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This is a new podcast designed for organizers of TEDx events around the world. We're launching on 4/13 and only featuring Itunes, TuneIn, Stitcher and Soundcloud on the site

This is a new podcast designed for organizers of TEDx events around the world. We're launching on 4/13 and only featuring Itunes, TuneIn, Stitcher and Soundcloud on the site
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This is a new podcast designed for organizers of TEDx events around the world. We're launching on 4/13 and only featuring Itunes, TuneIn, Stitcher and Soundcloud on the site




TEDx Sydney Fenella Kernebone Head of Curation

Fenella Kernebone is the Head of Curation for TEDxSydney, responsible for leading the programming for what has become one of the most significant TEDx events in the world. She also curates the youth program, TEDxYouth@Sydney and TEDxSydney Salons. Fenella manages a team of over 20 curators and producers dedicated to spreading great ideas and strong stories in fields including science, technology, arts, business, and design. Fenella is also a noted television and radio presenter and producer,...


TEDxLahore – Syed Irteza Ubaid – Organizer

Syed Irteza Ubaid is the Organizer of TEDxLahore, the TEDx Ambassador for Pakistan and a TEDx Translator. That's a lot of TED. He has been involved with at least 18 TEDx events and has one of those personalities that we see so often when we talk to Organizers, passionate, curious, interested and helpful. TEDxLahore is the oldest TEDx in the city of 15 million people. If you search for Lahore on the TEDx event page, you'll see there have been over 90 events in the city. Lahore is a major...


TEDxVienna - Réka Artner - Co-Organizer

Réka Artner and her team of 70 have been producing TEDxVienna for several years now. She joined the team after attending TEDxVieannaLive in 2012. It's one of the TEDx events that other organizers would love to visit. Set in some of the cities most amazing historical venues, this TEDx also features Adventures (see video) and workshops. TEDxVienna has been around since 2010 and has produced 23 events, including Salons and Live simulcasts. Réka has an infectious laugh, and her first job was...


TEDxRosario - Javier Yunes - Organizer

Javier Yunes, whom I met at TEDFest last year, is the organizer for TEDxRosario in Argentina. His town has over 1 million citizens, and thousands of them come to their event each year. He’s most excited about a recent Organizers’ workshop he attended in Bariloche and told us the story of his first workshop in 2010 on a floating hotel in Amazonia. Javier tells a great story about a big surprise at his most recent event. TEDXRosario 2017 was held outside, and a sudden rainstorm forced the...


TEDxLagunaBlancaSchool - Kiki Tolles - Student Executive Producer

Kiki Tolles is the Student Executive Producer for TEDxLagunaBlancaYouth, an event held here in Santa Barbara, California, home of the Hacking the Red Circle podcast. Kiki is a member of a TEDx production class this semester, led by Anna Alldredge, their faculty advisor. Kiki has the type of passion and energy that we've come to expect from other organizers and more pronounced in Youth event teams. She was first introduced to TED Talks by her teachers, and when the opportunity to produce an...


TEDxYaba Emmanueal Adegboye Organizer

Emmanuel Adegboye is the organizer of TEDxYaba, which is a community located in Lagos, Nigeria. He has a long relationship with TEDx, going back to 2014 as co-organizer of TEDxIfe. He is also the TEDx Ambassador for West Africa, and once you get to know him, you'll understand why he was singled out to represent this vital part of the world for TEDx. He's been on the team of five TEDx events in Lagos and in 2017 took the lead as the sole organizer and leader. Yaba, located in the center of...


TEDxChristchurch Kaila Colbin Co-Organizer

Kaila Colbin is the Curator of TEDxChristchurch (New Zealand) and TEDxScottBase. She's also the founder of Missing Link and the New Zealand Ambassador for Singularity University, a co-founder and Chair of the non-profit Ministry of Awesome, and a force of nature. I learned a lot about Christchurch during our conversation and how she came to NZ in the first place. In 2009 she did a talk at TEDxAuckland and was hooked. She'd set a goal to speak at TEDx and achieved it. She also set a goal to...


TEDxSantaBarbara - Mark Sylvester and Kymberlee Weil

Mark Sylvester and Kymberlee Weil have been bringing TEDx to Santa Barbara since 2010. They started with TEDxAmericanRiviera on 10/10/10, produced it again in 2011 then again in 2012. After a couple of years off, they produced two TEDxLive events, rebranded the local event as TEDxSantaBarbara and relaunched in 2016. Mark and Kymberlee have a great story about how they met and created a project that debuted at TED2003, which led to a software company that is still Mark's day job, in...


TEDxTysons - Stacy Bradford - Co-Founder - Executive Producer

Stacy Bradford is one of three co-founders of TEDxTysons. Their event is just 20 minutes from Washington DC and is in the middle of a tech corridor she calls the Tech Petting Zoo. Their most recent event in June 2017 called [i]mpact featured speakers who represented organizations who each are making an impact on the community and the world. She first encountered TED Talks at a sales training course, listening to Simon Sinek's, How great leaders inspire action. As the Executive Producer,...


