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Ahsan Hanif – The History of the Rohingya Crisis

Shaykh Ahsan Hanif discusses the ongoing crisis of the Rohingya people in Myanmar or Burma. May Allah free these people from oppression and bring justice to them! Ameen! Please do what you can for them and all those suffering.

Duration: 00:25:14

Nouman Ali Khan – Light Up Your Heart

Often in the Quran Allah teaches us profound lessons through beautiful parables. In this khutbah, Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan digs deep into two such analogies in Surah An-Nur by contrasting light with darkness. He begins by explaining the many meanings of the word light (nur) when it is used in the Quran: light sometimes refers to Allah, to guidance or to the Quran itself. Like a lamp in a niche inside a house, the light of faith and sincerity to Allah not only lives inside our hearts but also...

Duration: 00:28:56

Abdur-Rahman ibn Yusuf – Virtues of Ashura: 10th of Muharram

Shaykh Abdur Rahman covers the virtues of fasting on Ashura and the many virtues which have been allocated for this month. He also speaks on the common trend which has been growing in the last few years of celebrating the new year and misconceptions of actions to be performed on the day of Ashura.

Duration: 00:24:01

Faraz Rabbani – Planning For Success: Steps To Raising Righteous Muslim Children

Shaykh Faraz Rabbani discusses the importance of planning and careful consideration when raising children.

Duration: 00:40:13

Zahir Mahmood – Imaan (Belief)

Lecture by Shaikh Zahir Mahmood of U.K, delivered in the island of St. Lucia W.I. on 22nd December 2013

Duration: 00:55:53

Bilal Philips – Understanding Istikhara

What does it mean when someone says "pray Istikhara"? What is Istikhara prayer? What does one have to do in order to make it work? Dr. Bilal Philips explains.

Duration: 00:35:39

Abu Layth al-Maliki – Age of Aisha (ra)

Mufti Abu Layth Al-Maliki adresses the controversial topic of the 'Age of Aisha when the Prophet (saw) married her'.

Duration: 02:09:28

Zaid Shakir – Abraham: The Leader

Imam Zaid Shakir examines the example of our great patriarch Abraham focusing on what it means to be a leader and a moral exemplar. This was the Eid al Adha 2017 khutbah.

Duration: 00:29:50

Ingrid Mattson – Living the Ten Commandments with Purpose

Dr. Ingrid Mattson delivers this speech entitled, "Living the Ten Commandments with Purpose" during the RIS 2010 convention in Canada.

Duration: 00:32:50

Nouman Ali Khan – The Strategy of Satan

Is Satan real or simply a myth? Do Muslims fear him? How powerful is he? We will explore here the Islamic view of Satan, his approach, and how we are encouraged to protect themselves from his influence.

Duration: 00:47:04

Omar Suleiman – Your Actions, Your Salvation

Everyone will be responsible for their own actions. Shaykh Omar gives a khutbah about this.

Duration: 00:32:39

Yasmin Mogahed – Take Your Heart Back!

Celebrities, influential people and the fantasies that they create have always shaped the world views of civilizations. However, idols of the present time tend to be more influential due to their visibility compared to those of the past. Idols of the present time will be compared to those of the past in an effort to critically evaluate their influence to capture the hearts of society and hence their true worthiness of the status of “idol”.

Duration: 00:21:46

Yusuf Estes – What is the Future of the Muslims?

Shaykh Yusuf Estes discusses in this khutbah the future of Muslims

Duration: 00:47:47

Abu Abdissalam – Pearls of Wisdom

Shaykh Abu Abdissalam discusses the life of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, and the tests he faced.

Duration: 00:47:22

Saad Tasleem – Addiction, Stress and Life’s Challenges

These conditions are major causes of depression and decline of families and society. But what are the approaches to prevention and treatment for addiction and stress. Medicine, ailments, exercise and counselling all have a place, however, the root cause may often be ignored. The causes and treatment of addiction and stress are considered in the context of “What’s your goal?”

Duration: 00:30:34

Hamza Andreas Tzortzis – Reflecting on Death

“Every soul shall taste death.” Qur’an 29:57. "Wheresoever you may be, death will overtake you even if you are in fortresses built up strong and high!" Qur’an 4:78. Death is the reality from which none can escape. It draws nearer every day; every hour; every minute. According to the CIA’s The World Factbook 2007, almost two people die each second. Death is not a disaster, but simply a passing from this world onto the next. It should make us reflect and ponder about the purpose of life, and...

Duration: 00:33:30

Dalia Mogahed – “Get Up! Stand for your rights!”

Sister Dalia inspires us to be strong in the face of trials.

Duration: 00:30:04

Yusha Evans – Purification of the Soul

Allah says: "By the Soul and Him who perfected it, Then he inspired it to understand what is right and wrong for it; He will indeed be successful who purifies it, And he will indeed fail who corrupts it." (Al-Quran 91:7-10) Yusha Evans at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, 17th December 2012. Hosted by SOAS Islamic Society.

Duration: 01:00:08

Mokhtar Maghraoui – Reflecting on the Names of God

We want to “know” God, but as finite beings we are veiled from His Sublime Essence by His Attributes, which are in themselves beyond the capacity of human understanding. We do however everyday witness and experience His Actions in the created world. How can we open our eyes to this reality to make us closer to Him? Beyond describing some of His Attributes on an intellectual level, can we as servants of God ever taste their meanings with our heart?

Duration: 00:51:06

Ismail ibn Musa Menk – Qur’an: Gems and Miracles

Mufti Ismail Menk discusses gems and miracles of the Qur'an.

Duration: 01:17:27

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