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When children's behavior is difficult, parents need support, good information, and practical tools to reduce stress, understand their child's emotions, and build cooperation and warm connection in the family.

When children's behavior is difficult, parents need support, good information, and practical tools to reduce stress, understand their child's emotions, and build cooperation and warm connection in the family.
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When children's behavior is difficult, parents need support, good information, and practical tools to reduce stress, understand their child's emotions, and build cooperation and warm connection in the family.






Staylistening Surprises: When Things Don't Go As Planned

If you've discovered the simple and seemingly radical tool of Staylistening - of staying and listening through your child's upset - you may have been amazed by how your child recovers from that tantrum or meltdown and returns to brightness and easy co-operate. Or, you may have not! Surprise! Staylistening doesn't always go the way we parents expect, and there can be many reasons why. On the podcast this week Elle and Abigail look at some of the different ways Staylistening can...


What's Going Well in your Parenting?

That's right! What's going well? It's easy to tear yourself apart over parenting, questioning what's going wrong, and becoming overwhelmed with doubts and disappointments. But this week Abigail and Elle - and right in time for Valentines - look at the value of taking a moment or two to see what's going good for you and your family. What's Going Well? Find out how to train your brain to notice more about what's going well in your parenting. See more good in your kids, and yourself in this...


Brain Science and Parenting! Say What?

What does brain science have to do with parents and the way we raise our kids? When we come from a gentle parenting perspective, we try to respond to our children in moments of upsets rather than react to them with harshness, we try to come at each situation with empathy and compassion. We try to set limits warmly and to listen in times of anger, need or distress. But that can be really hard in the moment! How can we keep calm and respond well when our children have legs and arms...


Are Natural Consequences are Actually Punishment?

What role do consequences play in your parenting? On this week's Podcast for Parents Abigail and Elle talk about when consequences become punishments. Are Consequences Punishment? Natural consequences sound like a good idea - and can be wonderful - but often when we, as parents, get involved in issuing consequences they can get skewed and become a punishment. We talk about the differences between natural consequences and the leap it can take to handle them calmly and consequences that...


Do Our Kids Manipulate Us?

Do Our Kids Manipulate Us? When Abigail and Elle pose this question they thought they'd answer with a resounding "Yes!" - until they stopped to think about. And then, they went down the rabbit hole... "What does manipulation even mean?" Abigail asks Together they trace the times they've felt manipulated as parents and come across some interesting answers - a lot about feeling manipulated has to do with us! Abigail mentions some moments where her son actually is very cute in his...


Finding Your Tribe: Shouldn't I just Know How to Parent?

Did you ever think you'd need help in your parenting? Elle and Abigail figured they might need help initially, but never years and years into their parenting. This week they discuss the moment they knew they needed help, how they reached out, and what differences they saw when they found their parenting "tribe." Elle talks up the value of support in a shared community, and Abigail champions finding a mentor. There should be no embarrassment or shame in asking for help, but yet it's...


Special Time: Great for Kids, Difficult for Adults?

Do you make time for Special Time? Don't fret if you don't...yet! We know that spending just a few minutes putting aside distractions and letting children lead play can boost our relationship with them, but that doesn't stop us running away from this type of Special Time. On this week's episode Abigail and Elle look at the times they put off Special Time, and the ways they try to "cheat" the tool by using shortcuts. Abigail admits this tool is her weakest as well as the (unlikely) reason...


Making Changes: New Year’s Resolutions That Actually Succeed

It's 2018 already! Happy New Year! This week's podcast has a New Year's flavor as Elle and Abigail talk about bringing change to yours and your family's lives. What is the secret to making habits stick? Abigail reveals she's big studying on how habits work and reveals the three-step process she's used to help keep resolutions in the past. This is great news to Elle, who is less adept at adopting new ways that last beyond February! They talk about the pressure we pile on when we devote...