TEDxPorto Norberto Amaral

Norberto Amaral is the organizer of TEDxPorto, located in Portugal and formally known as Oporto. It's a long story. Norberto tells us about how they were not able to get into the venue until midnight the night before the event started, on March 31, 2017. The production crew worked all night and the opened for 1,100 people the next morning on April 1st. No fooling. They do something that we've not heard in all the shows before, which is to have a stand-up comedian do a seven-minute wrap up...


TEDxOshkosh - Bethany Lerch - Speaker

Bethany Lerch is a former Fulbright and Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar and was a speaker on the 2016 TEDxOshkosh stage. She spoke about avoiding the pitfalls of taking the wrong approach to international aid using examples from her time in Afghanistan. She then served as a military advisor in Kabul, Afghanistan from February 2015 until June 2016 and while there received a note from TEDxOshkosh inviting her to tell her story, just five months later. She made a list of the four things should...


TEDxWanchai - Shelly Govila - Co-curator

Shelly Govila is one of those super-energetic, passionate TEDsters you’d just love to have on your team. Her team at TEDxWanChai loves her energy as well. She’s very involved in the region, having traveled to TEDxSingapore, TEDxShanghai, and TEDxWeekend (for Organizers). You’ll love getting to know Shelly and will discover new ideas you will want to put to use on your show. Originally from India, she moved to Hong Kong and first was involved in a University TEDx. In 2014 she ran marketing...


TEDxIntuit Kara DeFrias Organizer

Kara DeFrias is a force of nature. She's been involved with TEDx since 2010, having worked at TEDxSanDiego and produced TEDxIntuit. She has many years experience producing big events, including the Oscars, the Emmys, and the Halftime show at the Superbowl, working with Sting, No Doubt, and Shania Twain. Wow. She brings that level of experience to everything she does including recently being the Director of Experience Design in the Obama White House. From 2010-2016 she worked on TEDx...


TEDXNaperville - Arthur Zards - Organizer

Arthur Zards is the organizer of TEDxNaperville and has been innovating with his team since 2009. He watched TED DVDs he'd borrow from friends who attended in Monterey. Since then, he's done two TED talks, been to 20 events, and last year hosted an Adventure with 350 of his 750 attendees participating. Arthur loves sharing. He is just back from TEDGlobal and asked to take some Hacking The Red Circle flyers with him to encourage other organizers to join us. Thanks. His Engagement Project...


TEDxKC Mike Lundgren Organizer

Mike Lundgren is a nine-year veteran of TEDxKC (Kansas City), having produced almost 40 events. His 2017 event sold out in four minutes. They enjoy one of the most spectacular venues for a TEDx, the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts. They entertain and inspire 3,000 people and have over 30 different activities for attendees at the massive afterparty. Mike says they have amassed over 900 volunteers, with 70 who are super active on any given event. They have an intense focus on the...


TEDxSydney Remo Giuffre Organizer

Remo Giuffre, the original licensee of TEDxSydney, has the envious position of curating one of the most widely respected TEDx events in the world. TEDx organizers who've been on the show in the past say it's the single event they'd love to attend. Remo was at one of the original TED events in Kobe, Japan and is celebrating his 25th year as a TEDster. In 2010 he produced one of the first TEDx events and has since gone on to create an extremely high-end event with state of the art production...


TEDxMidAtlantic Craig Fifer Green Room Manager

Craig Fifer has a great job. He runs the team that manages the Green Room at TEDxMidAtlantic. Now, you're thinking, how hard can that be? Well, he's three floors away from the stage, has to make sure 49 people make it to the stage, on time, and needs a team of volunteers to help. He loves it so much; he's going into his sixth year on the team. I met Craig at TEDfest and was amazed when he told me what he did at TEDxMidAtlantic. I'd heard how amazing the event was and here was a chance to...


TEDxCanberra - Gavin Blake - TEDx Graphic Designer

Gavin Blake is a visual scribe, a graphic illustrator, and a significant value-add to over 50 TEDx events around the world. His ability to synthesize a talk, in real time, and convert the ideas into an image is impressive. He's been doing this work for 17 years when he started scribing floor-to-ceiling whiteboards at Ernst and Young. We were introduced to Gavin by the lovely folks at TEDxCanberra and soon learned he's recently worked with TEDxSydney, and if you follow him on Twitter, you...


TEDxJNJ Penelope Misquitta Organizer

For the last 18 months, Penelope Misquitta has been the Organizer and Curator of the internal TEDx events at Johnson & Johnson. TEDxJNJ is a part of the Ambassador Leadership program inside HR in the company. This program was originally started by Steve Garguilo, who has been on this podcast Penelope is the epitome of a TEDx organizer. She's passionate about ideas, has an endless source of energy and is ever-present on the TEDx Organizers Facebook group, encouraging and offering help. She...


TEDxMidAtlantic - David Troy - Organizer

David Troy has been producing TEDxMidAtlantic with his co-organizer Nate Mook since 2009. That's eight years of experience which is evident in this episode. David said that working on TEDx adds a lot of value to his life. His talk on TED.com has been seen over 1.3M times. He's been asked to speak globally, including a talk at TEDxIstanbul. As a host, he loves working with the speakers and helps curate with Nate, and together they craft an event that he likens to a concept album, with a...


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