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Thought provoking conversations filled with perspectives, ideas, and insights that allow us to perform at the level that will allow us to win the game. It's easy to get off track or allow other peoples objects to dominate our own. Halftime talk is the voice of personal accountability that will keep us centered.




HTT 103 – Enjoy It Now While It’s Here -

HTT 103 - Enjoy It Now While It's Here Some day in the future we will inevitably look back at this season fondly for all it has provided. How often do we fondly look at our present? Knowing this will be a season we appreciate, can we appreciate it right now? Can we reach into our and savor the best it offers? We use the goal as the reason to enjoy it but all the great memories are what happens along the way. Be present to the magic of today. In this episode we look into exploring ways to...

Duration: 00:11:31

HTT 102 – Exponential Thinking -

HTT 102 - Exponential Thinking In this episode we dive into the idea of exponential thinking. Success in the 21st century will be a function of being capable of solving scaleable challenges. Utilizing exponential systems and thinking practices will aide in the process.

Duration: 00:11:59

HTT 101 – Checking In On This Years Goals -

In this episode we challenge you to take a look at your progress in the goals you've establish to accomplish this year. With a bit of energy, we remove the dust from a lack of attention to drive them forward. Enjoy.

Duration: 00:12:01

HTT 100 – Celebration Episode 100 w/Audience Impressions -

Celebrate Halftime Talks reaching the milestone of 100 episode. In this episode we listen to you the audience and reflect on the journey to the present and clearly articulate the mission moving forward.

Duration: 00:26:37

HTT099 – The Power of Rest and Recovery -

Do you have an active long term strategy on Rest and Recovery? Are you tactically burning the candle at both ends hoping to make it through a crisis in one piece. Rest and Recovery are as important as nutrition and fitness. The post HTT099 – The Power of Rest and Recovery appeared first on Rahim Rasul.

Duration: 00:17:11

HTT 097 – Thank You Mentality -

The post HTT 097 – Thank You Mentality appeared first on Rahim Rasul.

Duration: 00:13:04

HTT 096 – Leadership -

Are you a SOLDIER (hired gun) or a GENERAL (leader)? This is an essential question to ask ourselves as we begin to rise up the ranks in our lives and careers. As we begin to examine the differences between skill proficient and someone who can facilitate outcome with strategic vision our approach to leadership will transform. In this episode we shake up the accepted thought around leadership. Enjoy. The post HTT 096 – Leadership appeared first on Rahim Rasul.

Duration: 00:17:58

HTT 095 – Serendipity -

How can you open yourself to more of the magical moments of life? Serendipity! As we embrace a serendipitous approach to experiences life more of the magic emerges in our moments. In this episode we explain what serendipity is as well as the value of becoming open to it. The post HTT 095 – Serendipity appeared first on Rahim Rasul.

Duration: 00:16:53

HTT 093 – Over Consumption of Information -

Over Consumption Access to Information is not enough. It’s 7:30 am, the first activity on record is reaching for our device to see what went on in the world while we were sleep. After few minutes of swiping and headline reading our day can begin. This is the world in which we live in. Media, content, and information lives in an over abundant state. Simple supply and demand states that in an over supplied market the value drops. We are witnessing the dumbing down of a populace in the face...

Duration: 00:27:58

HTT 092 – Becoming More Minimalist -

Living Minimalist has been an idea that i've thought of and pondered often. After listening to James Altucher's podcast, where he discussed his extreme approach to living minimalist. You can read his article How Minimalism Brought Me Joy. Listening to this made me reflect. It forced me to question the possibilities of implementing just a fraction of this concept. I challenge you to see what you can incorporate too. The post HTT 092 – Becoming More Minimalist appeared first on Rahim Rasul.

Duration: 00:13:18

HTT 091 – Experiments -

HTT 091 - Experiments Life can be characterized as a series of experiments. We traditionally view experiments in the domain of science. As a forward thinking group of people who are reaching for access to our potential we can bring this experiment mentality to our day to day life. The post HTT 091 – Experiments appeared first on Rahim Rasul.