The Power of Rituals and Bringing Your Family Closer

It's the season to be...making rituals? What is a Ritual Anyway? Elle asks this week are rituals the same as routine and is implementing them just a lot of extra work? Abigail mentions some family rituals that may already be in place in a family and that will become meaningful even if they are (currently) under the radar. We look at what rituals are, at their heart, how rituals can be so very connecting for family, and how Special Time...


Beat Off-Track Behavior with this Secret Ninja Parenting Tool

This week on the podcast Abigail introduces a counter-intuitive ninja parenting tool! We talk about how offtrack behavior looks early on, what it signals, and why this tool responds where reasoning doesn't. Both hosts talk about the times they've used this tool with successful outcomes, even though it feels completely counter-intuitive at first. Please drop by and listen in if you: If you are struggling to handle a child's aggressive behavior, this video series will help - with...


Forgiving Ourselves: When We Feel Like We Messed Up Parenting

The podcast starts today with a question: Is it too late to change how I parent? If not, how can I forgive myself for things i’m not proud of? Abigail and Elle share a few parenting choices they made and feel less than proud of, as well as some inspiring ideas about how they made peace with their parenting, and how you can too. Listen in if you've ever: This podcast lets us know why guilt feels good for no-one in the family and offers some uplifting words that we should all remember in...


Bedtime: Handling "Go To Bed" Battles

Teeth-brushing, clothes changing and bathtime refusals, followed by endless requests for drinks, food, and "one more story." Yes, this week Elle and Abigail are talking sleep... or why kids don't want to! Abigail admits to her own bedtime battles. She got so tangled up in her kids "needing to sleep," that she lost it time and time again when they refused until she reframed their pleas. Tools for a Bedtime Transition The two moms share tools parents can use to overcome these challenges,...


What Helps Children Feel Gratitude

What are you grateful for now? That’s the question Abigail poses to Elle this episode. We’ll be talking about how we feel about being thankful during the thankful season, what happens if it feels difficult, and how we can inspire gratitude rather than demand it from our children? Feelings about gratitude are often triggered around the holidays. In this episode, Abigail and Elle share ideas for: Special Time is a great tool for promoting gratitude. Find out how it works or deepen your...


Listen up, Kids! Getting Children to Listen

Elle and Abigail are talking about ways you can get children to listen and respond to your requests, without resorting to yelling or punishments. Elle shares a story that happened that morning about her son refusing to come to the breakfast table and how they worked their way through the hurdle before he missed the school bus. Elle has an enlightening moment about her childhood breakfasts and how they might impact how she handles breakfast refusals. Meanwhile, Abigail recalls the time her...


Screen Time Doesn't Have to Mean Scream Time

On the podcast this week, Elle and Abigail talk about the difficulties they, and many parents have, setting limits on screen time. They view the issues that worry us most, from the addictive nature of screens to the disconnection, bartering, and bribery that seems to step up around them. They wind up with some cute stories about screen times in their own families and move on to discuss some options for peaceful resolutions using tools that ease tension around screens between parents and...


Meet Your Hosts, Elle Kwan and Abigail Wald

Hear how parenting started out for Elle (in Hong Kong) and Abigail (in LA) and why they want to share Hand in Hand Parenting with you.


The (Terrifying) Transition to Toddlerhood

This week is toddler week on the podcast! Abigail gets an Instagram message from a confused dad whose sweet little baby is just becoming a toddler. He asks, “What discipline tools actually work with toddlers?” Elle and Abigail look into how it feels to have your baby transition into toddlerhood, and some of the behaviors that parents can expect to see. They explore the causes behind why toddlers may act the way they do and they offer several key ideas for guiding a child through his or...


Halloween Parenting: Candy and the Unfairness of It All

A true Halloween horror story where two brothers, in matching costumes, bring home vastly different amounts of candy. Every single year. Subscribe and let us hear your parenting stories and challenges. Halloween can be a time for thrills and spills! Elle and Abigail are talking Halloween tantrums this week. Abigail shares a story about her sons and the sibling squabbles that erupted between them over the amount of Halloween candy each got. She shares the parenting tool that she used...


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