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What Does Spending Enough On #cybersecurity Look Like With Rob Arnold Of @threatsketch

You cant go a day without hearing about some sort of breach. And companies all over are feeling the pressure to do ore in cybersecurity. But how much is enough and how do you quantify the unpredictable? Rob Arnold of ThreatSketch joins the conversation and gives some insight with his new book: Cybersecurity: A Business Solution https://threatsketch.com/book/

Duration: 00:49:46

The #cybersecurity hiring gap may be self imposed with @mpmorris36 of @topcoder

There is a hiring gap in cybersecurity. And not a day goes by that someone says "if you want a job in cybersecurity you can have one". But, is that really the case? With an army of experts all over the world, why is it so hard to fill the gap? Could it be because people are looking for the wrong results? Mike Morris of TopCoder.com joins the conversation.

Duration: 00:51:00

Threat hunting and #Krack with @gerritzc of @InfocyteInc

Krack highlights a few scary possibilities. And if we don't act fast we may be waiting a long time for manufactures to come up with solutions. But just how are we finding these vulnerabilities? Chris Gerritz of Infocyte joins the conversation on threat hunting.

Duration: 00:39:45

#Krack! And DK From @bitdefender

krack has hit the streets big time and I'm not talking about the narcotic. But this is just the beginning, soon it will be weaponized and then we will have real issues. Patch now and don't wait.

Duration: 00:46:19

A Community of Police with Chief Summers

Wrapping up the last of the local elections interviews. One of the hot topics during the election was what resources the New Bern Police Department did and did not have. Chief of police Toussaint E Summers Jr. joins the conversation.

Duration: 01:01:12

Why we're paying so much for #cybersecurity & still failing w/ David Willson #iamahacker

Billions are spent on cybersecurity each year. And that number is only expected to go up. But is measuring it that way the problem or the symptom. Cybersecurity attorney David Willson Joins the conversation. https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidlwillson/

Duration: 00:48:14

A Historic Motivation With Bernard White For Ward 5

History has a funny way of motivating you. When we look back on things we've always wanted its often the one with the strongest motivating factors that push us forward. Bernard White, joins the conversation on his run for ward 5

Duration: 01:00:22

Challenging Political Diversity With Kandi Midgette Ward For Ward 4

Politics can be challenging for anyone and as the elections in New Bern come to a close there are only a few issues that up coming aldermen may face that aren't political in nature. Kandi Midgette-Ward joins the conversation as she runs for ward 4 in New Bern.

Duration: 00:41:47

Whats Burning In New Bern With Bobby Aster For Ward 3

Thinks are heating up in New Bern and its not just the election. Bobby Aster for Ward 3 joins the conversation to talk about the fire department staffing in the City.

Duration: 01:03:26

Real People Serving Real People With Jameesha Harris

There is some confusion about what it means to be a politician. But people like Jameesha Harris wants to get things back on track to make it better understood what being a public servant looks like.

Duration: 00:47:40

Shout It Out With Anne Schout For Ward 1

People that choose to serve come in all shapes and sizes. Like a retired chemist with a passion. Anne Schout joins the conversation on her run for ward 1.

Duration: 00:45:41

Stuck in the middle with you & Sabrina Bengel #votenerbern

Its Monday and we have a lot going on in this country today. But we can't let it stop us from moving forward. Local elections are in full swing but do you really know whos involved and why? Sabrina Bengel joins the conversation as she runs for ward 1

Duration: 00:56:12

The truth about political audacity With Tony Bonnici #vote

The elections season is in full swing in New Bern. And old rivalries are coming out. But some of the candidates want you to really understand the facts and stats surrounding the area. Tony Bonnici running for Ward 1 Joins the conversation.

Duration: 00:51:04

The truth about political audacity With Tony Bonnici #vote

The elections season is in full swing in New Bern. But some of the candidates want you to really understand the facts and stats surrounding the area. Tony Bonnici running for Ward 1 Joins the conversation.

Duration: 00:51:04

History In The Making? With With Dallas Balkinston #vote

Everyone in politics has their own agenda. But its really up to us to determine if that agenda lines up with our views. Alderman Dallas Blackinston joins the conversation about New Bern and its history.

Duration: 00:39:57

Catching some air with Ernie Williams #vote

Ernie is a 57 year resident of New Bern and his idea to revitalize the city are out of the box. Chopping it up at the Country Biscuit and learning new things. Ernie Williams Candidate for mayor joins the conversation.

Duration: 00:53:43

Cold Biscuit! With Dana Outlaw #vote!

Politics are heating up locally as we elect local officials to govern our cities and towns. These people have a direct impact on what is happening on your front doorstep. So getting to know them is the only way you can be educated in your vote. Joining the conversation is the artist formerly of Cold Biscuit! Mayor Dana Outlaw. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9kKcTRMxZR0

Duration: 01:10:16

The responsibility of #hackers and disclosures with Bob from @bitdefender

In the wake of the equifax hack many are wondering how it could have gotten this bad. But something that hackers all over with good intentions keep getting hit with road blocks and legal notices. Senior eThreat Analyst Bogdan "Bob" Botezatu of Bitdefender Joins the conversation.

Duration: 00:46:55

Real people make real Change, suing @Equifax, voting and you!

There is a lot of negative to focus on in the world. And we can either complain about it or make something happen that is useful. Join the conversation and take some action.

Duration: 00:56:25

Inside The City Government With Jeffrey Odham

The New Bern City Government isnt like many city governments, its pretty accessible and some of the elected folks have great ideas. Jeffery Odham, currently of Ward 6 Joins the conversation and gives us a bit of insight.

Duration: 00:54:52

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