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70- Cheating, Buttholes and Climax Face with Ahri Findling

Ahri is a dear old friend and comedian. He is a neurotic Jew from New Jersey who is madly in love with his new wife-it’s disgusting. Ahri had past girlfriends cheat on him and had one girlfriend ghost him for 9 years and then added him on LinkedIn. Mara and Andrew thinks it’s probably because Ahri is annoying and deserves it--great episode. Special thank you to our family of sponsors: Hello Tushy, Brooklinen, and BeachBody OnDemand! Please rate and review- your feedback helps this...


69- Door’d, The #8 Hulk Bike, & 3,000 to San Francisco for Futures Without Violence

Mara and Andrew sit down and realize they are even dumber than they thought. Mara talks about how it’s finally the end of the chemist and Andrew talks about how it’s finally the end of the chemist. They chat about their huge trip this fall: riding bikes across the country to raise a million bucks for the charity, Futures Without Violence. CONNECT WITH HNA ON 'DA WEBS Email: HappyNeverAfterPodcast@Gmail.com Twitter: @HNApod Facebook: Facebook.com/HappyNeverAfterPodcast Support Us...


68- Punk Rock, Porn Star and Falling in Love with Stephen Penta

We are joined by Stephen Penta, the boyfriend of comedian and past HNA Guest (and from the podcast, Guys We F*****), Krystyna Hutchinson. Stephen had a tough childhood. After his father had a terrible accident, Stephen turned to rock-n-roll and living an angry life. As rock died so did some of his dreams, but it was a blessing in disguise! He met the love of his life and now he wears glasses. Special thank you to our family of sponsors: Hello Tushy, Brooklinen, and BeachBody...


67- Long Distance, Step-Parents, and Ladies with Big Noses with Khalid Rahmaan

Our guest, Khalid has written for the NAACP Image Awards, and in 2017 he was named a TBS Comic to Watch— he was even recently featured on Conan! Khalid needed his parents to understand that the relationship with the Step parents was toxic. They should have seen it. These problems at home made Khalid understand what he wants from a woman…a woman with a beautiful, big nose. Check out Mara and Khalid in Khalid's monthly series, "Electric Laughs" This week's episode was sponsored by...


66- Comedy Specials, Thai food and Eating Butt with Mark Normand

Mark Normand is a great comedian. He’s got a one-hour (and HALF-HOUR) Comedy Central specials, and has been on TBS’s Conan more than Conan O’Brien. This week, Mark shares his plight with food poisoning during a brutal break-up. We chat about the difficult balance of a successful career and relationships. How does one manage the time?: Eating butts (and going to therapy). CONNECT WITH HNA ON 'DA WEBS Email: HappyNeverAfterPodcast@Gmail.com Twitter:...


65- OCD, Step Moms and Strippers with Emma Willmann

We are joined by hilarious comedian, Emma Willmann. She is host of the comedy show, The Check Spot on Sirius XM, co-hosts the podcast, "In the Closet", and has been featured on the TV show, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Emma tells us WILD tales of past relationships and as a team we to figure out what she’s looking for in the future. She dated a stripper that wanted to invent an "abortion cruise" to women that can only have sex at a certain temperature. This epsiode is brought to you by our...


64- A Doctor, A Scrub and Arranged Marriage with Subhah Agarwal

We are joined by the very funny Subhah Agarwal. Subhah grew up in a religious household. They would love for her to meet a nice Indian doctor and live a comfortable life but Subhah tends to go after guys that carry a switch blade. We dive into modern day dating and how it can all just be exhausting. CONNECT WITH HNA ON 'DA WEBS Email: HappyNeverAfterPodcast@Gmail.com Twitter: @HNApod Mara@MaraMarekAndrew@AndrewtCollin Instagram:...


63 - Singing, Dating, And "A Nice Booty" with Matteo Lane

An incredible comedian featured on Comedy Central, MTV and Late Night w/Seth Meyers, Matteo Lane joins us! Matteo gets into his dating life and how his family upbringing shaped him today. Matteo is insanely talented and wants to be known for more than just his "cute little booty." Scroll down to follow our guest and learn more about our podcast sponsors! CONNECT WITH HNA ON 'DA WEBS Email: HappyNeverAfterPodcast@Gmail.com Twitter: @HNApod Mara@MaraMarekAndrew@AndrewtCollin...


62- Holiday Special with Mara and Andrew

It’s the end of the year. We feel incredible that you’ve been on this ride with us. So many amazing stories and we can’t wait to share more next year. We have grown by doing this and it’s thanks to our guests and most importantly our listeners. - Mara + Andrew


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Paul grew up in the South and has a very strong relationship with God. Paul chose early on he was saving himself till marriage. It's tough cause Paul is a gorgeous, nice and funny man. Paul shares with us how he met his wife, how he knew it was love and how he finally got laid. Check out Paul's comedy- http://paulschissler.com CONNECT WITH HNA ON 'DA WEBS Email: HappyNeverAfterPodcast@Gmail.com Twitter: @HNApod Mara@MaraMarekAndrew@AndrewtCollin Instagram:...