Duration: 00:18:28

HTT 090 – My Must Listens -

My Must Listens - HTT 090 In the pursuit of our highest capacity we have resources that inspire us. The operative word is resources, plural. Halftime Talks has a lane and serves a niche of listeners who value a perspective that shines the light on ideas or concepts and forces us to think differently. We recognize that there are other out there who do an amazing job at bringing ideas forward into a consumable form. In this episode we highlight a few that can round out some of your listening...

Duration: 00:15:12

HTT089 - Halftime Talks

The post HTT089 appeared first on Rahim Rasul.

Duration: 00:16:18

HTT 088 – Empathy: An Essential Human Characteristic - Halftime Talks

Empathy: An Essential Human Characteristic What is it to be human? If there were essential characteristics of humanity what would their core consist of? This is a question that I've been consumed with lately. In my exploration of the question, I came to the conclusion that empathy would sit atop of this list. Glancing back across history, I gathered that this characteristic could have prevented many no so great outcomes. Empathy is a willing to see through the eyes of another. Open and...

Duration: 00:15:04

HTT 087 – Passionate: What’s Cliche vs Real? - Halftime Talks

Follow you passion.Find a profession you can be passionate about. Follow your heart.Discover what you love and do it daily. I couldn't agree more with those statements but admittedly they have become cliche. The tread on their tires have worn off and their grip to the road is completely non-existent. We just need some new tires in order to get the necessary traction. That's the danger of this falling prey to the popculturification of things. The callous use of the word PASSION really...

Duration: 00:10:27

HTT 086 – Rampage of Appreciation *bonus - Halftime Talks

Don’t Take This Moment for Granted – HTT 086 This rampage of appreciation is dedicated to taking some time out to recognize the majesty of the moment. Try not to get too consumed by the future or the past. If we can learn to dance between their raindrops we’ve begun to relish the moment. As we begin to cultivate the […] The post HTT 086 – Rampage of Appreciation *bonus appeared first on Rahim Rasul.

Duration: 00:03:55

HTT 085 – Different Doesn’t Mean Better - Halftime Talks

Different Doesn’t Mean Better – Some how our society has devolved into rampant level of dissatisfaction. We are chasing the next thing so much that we fail to see the majesty of our moment. Different is not a value proposition. If you like this episode then be sure to check out the Acres of Diamonds episode. The post HTT 085 – Different Doesn’t Mean Better appeared first on Rahim Rasul.

Duration: 00:13:27

HTT 084 – Mr. Self Critical - Halftime Talks

Mr. Self Critical The most critical conversations we listen to often happens in the recesses of our own minds. How can we expect the world to be kind to us when we sometimes don’t extend that simple favor to ourselves. In this episode we explore the concept of Mr. Self-Critical and explore methods to move beyond it. instagram.com/rahimrasul/ twitter.com/rahimrasul The post HTT 084 – Mr. Self Critical appeared first on Rahim Rasul.

Duration: 00:16:32

HTT 083 – Finding Your Path Out of a Funk - Halftime Talks

Finding Your Path Out of a Funk None of are immune to being in a funk. It’s one of those things that seems to creep up in the middle of the night. It’s never invited but shows up anyway with the determination to paint everything grey. Don’t worry it’s nature. In this episode, we offer up some pieces of suggestion […] The post HTT 083 – Finding Your Path Out of a Funk appeared first on Rahim Rasul.

Duration: 00:15:44

HTT 082 – Communicate Your Strengths - Halftime Talks

The Power of Self-Promotion is Real. How do we begin to Communicate your strengths? We collectively hear the trials of failure often. It’s intermixed with the confusionand inability to understand why it didn’t work out. As we take inventory the principle rationalization given point to forms of incompleteness. I would challenge you to consider something different. What if you were […] The post HTT 082 – Communicate Your Strengths appeared first on Rahim Rasul.

Duration: 00:15:37

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