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We've just launched out podcast to help people with book writing, publishing & marketing. New episodes will be published every Tuesday and Friday. We would love to have our show on TuneIn.

We've just launched out podcast to help people with book writing, publishing & marketing. New episodes will be published every Tuesday and Friday. We would love to have our show on TuneIn.
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We've just launched out podcast to help people with book writing, publishing & marketing. New episodes will be published every Tuesday and Friday. We would love to have our show on TuneIn.








How Long Should Your Book Be?

"How long should my book be?" has to be one of the most commonly asked questions asked by new authors. It is a difficult question to answer because it really depends on many factors related to your book. Here are some useful guidelines to help you assess how long your book should be. If you have any questions about how long your book should be, feel free to schedule a call with us and we can figure out your book vision and word count together.


How to Decide Your Book's Topic Using Decision Making Matrix

While writing your book, more often than not, with all the great ideas you have churning inside your head, you can’t help but be overwhelmed and be stuck at figuring what exactly to write about. Together with Jyotsna Ramachandran, the founder of Happy Self Publishing, let's discuss how to use the Decision Making Matrix to decide on your book's topic.


3 Book Topic Mistakes Authors Should Avoid

At Happy Self Publishing we are lucky enough to speak with aspiring authors nearly every day and along the way, we have come to learn and understand the rookie mistakes authors encounter as they write. In an effort to help authors avoid the book topic mistakes that we have seen over the years, together with Jyostna Ramachandran, the founder of Happy Self Publishing, let us dig into the three of the most common mistakes authors should avoid when writing their first book and how to fix them.


Ep 050: How to create the discipline to become an author in 2018? with Jyotsna Ramachandran

Wow - we're hit 50 episodes! Thank you to all of you who have supported us and tuned in to Season 1 of the Happy Self Publishing Show. Our founder Jyotsna Ramachandran wraps up the first season of our show (and 2017!) with her tactics for creating the discipline necessary to write your book once and for all. If you've been struggling with procrastination this year and hope to finally finish writing your manuscript in the New Year, tune in to hear about Jyotsna's tried and true strategies to...


Ep 049: Ajit Nawalkha: How do you prepare yourself mentally before starting to write your book?

Did you know? Only 3% of those who are hoping to write a book actually manage to finish it. For episode 49 of the Happy Self Publishing show, we sat down with Ajit Nawalkha, co-founder of Mind Valley, founder of EverCoach, business coach and author of the Book of Coaching to find out how he wrote his book in just 8 (yes, you read that right!) days. Ajit shares how he switched his mindset from an entrepreneur to an author's viewpoint and how aspiring authors can train themselves to achieve...


Ep 048: Julie Broad: How to sell 1000 books with $100?

Julie Broad left her successful career in the real estate world after becoming an overall Amazon bestselling author – not just in one category! She went on to win an international book award and receive the Beverly Hills book award for best sales book. Through her new venture Book Launchers, Julie helps authors sell their book, boost their brand and gain overall credibility. Join us for Episode 48 of the Happy Self Publishing show, where she explains how you can sell 1000 copies of your book...


Ep 047: Joshua Lisec: How to re-purpose content you've already written into a book?

For episode 47 of the Happy Self Publishing show, we sat down with Joshua Lisec – bestselling international ghostwriter, content marketer and president of Entrepreneur’s Wordsmith LLC. Joshua uses his marketing and copywriting superpowers to help clients create influence and has ghostwritten over 20 books so far, as well as original copy across 50+ countries. He shared his invaluable insights for how business owners, influencers and bloggers can repurpose the content they’ve already spent...


Ep 046: Ali Katz: How can self published authors get their books traditionally published?

As the bestselling author of Hot Mess to Mindful Mom and the recently launched Get The Most Out Of Motherhood, Ali Katz is a rarity in today's self publishing sphere in that she has also gone the opposite route and had her books traditionally published. In a space where many authors are either on one side or the other of the fence, Ali joins us to explains the pros and cons of both self publishing and traditional publishing and explains how you can get your self published book picked up by...


Ep 045: Debbie Drum: How can authors get more reviews for their book on Amazon?

As the bestselling author of over 5 books and an absolute Internet marketing rockstar, Debbie Drum is also the creator of several online products - including one that helps your book get reviews on Amazon. She stopped by the Happy Self Publishing Show to share how authors can get more reviews for their book on Amazon, and why the number of reviews you receive is increasingly important in a world that relies heavily on social pro


Ep 044: Sudhir Khollam: How to run a successful pre-order campaign for your book?

As the author of Money Lessons From Mother Nature and the founder of Success Habits Academy, our client and friend Sudhir Khollam is passionate about teaching and holding entrepreneurs accountable. We were inspired by his recent pre-order book campaign, which saw him sell 250 copies of his book before it was even published! Tune in as he shares how to start selling and marketing your book before it's even created and how to leverage the power of your inner circle to launch your own...


