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25 Harmonize After Dark: Black & Sexy

Its easy to get conditioned into only accepting quickies. We talk about flirting starting in the morning, so that they imagination is on FIRE by the time we get home from work. GET IT when you can, morning, noon, night. LOL! Nina figures out her hubby loves her preggo body, that’s why they got so many kids. Kenya either has a knife fetish or she was a circus performer in past life We want to hear from you [...]


24 We Baaaqqq!!!

We missed y’all! We are all over the pl — WAKANDA FOREVER — may be shouted at random moments throughout this episode. We sing songs. We twerk. We talk about acting and dance. Nina met GregAlan Williams. Kenya’s baby got into a summer intensive with the Dance Theatre of Harlem. WAKANDA FOREVER. We have Alchemist moments. Nina explains “malapropism” as Kenya says words. Oh yeah its Mardi Gras too The Links this week: Passion Planner:


23 We’re BACK!!!

We’re back family! We have had a break, we are refreshed and we are ready to spill the tea. Next full episode drops in a week. Love y’all! Follow us on Twitter: @HarmonizePod Instagram: HarmonizePod Facebook: HarmonizeWithNina&Kenya Email us: [...]


22 Minisode 3 TREAT YO’SELF!!!

It’s the holidays! TURN UP!!! Big Freedia’s Christmas album. Twerking. Cliff Owusu. Nina’s husband makes an appearance. Kenya sings a Vaseline song. Spirit Talk! We love them! Again, we are not high, its JUST TEA!!! A Very Big Freedia ChristmazzHow An iPhone Would Ring If It Was Invented By An AfricanSend us pics of you treating yourself! [...]


21 Joy Minisode 2

We are back with another “demi” sode. All about Joy and giggles. And tea. Happy holidays. Don’t forget to TWERK, let the kids help you do stuff. They are funny. Check out Développé Box for holiday deals. Take a picture of yourself listening to #HarmonizePod and send it to us at: Follow us on Twitter: @HarmonizePod Instagram: HarmonizePod Facebook: HarmonizeWithNina&Kenya Ema [...]


20 Mini-sode for the Holiday Stress

HEEEEYYYYY! We didn’t want to leave you hanging for the holidays, so we have a short series of “mini” episodes, or “Demi-sodes” as Kenya coins them. These are really just to make you laugh, give you a quick spot of joy & we PROMISE, we are NOT high! LOL! Don’t forget to check out And hit us up! Follow us on Twitter: @HarmonizePod Instagram: HarmonizePod Facebook: HarmonizeWithNina&Kenya [...]


19 Creativity Beyond Borders with Special Guest Tanesha Barnes

Hey Harmonizers! We are winding down the year & we have a holiday treat for you! We interview our new friend Tanesha Barnes of T Barnes Beauty, T Barnes Global Travel, T Barnes Global Summer Camp and Solace Boutiques and last, she’s Solana’s Mama. (yes honey! She is FIERCE!) Shout out to our friend Marie for the connection. We talk about needing new air, creating reality, letting go of what it’s “supposed to” look like, and living beyond the fear those who loves us hold for us. She...


18 Creative Legacy

Kenya graduated “Oh, Laude” from college. There’s a place for everything, so we put everything in place. Bloom where you’re planted. We talk about all of this and more with our friend Zeita Rutlegde. We figure out how so many of the creative things we do came from our fore mothers, how there was a time when we HAD to be makers, because of lack of access. Then we got free, got technology and many of us are rediscovering making traditions. ***We also make a special announcement about...


16 Is #MeToo Too Much4U?

We started out talking about #metoo, how its triggering and how as black performers we are often expected to perform our pain. We got angry. It went everywhere from there. Kenya talks about going from a white all girls boarding school to an HBCU. Nina declares she is NOT the Oracle. Around 37 minutes in, airplanes decided to fly really low. Kenya discovers Henry Louis Gates. We talk about “twice as much to get half as far”. Some Learnin’ Intersectionality Kimberle Crenshaw Kimberlé...


15 Art as Self Care Part Deux

80 degrees to 50 degrees in 2.5 seconds. Welcome to Cleveland. We want warm bread, but “Hips and children do not lie.” Nina does not have time for her feelings today. Kenya is #Lit. We saw a commercial on TV. You have to listen to find out what it is (LOL) We remind ourselves of our tools. Nina tries not to speak in hyperbole. Its hard. Kenya helps her get her life together. We channel our inner ThinkingEmoji. We also want a mocha-frappa-venti-whipped-caramel-choco something or other. And...


