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The Happy Hour #159: Amanda Jones

Amanda Jones joins me for The Happy Hour #159. Amanda is a Jesus-loving gal from Texas, married to a preacher boy from Missouri. She’s the daughter of Beth Moore, and mom to four kids. Amanda first joined me for episode #66. If you missed that, you can catch up here

Duration: 00:52:14

The Happy Hour #158: Raechel Myers

Raechel Myers is my guest for The Happy Hour #158. Raechel is the co-founder and CEO of She Reads Truth, and leads the She Reads Truth community and staff out of her deep love of God’s Word and the firm conviction that all of Scripture is good news. She is the co-author of Open Your Bible: God’s Word Is for You and for Now and She Reads Truth: Holding Tight to Permanent in a Word That’s Passing Away. Raechel lives south of Nashville, Tennessee, with her husband and their two children. In...

Duration: 00:53:52

The Happy Hour #157: Catherine Lowe

My guest for The Happy Hour #157 is Catherine Lowe. You may recognize her from a little show called The Bachelor. Catherine met and fell in love with her now husband, Sean Lowe, on season 17. Millions (self included) tuned in to watch them tie the knot on national television in 2014. They now live in Dallas with their adorable son, Samuel. On today’s show, Catherine and I visit in person and cover so very much

Duration: 01:15:25

The Happy Hour #156: Andrea Lucado

My guest for The Happy Hour #156 is Andrea Lucado. Andrea is a freelance writer based in Austin, Texas. As the daughter of bestselling author and pastor Max Lucado, Andrea inherited an obsession with words and their arrangement. She has a master’s degree in English literature from Oxford-Brookes University and contributes regularly to online and print publications such as Relevant magazine and SheReadsTruth.com. She recently released a book, English Lessons

Duration: 01:03:54

The Happy Hour #155: Sara Hagerty

Today, Sara Hagerty joins me for The Happy Hour #155. Sara is wife to her best friend Nate, and a mother of six, including four children adopted from Africa and two through natural childbirth. Her first published book, Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet, found her a worldwide audience, drawn to the authentic voice heard in her emotive and Scripturally-based writing style, as she searches to find God in the midst of questions and brokenness. Her second book, Unseen: The Gift of Being Hidden in a...

Duration: 00:50:49

The Happy Hour #153: Shauna Shanks

Shauna Shanks joins me for a special live edition of The Happy Hour – recorded in my backyard in the sweltering July heat for our Summer Book Club. Shauna is the author of our second book, A Fierce Love. She’s also a wife, mother, and entrepreneur. Shauna and her husband, Micah, have been married for more than a decade, and they’re currently building a house out of shipping containers with their three boys on an Ohio farm. A Fierce Love is Shauna’s story of fighting for her marriage...

Duration: 00:57:45

The Happy Hour #152: Chrystal Hurst

My friend Chrystal Hurst joins me today for episode #152 of The Happy Hour. Chrystal is a writer, speaker, and worship leader in addition to serving as the chief executive operating officer in her home as a wife, mother of five and grandmother to one. Chrystal is co-author of, Kingdom Woman and her second book, She’s Still There coming out next week. She also blogs and podcasts regularly at Chrystal’s Chronicles where she poignantly reflects her thoughts about her faith and day-to- day...

Duration: 00:56:36

The Happy Hour #151: Angela Lanter

Angela Lanter is my guest for The Happy Hour #151. As one of the hot new trendsetters in the beauty and fashion blogging community, Angela has established a credible reputation and sizable social media following in a short period of time. The founder of Hello Gorgeous blog and Youtube channel, she was named a finalist for the Allure magazine’s Beauty Blogger of the Year Award and was honored with the “Spotlight Award” for Blogger of the Year by PopSugar. She has served as brand ambassadors...

Duration: 00:49:45

The Happy Hour #150: Christy Wright

My guest for The Happy Hour #150 is Christy Wright. Christy is both entertaining and inspiring, and presents messages that educate and give hope to audiences all over the country. As the creator of Business Boutique and through her podcast and sellout live events, Christy has equipped thousands of women to successfully run and grow a business so they can make money doing what they love. Since joining Ramsey Solutions in 2009, she has spoken to audiences across the country at women’s...

Duration: 00:49:56

The Happy Hour #149: Virginia Cumberbatch

Virginia Cumberbatch joins me today for The Happy Hour #149. Virginia serves as the Director of the Community Engagement Center and Social Justice Institute at The University of Texas at Austin and is a co-founder of HUX STORYHOUSE, a creative strategies collective that uses culturally relevant storytelling to help organizations engage thoughtfully and authentically with markets across the Black Diaspora. Her first book, As We Saw It: The Story of Integration at The University of Texas at...

