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Earth Guardian – How a Scientist who was a Climate Change Sceptic became a

My guest is Gregory Vettese, a contributor to the history blog, Understood Backwards. Gregory got his M. Sc. in Chemistry from Queen’s University, a scientist who is no longer skeptical that climate change is happening. What are the arguments used by skeptical scientists? Why are their arguments not credible? What are their tactics? What convinced a scientist that climate … Read more about this episode...


Earth Guardian – Follow the Lead of a Company that Practices Sustainability

My guest on the Earth Guardian is Dr Linda Miles, L. Ac., D.O.M., Vice-President of Dermae Natural Bodycare, a company that has successfully implemented a culture of sustainability, something that many companies are considering doing. How did Dermae do it? Why did they do it? What are the benefits? What are the disadvantages? For over 25 years, Dermae … Read more about this episode...


Earth Guardian – Bloated Nuclear Projects Mean You Pay More for Electricity

My guest on the Earth Guardian is Jack Gibbons, Chair of the Ontario Clean Air Alliance, a coalition of individuals and approximately 90 organizations (health, environmental, faith communities, municipalities, utilities, unions, and corporations) that represent over six million supporters). The Clean Air Alliance was established in 1997 to achieve the phase-out of dirty coal-fired power plants and move towards … Read more about this episode...


Earth Guardian – Post-Car Cities: How Cities need to be re-planned for Fewe

Instead of complaining about the high price of gasoline, this is an opportunity to redesign our cities and shift the priority from cars to pedestrians, from asphalt to tree-lined boulevards, from shopping centres to corner stores. It’s not far-fetched. For fourteen (14) years I was a volunteer community leader in Toronto. As Chair of Y.S.A.R.A, our ratepayer groups were involved … Read more about this episode...


Earth Guardian – Can we learn from History to address the Causes of Climate

Hi There! Welcome to the Earth Guardian on Web Talk Radio. Net. I’m your host, Sharolyn Vettese. Every event may be unique, but if you look deeper, you’ll see the similarity to an historical event. Can we learn from history to address the problems of climate change that we’re facing today? My guest is Troy Vettese, a graduate student in … Read more about this episode...

Earth Guardian – Electricity Distribution Companies like Manitoba Hydro can

Electricity costs are rising, and unhappy customers are venting their anger and frustration at the electricity distribution companies. Often, they’re just delivering the price increases, but electricity distribution companies are the first in line to the consumer. Find out how companies like Manitoba Hydro are helping their customers cope with rising electricity costs. What types of solutions are they offering? … Read more about this episode...

Earth Guardian – Organic Meadow: A Dairy Farmer’s Experience from Chemical

Humans are not the only ones who can be addicted to drugs and chemicals. Animals, plants, and soil also can be addicted. Find out what happens when a farming family switches from chemical to organic farming. What precipitated the switch? What types of changes were noticed in the soil, and in the cows? What are the requirements to be an … Read more about this episode...

Earth Guardian – Organic Meadow: What is the secret behind the successful c

Organic produce is revitalizing the small family owned farms in Ontario, and Organic Meadow has been a key driver in linking the farmers to the consumers. Organic Meadow also encourages consumers to get to know the farmers, and how the food is produced. What are the benefits of the co-operative? How do sustainable farming practices affect the animals, soil, and … Read more about this episode...

Earth Guardian – How you, the consumer, can be the key driver towards susta

Consumers are not powerless individuals who are ineffective. On the contrary, consumers can be very powerful, especially when combined with other individuals so that the results are bigger than the whole. What can you do to be an empowered consumer to lead towards sustainability?… Read more about this episode...

Earth Guardian – How businesses, along with consumers and the government cr

Businesses are pillars of the community. They provide employment and a tax base for governments. They exist as small and large entities, and most are not faceless corporations. Why is it important to get them on-side toward sustainable practices?… Read more about this episode...

Earth Guardian – How the government, along with business, and consumers cre

Right now, there is a federal election in Canada, but it looks like a non-event. There are few political lawn signs, and hardly any coverage in the newspapers. Voter turn-out may be low as people don’t like politicians or government interference. So, why is government needed? How can the government re-invent itself to be useful?… Read more about this episode...

Earth Guardian – Plitron: A company’s solution towards greater electricity

Plitron Manufacturing is a 28 year old Canadian company based in Toronto that decided to reinvent itself by branching out into electricity efficiency products, including its newly developed VREMS (Voltage Reduction Energy Management System). Why did Plitron Manufacturing expand into energy efficiency products? My guest is Steve Nolan, General Manager at Plitron Manufacturing.… Read more about this episode...

Earth Guardian – How is Sustainability Good for Business?

Sustainability in business is both a responsibility and an opportunity that creates company growth and value. It starts by looking at the life cycle of a product, including its unintended consequences. Companies keep track of the progress, and the savings in their plants, products, people, and community (PPPC). How is this good for business? How does the consumer play a … Read more about this episode...

Earth Guardian – Why are Food Prices Going Up? How Secure is our Food Suppl

The unfolding nuclear catastrophe in Fukushima Dai-ichi complex has identified the vulnerability of Japan’s food supply to radiation contamination. Spinach, beets and other vegetables grown in the vicinity were found to have high radiation levels, as well as the drinking water. Victims of the tsunami don’t have food and drinking water. Who would have thought these problems would arise in … Read more about this episode...

Earth Guardian – How is Earthjustice using the Law to Regulate Hydraulic Fr

As the United States is looking at securing its energy production at home, harvesting natural gas from unconventional sources is being developed. “Hydraulic fracturing” is the process used to extract natural gas from such unconventional sources as shale and coal beds in states like New York. What is “fracturing”? How much water is used? Does it affect aquifers? What … Read more about this episode...

Earth Guardian – Earthjustice‘s Legal Battle Against the Alberta Tar Sands

The current unrest in the Middle East has highlighted the importance of having a secure oil source to fuel the economic engine, so why should environmental concerns regarding the extraction of oil from the tar sands in northern Alberta be an issue? Why should Americans care? Earthjustice is the largest non-profit public interest law firm in the world that is … Read more about this episode...

Earth Guardian – World Wildlife Fund is Partnering with Businesses to be Cl

Did you know that a desktop computer with an LCD monitor uses about 1,100kWh/year if it is left on every day? In addition to encouraging people to turn off their computers at the end of the day, including the power bar since computers and other appliances continue using electricity when still plugged in, World Wildlife Fund Canada actively works with … Read more about this episode...

Earth Guardian – Several states and provinces require businesses keep track

These policies are already in place, and yet many businesses are unaware of this legislated requirement. Is it another administrative burden for companies, or an opportunity to improve corporate efficiency? What easy tracking tools are available? What are the spin-off benefits? If companies don’t keep track, what will happen? My guest is Christopher Cumby, Sr. Energy Consultant with First Energy … Read more about this episode...

Earth Guardian – How a Nursery is helping anybody who has a piece of proper

Prairie Moon Nursery, located in Winona, Minnesota is not easily found by GPS. It is in the middle of the prairie landscape it is helping consumers to restore. At a time when government and employers are establishing a happiness meter, why do the employees at Prairie Moon Nursery look happy? Guest Bob Copeland is in Sales and Consulting at Prairie … Read more about this episode...

Earth Guardian – A southerner’s view of Iqaliut, Nunavut in the Canadian Ar

The Arctic is an early warning system for the planet’s climate change, yet very few people go there, especially Canadians who mostly populate the southerly borders of the country. So, why would a lawyer choose to work in Iqualuit, Nunavut, and stay for a number of years?… Read more about this episode...
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