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A Show about people, resources, and activities that support personal re-energizing; the clearinghouse for all things happy! The Happiness Hangout is a support network of people, activities and information to help you create a better life or enhance your current happy life. Chat with others and listen as we provide thought-provoking questions and information - encouraging supportive feedback for everyone. On this show we will discuss a lot about happiness research and overall well-being. Come hangout with us!




Happiness Hangout, September 20, 2017

Dr Rhoberta Shaler discusses dealing with challenging love relationships and more Happiness Hangout with Lori Peters will be talking with the Relationship Help Doctor about relationships, specifically- learn what hijackles are and how to deal with them Your audience will thank you for bringing Dr. Rhoberta Shaler to your program because they will walk away with new insights, ideas and inspiration to make their relationships stronger, closer and more intimate. Hearing her speak empowers...

Duration: 00:56:41

Happiness Hangout, May 17, 2017

Happiness Hangout with Lori Peters Understand more about having a Spiritual Awakening The How To’s of energetics and finding true love How to heal your energy system?

Duration: 00:47:43

Happiness Hangout, April 5, 2017

Happiness Hangout with Lori Peters will be discussing how to apply the life changing principles of Unconditional Love. We will learn about courses, trainings and retreats in this area and how you can apply loving principles to your life and relationships.

Duration: 00:57:11