Duration: 00:58:13

Happy Hour #148: Lisa Harper

My guest for The Happy Hour #148 is Lisa Harper. Lisa is a master storyteller with a masters of Theological Studies from Covenant Seminary. She’s lauded as an engaging, hilarious communicator as well as an authentic and substantive Bible teacher. She’s been in vocational ministry for thirty years and has written fifteen books and Bible study curriculums but says her greatest accomplishment by far is that of becoming Missy’s (her adopted daughter from Haiti) mama! They live on a hilly...

Duration: 00:49:05

Happy Hour #147: Kristin Schell

My guest for The Happy Hour #147 is Kristin Schell. Kristin is an established speaker and blogger on the subjects of food, faith, and hospitality. As founder of the Turquoise Table and Front Yard People movement, Kristin travels the country speaking at conferences and events with an encouraging word on how to open our lives and homes to others. She lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband, Tony, and their four children. Kristin and the Turquoise Table has been featured in a wide variety of...

Duration: 01:04:52

Happy Hour #146: Sophie Hudson

The very hilarious Sophie Hudson is back today for episode #146 of The Happy Hour. Sophie joined me for episode #54 and for The Happy Half Hour #8. She’s one of my favorite guests and she’s back today to chat about our recent travels to Kenya with Compassion International. On today’s show, Sophie and I recount several of our favorite stories from Kenya and how they impacted our lives. We chat about visiting the slums (you’ll find some pictures below), meeting our sponsored children and...

Duration: 01:01:33

Happy Hour #145: Maria Goff

Maria Goff is my guest for The Happy Hour #145. Maria has made a career out of loving her family and neighbors, raising her children, and turning houses into homes. She is married to national bestselling author of “Love Does” Bob Goff. Together, they operate Love Does, an organization dedicated to helping kids in conflict areas around the world including Uganda, Nepal, India, Iraq, and Somalia. The Goffs have three adult kids who are starting families of their own

Duration: 00:56:43

Happy Hour #144: Sarah Harmeyer

Sarah Harmeyer is my guest for episode #144 of The Happy Hour. Sarah is the founder of Neighbor’s Table, a concept born from her personal passion for gathering people, and her desire to get to know her own neighbors. She has personally witnessed how lives are transformed when people gather around the table and share their stories. Sarah asked her father to build a cedar farmhouse style table big enough to seat 20. They placed it under the oak tree in her backyard in Dallas, dropped...

Duration: 00:58:05

Happy Hour #143: Angie Smith

My guest for The Happy Hour #143 is Angie Smith. Angie is married to Todd Smith, of the Christian group, Selah, and mom to five daughters. In 2008, the Smiths received news that their 4th daughter, Audrey, would not survive, and Angie began blogging as a means of communication with friends and family during those difficult days. Angie now writes books and Bible studies, and teaches around the country, but the heart of her ministry is the same as it was when her fingers typed the very first...

Duration: 01:03:12

Happy Half Hour #32: Bianca Juárez Olthoff

One of my all-time favorite guests, Bianca Juárez Olthoff, is back today for episode #32 of The Happy Half Hour. If you missed Bianca’s first appearance, you must catch up here. Bianca is back to fill us in on the latest happenings in her life – including a pretty major life transition with prison ministry. She also answers the how she recharges, where she’d live for a year, her biggest pet peeve and how she defines success. You’re going to love catching back up with her. If you’re...

Duration: 00:28:18

Happy Hour #142: Cheryl Scruggs

My guest for The Happy Hour #142 is Cheryl Scruggs. Cheryl is a Biblical counselor with her husband, Jeff. She is the mom to adult twin daughters – Brittany Morgan and Lauren Scruggs Kennedy (who joined me for episode #132). She’s also the co-author of I Do Again and Still LoLo. Cheryl and her husband live in Dallas, where they run a marriage ministry called Hope Matters Marriage Ministries

Duration: 01:07:43

Happy Hour #141: Amber Newberry

Amber Newberry is my guest for The Happy Hour #141. Amber embraces her calling as wounded healer and seeks to show all people that they are beautiful and beloved. Through sharing her story, Amber hopes to begin to free people that have been living in the bondage of shame in their own stories. You can find Amber at beautifulandbeloved.com where she shares not only her stories, but the ways that God has given her redemption and healing through meditation, yoga, oils, and prayer. In today’s...

Duration: 01:01:38

Happy Half Hour #31: Alli Worthington

My guest for The Happy Half Hour #31 is my friend, Alli Worthington. Alli is the author of Breaking Busy and Fierce Faith, business coach, advisor and Executive Director of Propel Women. Alli’s no-nonsense, guilt-free take on business, family, and balance has lead to appearances on The Today Show and Good Morning America. She loves to speak at women’s conferences and business events. Alli, her husband, Mark, and their five sons live outside of Nashville, TN. Alli was on The Happy Hour for...

Duration: 00:30:05

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