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Hanging out with Nolan Hong: Hawaii Life | Talk Story | Local Style-logo

Hanging out with Nolan Hong: Hawaii Life | Talk Story | Local Style

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037_Kanoa Leahey - Hanging Out with Nolan Hong

The sports broadcaster talks about growing up with “Pops” Jim Leahey, crazy stories from when he first started announcing, including the time he thought he’d get fired for cussing on live radio, and the one performance he wishes he could take back. “Let’s Talk Sports With Kanoa Leahey” Kanoa on Twitter

Duration: 01:25:19

036_Paul Kim - Hanging Out with Nolan Hong

Paul Kim is a musician/singer from the Bay area. We talk about his ties to Hawaii, competing on American Idol, how he started out as a rapper in high school, getting his first record deal with a label in Korea, and meeting Shawn Stockman of Boyz II Men. Paul’s YouTube channel

Duration: 00:46:09

035_Kealani Cook - Hanging Out with Nolan Hong

Dr. Kealani Cook is a history professor at UH West Oahu and one of Jamie’s oldest friends. We talk about his job at the UH press, how he got his PhD, why history should be the study of power, and his book, “Return to Kahiki: Native Hawaiians in Oceania.” A suipi guide (the card game) Kea’s […]

Duration: 01:31:08

034_Grant Sumile - Hanging Out with Nolan Hong

Grant Sumile is an architect and Jamie’s middle brother. We get his view on Nolan’s proposal to Jamie, how went from academic probation at UH to becoming a partner at an architecture firm, and we get a quick history of breakdancing in Hawaii. Projects by Grant and Darin’s company, ADM Retail Planning & Architecture

Duration: 01:47:16

033_Ryan Kawamoto & Brad Watanabe - Hanging Out with Nolan Hong

It’s the directors roundtable with Ryan Kawamoto of Kinetic Productions, and Brad Watanabe of Berad Studio. We talk scrappy filmmaking, marketing in the digital age and building community. Fyi, there’s a kanikapila next door so that’s the music you hear. Ryan’s links Ryan’s IMDB Kinetic Productions Sample of Ryan’s work Brad’s links Website Hawaii Shoots […]

Duration: 02:00:58

032_Roslyn Catracchia - Hanging Out with Nolan Hong

Roslyn Catracchia is a composer, lyricist & musical director. We talk about her adventures in cooking, why she was wandering Waikiki sobbing after a gig, and her new project with Kealiʻi Reichel and Stephen Schwartz, who wrote GODSPELL, PIPPIN & WICKED.

Duration: 01:44:14

031_Grant Kimura - Hanging Out with Nolan Hong

Grant Kimura is a marketing consultant. He shares how he went from taking naps at UH Campus Center between jobs to throwing red carpet events in LA. The 2nd half is a lot of geek talk (i.e. Star Wars vs Star Trek) – you’ve been warned.

Duration: 01:22:32

030_Mark Sumile - Hanging Out with Nolan Hong

Mark Sumile is a retired Naval officer and Jamie’s eldest brother. We talk about how he went from barely finishing high school to graduating from the Naval Academy, leadership lessons he learned in the Navy, and why Jamie only eats Happy Meals.

Duration: 01:23:52

029_Debbie Nishimoto - Hanging Out with Nolan Hong

Debbie Nishimoto is a freelance makeup, hair & wardrobe stylist, and one of our favorite people. We talk about how she ended up in an unconventional career, dealing with the insecurities that come with freelancing, and tips for actors new to production.

Duration: 01:12:44

028_Michael Ng - Hanging Out with Nolan Hong

Michael Ng is an actor, director and high school drama teacher. We talk about his approach to writing and directing, how he recognizes and encourages talent in his students, how self-doubt affected his career, and getting his dream role in The King & I.

Duration: 01:51:02

027_Odeelo Dayondon - Hanging Out with Nolan Hong

Odeelo Dayondon is a triathlete and a marathon runner, and one of the most motivated people I know. He talks about qualifying for the Boston Marathon and setting a personal record at the Chicago Marathon. He also shares some crazy stories about race day.

Duration: 01:42:30

026_Dorian Nakamichi - Hanging Out with Nolan Hong

Dorian Nakamichi is a published author and world traveler. We talk about what it was like backpacking in New Zealand, Asia and Europe, and her experiences volunteering as a roo (as in kangaroo) nanny in Australia!

Duration: 01:46:08

025_Jen Kawamoto - Hanging Out with Nolan Hong

Jen Kawamoto was an athletic trainer on the mainland before coming home and opening her acupuncture practice. We talk about how acupuncture works and what it can be used for, including pain management and cosmetic facial rejuvenation. Links: Jen’s business, Hawaii Sports Acupuncture Hawaii Sports Acupuncture facebook page Jen will be answering questions on our […]

Duration: 01:12:21

024_Kevin Yamada - Hanging Out with Nolan Hong

Kevin Yamada is an actor. We talk about how he got thru 100+ auditions in NYC before he got cast as host of a children’s show on PBS, what it was like to act with the late great Robin Williams, and he shares some tips for up-and-coming actors. “Nut Job” scene from Old Dogs

Duration: 01:50:32

023_Jan Harada - Hanging Out with Nolan Hong

Jan Harada is president and CEO of Helping Hands Hawaii. She talks about her love of lion dance, martial arts, and her dog, being CEO of a local nonprofit, and her hesitations getting on Instagram.

Duration: 01:37:50

022_Lopaka Kapanui_2 - Hanging Out with Nolan Hong

Lopaka Kapanui is back to kick off the Halloween season with more scary stories. He also answers listener questions and gives the scoops on the tours he has going on this month. Go to Lopaka’s website to book a tour: If you go, please post on our facebook and let us know how it is!

Duration: 01:24:25

021_Matt Pablo - Hanging Out with Nolan Hong

Matt Pablo is a performer, but he started out as a super shy kid. We talk about his mom and brother forced him into his first audition, how he started working with Don Ho at age 12, and his current job as a cast member at Disney World.

Duration: 01:50:42

020_Kathleen Stuart - Hanging Out with Nolan Hong

Kathleen Stuart is a singer and actor from Kaneohe, now living and working in New York City. She’s back to reprise her role as Anna in “The King and I” presented by I’m A Bright Kid Foundation. We talk about following your dreams and Captain America. Get your tickets to “The King and I” before […]

Duration: 01:25:55

019_Devon Nekoba - Hanging Out with Nolan Hong

Devon Nekoba is a co-host of the 94.7 KUMU Rise and Drive morning show. We talk about how a broken amulet and paperclip got him hooked on acting, his most embarrassing celebrity interview, and why he almost got beat up in elementary school.

Duration: 01:27:56

018_Matt & Emily Chong - Hanging Out with Nolan Hong

Matt Chong is the KING of TV game shows! Hear how he got on The Price is Right and Celebrity Name Game, go behind the scenes and find out if Mario Lopez really is that handsome in person. Matt and Emily also share their engagement story, it’s fantastic.

Duration: 01:34:57

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