Ep 043: How to convert your book into an online course? with Grant Weherley

As the founder of, Grant Weherley works with experts across various industries to help them build and launch online courses to scale their businesses. As we've seen via many of our clients' experiences, the process of creating an online course from your book can overwhelming to say the least. Join us as Grant explains how authors can easily convert their book's content into a teachable format and help them reach a wider audience via an online course.


Ep 042: How can authors build their email list to market their book? with Meera Kothand

Writing a book is one thing, but marketing it is a whole other ball game! To help lift your marketing efforts off the ground, we asked bestselling author of the One Hour Content Plan and email marketing specialist Meera Kothand to stop by the show and share her invaluable insights. Meera's book hit the bestseller chart after just a few days thanks to the power of her e-mail list. She shares how delivering value and creating trust with your followers can ultimately grow your business and...


Ep 041: How can authors effectively use their website to sell their services? with Tsavo Neal

For episode 41 of the Happy Self Publishing show, we sat down of Tsavo Neal – a digital specialist who helps businesses and consultants position themselves as authorities in their industries and gain new clients. Thanks to Tsavo’s expertise, a number of authors, consultants and coaches have been able to get the most out of their website and market their services effectively. Join us as Tsavo explains how self published authors can use their site and book in conjunction with one another to...


Ep 040: How can authors distribute their ebooks and audiobooks via Draft2Digital? with Kevin Tumlinson

Many first-time authors become overwhelmed with all of the steps involved in the self publishing process and focus solely on Amazon to distribute their books, overlooking all of the other possible platforms. Kevin Tumlinson, bestselling author and Director of Marketing at Draft2Digital, joins us for Episode 40 of the Happy Self Publishing Show to explain how authors can distribute their audiobooks and e-books on alternative platforms, aside from Amazon. Having written over 40 books, Kevin...


Ep 039: Alan McComas: How to effectively use press releases to promote your book?

How did a first-time self published author manage to get press coverage from the likes of Fox, CBS and NBC? Alan McComas, author of the bestselling book Laidback Lifestyle, joins us to highlight how he effectively used the power of media press releases to promote his book – while also acting as VP of an engineering company, dabbling in real estate as a side business and playing lots of golf! While he didn’t expect his book to receive as much coverage as it did, he shares his insights on...


Ep 038: Ray Brehm: How do I use the concept of rapid writing to finish my book's rough draft?

As the author of multiple bestselling books including Author Startup and High Performance Paperback, Ray Brehm has positioned himself as an expert who helps entrepreneurs become authors. Having spent over three months in the editing phase of his first book, he is no stranger to procrastination and how authors can become their own bottleneck. He joins us for Episode 38 of the Happy Self Publishing show to explain how the concept of rapid writing can help authors complete their books faster...


Ep 037: Robbie Samuels: How to leverage the power of LinkedIn to market your book?

Having been recognized as a networking expert by Inc and Lifehacker, Robbie Samuels recently dropped by our podcast to discuss how authors can leverage the potential of LinkedIn to market their books. As the author of the recently launched Croissants Vs. Bagels, Robbie is an advocate of avoiding wasting time on networking and spending it building valuable relationships instead. He joins us to explain how he successfully used LinkedIn to promote his book before its launch and engage his...


Ep 036: Joanna Jast: How can self published authors make it to WSJ bestseller list?

We’ve all heard of the New York Times bestseller list, but what exactly is the WSJ bestseller list and how can self-published authors make it onto it? For episode 36 of the Happy Self Publishing Show, we’re joined by productivity coach Joanna Jast – author of Hack Your Habits and Laser Sharp Focus – the latter of which recently ranked on the WSJ bestseller list. While the general belief is that making it onto these prestigious lists is a privilege reserved for traditionally published...


Ep 035: Qat Wanders: How to attract coaching clients using your book?

When entrepreneurs or coaches write a book, many of them are surprised to find that it quickly acts as a business card on steroids and shoots their sales through the roof. Our client Qat Wanders recently experienced a similar realization after her bestselling book Yoga for You brought in over $30,000 worth of coaching clients within just a month after its release! Readers found her on, Facebook and Twitter and quickly enlisted her savvy know-how to help them overcome chronic pain and more...


Ep 034: Piyush Bhatia: How to make your book launch event a huge success?

Piyush Bhatia is the author of Get Your Dream Job and the founder of BM Consultants India, a site dedicated to helping professionals communicate more effectively. He recently hosted a successful launch party for his book, which saw over 150 of India’s senior executives from a range of multiple industries in attendance. He sat down with us to share what went into preparing his event and key details that authors should focus on to make sure that they launch their books with maximal bang....


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