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Episode 026 - Gun Hysteria and Our Response to Knee-Jerk Reactions

In this episode, the Dynamically Drunken Duo lay aside the topic they were originally going to record (an Oxford-style debate on socialism in professional sports) in favor of addressing gun hysteria in the wake of the Florida high school shooting. Brett tosses aside many gun myths with well-researched facts, and Rob debunks politicians' and the media's definition of an assault weapon with the true meaning of the term. Sit back, relax, have a drink if you can, and listen to Brett and Rob...


Episode 025 - Liquor and Liberty - In Defense of the Whisky Rebellion

Holy Cow! The Dynamically Drunken Duo have stumbled into their 25th episode. Who knew that they had enough brain cells left to do so? They sure didn't think they did. In honor of their 25th episode, Brett and Rob celebrate by drinking a whole bunch of whisky and discuss an episode in American history that is wrongly taught today: The Whisky Rebellion of 1794. They discuss how the rebellion was actually a wide-spread success for the nullification of unconstitutional laws, and how once the...


Episode 024 - More Liberty Definitions

In this episode, the Dynamically Drunken Duo continue the theme of Liberty Definitions that they started in Episode 014. They attempt to define the following lesser-known liberty-movement terms: So sit back, relax, have a drink if you are able, and listen to Brett and Rob define some terms from the liberty movement that you may or may not have heard before. This Episode's Drink of Choice: Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey


Episode 022 - Dammit, Oregon, Knock It Off!

As promised, this is the Episode that Brett and Rob recorded near the end of September 2017 before the show had to take an unexpected hiatus. In this local episode of Half-Hour Liberty Hour, the Dynamically Drunken Duo tackle a couple of new laws passed by the Oregon legislature recently. They also poke fun at the Oregon Government Waste Hotline, which not surprisingly, wastes money. Sit back, relax, have a drink if you can, and listen as Brett and Rob rant about the stupidity of the...


Episode 023 - Why Downsizing Can Be A Good Thing

The Dynamically Drunken Duo are back with the first episode of 2018, and it's the first time they've been together to record since late September. Why such a long time between new episodes? The guys explain it all for you. Rob hogs the microphone most of the time, as the most number of things have happened to him in those days, but Brett puts in his two cents worth, as he is always the yang to Rob's yin. Sit back, relax, have a drink if you are able, and listen to the guys wax...


Episode 021 - Infighting Within The Liberty Movement

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL! It's been a while since we have heard from the Dynamically Drunken duo (close to two months...c'mon guys!). It has been a very challenging two months in the personal lives of the guys. Brett has been dealing with stress-related health problems that have caused him to quit his part-time job and Rob has recently been informed that he will be downsized from his full-time job early in the new year. These two factors combined has drastically slowed the production of...


Episode 020 - The Fallacies of the Global Basic Income Guarantee

After a long protracted illness on Brett's part, the Dynamically Drunken Duo are back to tackle the Global Basic Income Guarantee (aka GBIG). Nothing says elitist socialist plot like "free money". Somebody's gotta pay for it, and it's gonna be you. Sit tight, as we are releasing our longest episode to date (OK...so the guys couldn't determine what they wanted to edit out). This Episode's Drink of Choice: Eagle Rare Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey


Bonus Episodelet 010 - The Missing Objections From The Right

Hey Everyone! It's been a trying past couple of weeks as Rob was sick (run-down from all his jobs) and after he was better, Brett became sick (also run-down from all his jobs). To keep your liberty-mindedness sharp, here are the two additional objections from the Right that were cut for time from Episode 017 - Common Objections From The Right. Obviously, the two and the others from that episode are not the only objections from the Right, but they are ones that we commonly hear from folks...


Episode 019 - Can I Be A Libertarian And...? #3

In this episode, Brett and Rob have a third discussion of questions they have been asked in the past by people who are curious about libertarianism. They get liquored up and try to answer the following: Due to the whisky being consumed, Rob goes on two mini rants and Brett promises a topic for a future episode. Have a drink and listen to the Dynamically Drunken Duo answer these questions. This Episode's Drink of Choice: McClelland's Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky A special mention to...


Bonus Episodelet 009 - What Happens In Europe Won't Stay In Europe

In their first (real) purposeful bonus episodelet, Brett and Rob discuss and respond to the recent terror attacks in Europe. They explain how both the left and right want to violate the NAP and bring a whole host of the same type of economic migrants that are causing trouble in Europe to the United States. They have their own reasons for doing such, and the guys discuss these reasons. Nothing good can come out of it.


