Yakuza Kiwami and Chad gives us his thoughts on what Minecraft 2 could be. All that and a very special Super Nintendo edition of DAN vs THE WORLD in the Video Game Jukebox Challenge.


Episode 24 - Are Comics in a Crisis? Nindies and Making Your Own RPG?

Dr Mike 2000 makes his triumphant return to the guest chair! Is the comic book industry in crisis? Listen to three white guys talk about it from a comic book store. Ben and Dan also chat about the latest Nintendo Switch Nindies showcase and can Dan pull ahead in the video game music quiz DAN vs THE WORLD!


Episode 23 - A Broke Batman? VR Surgery, Sonic's Return and a Slooowwww News Week

Wrestle Rampage Commissioner, screen printer and all round talky-guy Tom Chocolate joins Ben and Dan to talk about anything to cover up the fact that it has been a slow fortnight for game and comic news. PS4 System upgrade notes, delayed XBox adapters and the return of the Nintendo 'World' Championships fill the void until it is time to once again play DAV VS THE WORD in the Video Game Jukebox!


Episode 22 - Splatoon 2 Reaction, Cool Upcoming Indie Games, and Marvel - What the?

Dan and Ben are joined this week by artist and creator Jake Holmes (no relation to Sherlock). They ramble on about the lack of video game news, look at some cool upcoming indie games - OH ! Dan said he may get a Switch. You heard it, he can't take it back. We look at if comics really are in trouble, and Dan tries to step up in the musical quiz DAN VS THE WORLD!


Episode 21 - Nintendo 64 Mini Confirmed? Atari's new console and What is Loki Doing with that Cape?

Episode 21 of HACK THE DINO sees Paul Monopoli of Retrospekt.com.au joining Ben and Dan to chat retro video games, He-Man comics, weird dog/human hybrids for kids and AVCon. Ben thinks he has uncovered evidence of a Nintendo 64 Mini production, what the hell is Atari up to with their new console and Loki has a new job in the aftermath of Secret Empire. Can The World claim back the lead on Dan with the help of Pau in the Video Game Jukebox quiz? Find out by listening NOW!


Episode 20 - How much for a SNES Mini...really, Pro-Wrestler knowledge and Overwatch Comics coming.

The 'Human Bullet' Link Barnett - professional wrestler and fanboy joins Ben and Dan this episode. They find out about the wrestling scene in Australia, discuss the SNES mini and Link takes on Dan head in DAN vs THE WORLD in the Video Game Jukebox - and holds his own.


Episode 19 - E3 Recap (E3cap), X Box One X in trouble already and Questioning video game attire

Miranda Richardson, writer of HAIL (as well as some times inker and things) joins Dan and Ben as they Hack the Dino this week. Ben gives us a brief E3 recap (E3cap), the three discuss questionable video game attire and Dan attempts to boost his lead in the video game jukebox quiz we are legally obliged to call DAN VS THE WORLD!


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