Single Mom, Dirty South and A Shitty Mechanic with Dulcé Sloan

The hilarious actress, comedian, The Daily Show Correspondent and @Midnight CHAMP, Dulcé Sloan joins us! Dulcé moved around a lot. Raised by a single mother, she grew up fast. We speak about her relationship with her mother and how she dealt with dating a post-man and a mechanic. Sometimes the sweetest revenge happens when you work hard, follow your dreams and call out an ex-boyfriend on national TV. CONNECT WITH HNA ON 'DA WEBS Email: HappyNeverAfterPodcast@Gmail.com Twitter:...


Financial Ruin, Financial Gain and Also Divorce Stuff with James Altucher

Our guest is James Altucher from the successful podcast, The James Altucher Show. James has been married a few times. His career and relationships went up and down together. His drive and willingness keeps him going and he is more on top than ever financially. Now if he could just keep a relationship together. Scroll down to learn more about our guest and our sponsors! This show was sponsored by our friends at BROOKLINEN and HelloTushy.com! Need MORE of the 'Never After Crew? We hope...


Baby in a Bar, Fun Mom, and "I met my wife in college the 'Old-Fashioned Way'" with Mike Fenney

Mike is a comedian in NYC. He's a gorgeous man with nice eyes and can't grow facial hair. His mom loved bringing him to the bar at a tender age of 7 (she tried to leave him there many times). He met his now wife in college. He knew she was the one when he couldn't get laid by anyone else. His dad wasn't around. WATCH THIS EPISODE FOR FREE ON OUR PATREON WEBSITE CONNECT WITH HNA ON 'DA WEBS Email: HappyNeverAfterPodcast@Gmail.com Twitter: @HNApod Mara@MaraMarekAndrew@AndrewtCollin...


Power, Famous Celebrities and Divorce Law with Ira Garr

Ira Garr is a powerful New York City attorney specializing in "matrimonial law", or what we know as DIVORCE, as well as pre-nuptial (and post!) agreements. Ira has represented Ivanka Trump (TWICE!), Rupert Murdoch, and many others. He shares great insight for anyone who might be going through a divorce: SETTLE! (He also has been divorced twice knows from experience). SPOTIFY: WELCOME TO THE D-HIVE, we're happy to be here! CONNECT WITH HNA ON 'DA WEBS Email:...


Video games, Modern Dating and AOL Instant Messenger with Kevin Barnett

Kevin is a comedian and writer for shows like Broad City and The Carmichael Show. Kevin was raised by Jamaican parents in Florida. His father was quiet and often would stare into the sun. Kevin now stares into a TV and plays video games and nothing will get in his way. Especially a relationship that requires a train transfer. He's a gamer for life. 👇Scroll down to follow and learn more about our guest, Kevin Barnett!👇 This show has been sponsored by our friends at BROOKLINEN and...


Divorce, New Beginnings and Quesadilla Toes with Marshall Grupp

Who is Marshall Grupp? 🤔 Mara and Andrew have done over 60 shows with Marshall and still have no idea. Things we know: he has long flowing hair, a nice Buddha belly, and disgusting feet; however, we don't know who Marshall really is... This episode we find out. (I'm sure our listeners will be excited to find out who's the man behind "did you blow him?") Finally, from all of us at Happy Never After: thank you for listening, sharing your stories, and laughing through (almost) our first...


Zumba, Latin Liar, and Overcoming Abuse with Lisa

WARNING: This episode contains graphic description of domestic abuse, in case you may be sensitive to this topic. Also, we have included resources at the bottom of the episode description, as well as our Facebook page to assist if you, or if someone close to you is affected by domestic abuse. Lisa, friend of Mara’s from her triathlon days, joins the happy Never After crew to share her story of calculated, Long game manipulation, which ended long after physical abuse came into the...


Jersey, Junk Yards and Couples' Therapy with Dov Davidoff

This week we have a very special guest— actor, comedian, author, AND friend of the podcast, Dov Davidoff. We talk to Dov about his childhood in ‘Jersey, his marriage to the infamous Jessica, and his new book, “Road Dog”, available October 31, 2017! Dov’s an incredible comedian who’s written and performed two one-hour standup specials for television and has appeared on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Chappelle’s Show, Showtime, Comedy Central, and many others. Finally, Dov would like...


Eat, Nap, Fart with Sean Donnelly

This weeks guest is a great comedian, Sean Donnelly. Sean opens up about his very recent separation from his wife. It's so honest and compelling. We speak about how work can hurt a relationship. We realize that maybe all Sean needs is to visit Paris and to experience a foreign Chili's. CONNECT WITH HNA ON 'DA WEBS Email: HappyNeverAfterPodcast@Gmail.com Twitter: @HNApod Mara@MaraMarekAndrew@AndrewtCollin Instagram: @HappyNeverAfterPodcast Mara@MaraMarekAndrew@AndrewTCollin Facebook:...


Mara and Andrew: Couples Therapy with Dr. Gerber

Mara and Andrew have issues: it's no secret. They are both crazy and working together can be tough. On this episode we bring in a psychologist, Dr Marc Gerber, who sits down with them and analyzes their relationship. Mara and Andrew realized they hate everything about one another (and they think the other one should die). It's actually pretty great and I think they will grow from talking with someone.


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