Episode 018 - Two Cows & Pure Democracy

It's been a while since Brett and Rob dusted off the ol' Two Cows joke, so here's another discussion using the joke. In this alcohol-fueled episode, the Dynamically Drunken Duo revisit it, but they focus on the mythical wonderfulness of Pure Democracy. Listen as Brett and Rob smack around Pure Democracy and unmask it for what it truly is (hint: it is very close to another form of governance that rhymes with "Bocialism"). This Episode's Drink of Choice: Monkey Shoulder Blended Malt Scotch...


Bonus Episodelet 008 - What Was Once New Is New Again

In this Bonus Episodelet, trimmed for content from Episode 014 - Liberty Definitions, Brett and Rob got sidetracked when talking about negative vs. positive rights. Rob reads from FDR's Second Bill of Rights, a progressive statist dream he launched in 1944, that has had yet another rebirth in the past couple of years. Brett and Rob talk about how terrible these "rights" are and how what was once new is new again. It's a good thing that the Auchentoshan is flowing...


Episode 017 - Common Objections From The Right

Sorry for the delay in uploading this episode, but Brett and Rob, as they explained in Episode 016 - Why We're Different, are working stiffs, and work and life got in the way of getting this episode out on schedule. Rob is working to get the other two recorded episodes edited and ready for release, as well as a few more bonus episodelets. In this alcohol-fueled episode, Brett and Rob, in the spirit of Episode 007 - Common Objections from the Left, are back and slaying common objections...


Episode 016 - Why We're Different

This is a very different episode from what the listeners of Half-Hour Liberty Hour are accustomed to. This is partially why it is being released on Sunday instead of the usual Friday release schedule. In this episode, Brett and Rob lay aside most of the philosophical discussions of liberty and focus on what it is that makes Half-Hour Liberty Hour different. In a world full of liberty podcasts, you have many choices. So what is it that makes Half-Hour Liberty Hour different from those other...


Episode 015 - Go Home, Oregon Legislature. You're Drunk.

Rob is back from vacation, so the Dynamically Drunken Duo were able to record a new episode. Today, Brett and Rob discuss the $3.8 billion boondoggle of a tax plan the Oregon Legislature has passed in order to "fund" repairs to the Oregon highway system. They talk about the new taxes that are being levied (including a first-ever partial sales tax against the will of the people), tolling of the bridges and the Interstates in Portland, and how the Legislature will probably stay true to form...


Bonus Episodelet 007 - Executive Action = Less Liberty For You

This bonus episodelet is a bit that was cut for time and subject matter from Episode 013 - Who Would Our Presidential Cabinet Be? In it, Brett and Rob talk about executive actions and other overreach by executive-branch created government agencies with the implication that their actions add up to less liberty for all. It did not fit with the flow of that episode, but it gives insight into why the Dynamically Drunken Duo chose to only have the original five Cabinet positions if they were...


Episode 014 - Liberty Definitions

In this alcohol-fueled episode, Brett and Rob define and explain a number of terms that they and other liberty-loving people throw around that the average person may not understand. They drink quite a bit and have some fun covering: This Episode's Drink of Choice: Auchentoshan Single Malt Scotch Whisky - American Oak


Episode 013 - Who Would Our Presidential Cabinet Be?

In this fun episode, Brett and Rob get liquored up while daydreaming about who they would have for a presidential Cabinet if they were ever elected (ha!) to the Presidency. They decided to pare down the Cabinet to the original five positions. Brett professes his love for his wife, while Rob professes that Hunter McGrady has an open invitation to be his First Lady. Here is what the Dynamically Drunken Duo have for members of their Cabinet: Ron PaulBob MurphyRand PaulGeneral James MattisJoe...


Episode 012 - What Is Wrong With The Libertarian Party?

Hey Everyone! We're back! After two weeks of conflicting schedules, Brett and Rob are back at what they do best, drinking and talking about political philosophy. In this alcohol-fueled episode, the Dynamically Drunken Duo lay into issues they see with the Libertarian Party. Choosing candidates based upon name recognition instead of principles Poor messagingNerds running the showFreaks on the newsDon't take elections seriously enoughParty officials say stupid things publicly If you would...


No Episode This Week

Hello to all our listeners! Brett and Rob truly apologize, but they were unable to make their schedules coincide to be able to record an episode for this week. They're just a couple of guys whose real lives got in the way of their fun. In its stead, Rob slapped together a faux announcement to a crowd explaining why there is no new episode this week. Brett and Rob thought it would be more polite to inform you that there is no new episode this week than to let you wonder if they've...


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