14 Crisis or Naw?

“Possibility creates pressure” We have to consult with mutha Oprah. In honor of #WorldMentalHealthDay & #WOCAffirmation Day, we get real. Kenya got 99 problems, and Nina is one! LOL! We create choreography. We read some quotes. We spill some tea. Women have mid-life crisis too. Kenya thinks men use it as an excuse. (Where’s the knife?) GenX Women are going through it y’all! Why all these young bucks getting our money? Why do we have so much rage? We decided to drink tea instead of...


13 Hey Girl: Interview with Rashida Van Leer

We meet Rashida, from #TeamNina. Kenya cusses and has fun with it. Rashida teaches us that Input + output = expectation and bangs the table, she has questions. She is good with these hands. Nina blames the babies on Rashida. There’s no crying in baseball! We go to dark places. Our children are listening. Our bodies are listening…are we? Oh, also, we learn how to cook cauliflower, sort of. Rediscover yourself. Learn to be selfish. Self-care #OnFleek Find Rashida: On Iron Koi’s Website, On...


12 Not So Simple

Kenya is going to learn pole dancing. Corlesia can’t choose a favorite song, and says, “My turn!” Mariama teaches us to rest and reminisces about pizza for breakfast & all of our rooms are a hot mess. Nina says now she knows Ava, Lin, Oprah, Lauryn Hill AND Bob Marley. Kenya faints and falls out. Interview with Ms. Mariama Whyte and Ms. Corlesia Smith of the cast of “Simply Simone” onstage at Karamu House, Inc. now through October 8th. Karamu House SIMPLY SIMONE...


Episode 10: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

IT’S KENYA’S BIRTHDAY Y’ALL!!! We are so excited that we had to invite a special guest, her BFF from the womb, Kelli Hancock! The following statements are the only explanation for this episode: Polar bears are fierceThe internet almost ruined Kenya’s artKelli and Kenya may or may not have broken someone out of the hospital on multiple occasionsNina has words…somewhere, kind of, maybeWe question the sanity of people without friendsOh, yeah, we are all famous. We are only 2-4 degrees...


Episode 9: You Gotta Have Faith

Faith and the artist is tricky…Catholic School and the Baptist Church. Rosary beads and Alchemy. Art as sacred space and high praise. Code Noir and dese heauxs ain’t ready. Holy hands and where to catch them. Total Praise by Richard Smallwood Ephesians 6:10-18 Moses Hogan arr of Battle of Jericho Follow us on Twitter:


Episode 8: Processing

We are processing y’all. The process: Chicken nuggets, mixed vegetables, applesauce. “Yes, and…” Unlike the artistic process, which has a definite beginning, middle and ending, life’s process isn’t like that. We talk about “Ya Mama!” (No, not your mama, Nina’s play). *WARNING* We get loud at unexpected moments in this episode, PLEASE keep your fingers near the volume control. We talk about Katrina and Harvey. Nina has words, sometimes they are hard to find. New Orleans comes pouring out...


Episode 7: #BlackGirlMagic #BlackBoyJoy

Charlottesville. Its a lot y’all. But we are going to talk about that specifically. Lots of people have said very eloquent things about that. We are talking instead about how we cultivate joy in hard times like this; what we learned from our foremothers and how they expressed love. Comedy. Twerking. Michelle Obama’s right to “bare her arms” yep. All of that is in there. We hope it brings you some joy. Harmonize’s Tips for Cultivating and Keeping Joy in Trying times: Don’t take the burden...


Episode 6: Back2School Shuffle

Life got to us this week so the episode is a little late…and we were up late recording. So we are slap-happy! We talk about EDI (Equity-Diversity-Inclusion), Kenya’s International guests and her new nickname, children moving in slow motion, grandma’s breakfast and more. Also, Kenya’s hands are pretty no matter what she says. Some EDI terms for reference: Privilege: is a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group of people. It is...


Episode 4: So You Think You Can___?

Kenya bangs the table. Nina vows to find Ava DuVernay and become her female muse. Ballet is expensive. We get real about race and casting. Oh, and the kids interrupt at the end, because, kids. #HarmonizePod Follow us on Twitter: @HarmonizePod Instagram: HarmonizePod Facebook: HarmonizeWithNina&Kenya Email us:


Episode 3: Life Don’t Stops!

We made plans. God laughed. Life went on anyway, cause Life don’t stops! #HarmonizePod Follow us on Twitter: @HarmonizePod Instagram: HarmonizePod Facebook: HarmonizeWithNina&Kenya Email us:


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