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Happy Hour-Time Out and Lying Selfies

Cheers to this episode of Happy Hour! Today, we chat the internet, love and your to-do list. Also, I love a good national day of celebration, but we’ve got this one all wrong. And who is the baby here, the 25-year-old or the two-year-old? Plus you’re being lied to, by your selfie.


Happy Hour-No No No Mom and Dad and Poop

Cheers to this episode of Happy Hour! I’m Surprised this has to but said, but DON’T do this at home. Apple employees are having a banging time at work, and a college assignment makes me wish I was back in school. We also chat about dolls, parenting, a new/old weight loss tip, and yes, Chick-Fil-A is that good.


Happy Hour-Valentine's and Creeping

Happy Hour-Valentine's and Creeping by Christine Saldivar


Happy Hour-Chocolate Riots and It Pays to Cheat

Cheers to this episode of Happy Hour! I give cupid a helping hand with a love story to get you in Valentine’s mood. We also chat about the latest pole dancing trend, a vegan chef is called out for her Instagram posts, and a world record most parents could break.


Happy Hour-Hen Party and MicroCheating

Cheers to this episode of Happy Hour! Prices are going up, find out which of your subscriptions are going to cost you. Not sure I like the idea of being called a hen. We also chat about some new animal kindness laws, women hitting the road, a mistress suing the wife and micro-cheating.


Happy Hour-Cheerleader and Motivation

Cheers to this episode of Happy Hour! I promised to be your New Year’s resolution cheerleader, so I’ve got some tips to help you be successful, including some inspired motivation to hit the gym. We’ll also chat about the most return gifts, cool gadgets, charging for cups, and a tearjerker to warm your heart.


Happy Hour-Golden Showers and Relationships

Cheers to this episode of Happy Hour! First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a baby carriage. Okay, maybe not in that order but in this show we’re chatting falling in love, marriage, babies and your ovaries. Plus we’ll add a dash of wine, drones and pimple popping.


Happy Hour-Big Brother and Old School

Cheers to this episode of Happy Hour! Don’t worry mom if your kid can’t sign their name; it’s no longer an issue if you think you have privacy…think again. We also chat about an app going old school, the color of the year, low-calorie wine, top fur baby names and we’re supposed to refrigerate what?


Happy Hour-Mixology and Men

Cheers to this episode of Happy Hour! Decorating for the holidays takes a new twist and puts the ugly sweater to shame. We also chat about getting jailed for a potty mouth, how often you should wash your sheets, best drinks according to your astrological sign, plastic surgery, relationships, men and their bathroom time and Botox is not just for wrinkles or migraines.


Happy Hour-Wedding Rules and Babysitting

Cheers to this episode of Happy Hour! Love and holiday shopping is in the air. We chat about the spending differences between men and women. We also chat about the going babysitting rates, not a mid-life crisis but a quarter life crisis and its real. Plus find out the best cities for dating, how we are eating these crackers all wrong, a lot of chocolate goes a long way for some people, the latest fashion trend that has your cheering. Lastly, I ask you... “what would you do”?


Happy Hour-Travel and Family

Cheers to this episode of Happy Hour! Heading to Grandma’s for Thanksgiving you’re not alone. But good news when it comes to booking your hotel with a new icon TripAdvisor is adding to their website. Holidays and family go hand in hand and so should this less calorie wine because a drinky-drink can make those meals a little easier to swallow. We also chat about holiday decorations, bathing your children, a deadly cat, and a new high school stirring up controversy over its mascot that will...


Happy Hour-Your Flower and Not So Merry

Cheers to this episode of Happy Hour! I’ve got a Motivational Monday story to ring tears to your eyes but in a good way. Nutella Gate is in full swing, but can you tell? We also chat about a couple of health trends you should NOT be doing, holiday music is not so merry and bright, and it’s time to pull out your Uggs, but should you?


Happy Hour-Naked and Kid Safety

Cheers to this episode of Happy Hour! I’ve got everything in this show. We chat about a couple of cute girls to touch your heart, what’s mathematically beautiful and it’s not your knowledge of calculus, the naked dress, a new restaurant rocking the industry, a new app to keep your kids save in this selfie era, and I translate teen-speak.


Feel Sexy and Love Bread

Cheers to this episode of Happy Hour! Find out which five foods to get you in the mood! And Your love and need for pasta and bread is not your fault. We’ll also chat about your kid’s age-old question, are we there yet?, what color nail polish is a no-no for Duchess Kate, I’ve found the BEST app ever and no surprise this man is single.


Happy Hour-Mirror Mirror and Sexy

Cheers to this episode of Happy Hour! It’s technology meets Snow White with a mirror that tells you the truth about your skin. We also chat about a natural beauty product is rockin’ a lot of people’s world, daters beware there’s new type out there called a submariner, with party season right around the corner we find out the proper time to make your exit and feeling sexy has nothing to do with your weight!


Pole Dancing and Fusion

Cheers to this episode of Happy Hour! A new survey reveals what your kids honestly think about social media. We also talk about ageism in clothing, the art of pole dancing, a health trend gaining in popularity but doctors say, “NO! NO! NO!”, THE best exercise for your body and it easier than you might think.


Happy Hour-Looking Younger and Wolf-Calling

Cheers to this episode of Happy Hour! We chat about ways younger in a couple of simple strokes. Hitting the playground with your partner is child's play and better than for you than you thought! Plus, Twitterverse has it’s panties in a ruffle a shark costume lands a man behind bars and it’s the million dollar fajita heist.


Happy Hour-Dancing and Nightmare

Cheers to this episode of Happy Hour! It’s the simple things that have me dancing in the streets, and I’m dancing. My worse fear has happened to this poor Instagram model. Walmart is throwing down the gauntlet for your business. And we need to get this baby girl on the soccer field, football field or maybe she’s a future MMA fighter. We also chat about the crazy beauty trends I’m saying no thanks too, and annoying vocabulary used at the office.


Happy Hour-Swimmers and Going Green

Cheers to this episode of Happy Hour! That dreaded feeling over the loss of your favorite jeans could be a thing of the past. We also talk about the dangers of your partner's swimmers, going green on the inside, free speech, your baby’s learning curve, a decorating app I’m super excited about and an interesting way to cure depression.


Happy Hour-Concussions and Better than Botox

Cheers to this episode of Happy Hour! We're chatting fall trends, a Dad fighting his government over his children and his rights, a Futurologist's workplace predictions and look younger and it's cheaper than Botox and pain-free.


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