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The Near Westside is bounded by 16th Street to the north, Tibbs Avenue to the west, Washington Street to the south, and White River to the east; it includes three historically distinct neighborhoods: Haughville, Stringtown, and Mt. Jackson. Historically, Haughville was the area south of 10th Street and north of Michigan Street, between Tibbs and Belmont Avenues. The entire area north of 10th Street is commonly referred to as North Haughville, although it was not part of the earliest settlement. The Stringtown area is typically defined as the area west of the White River, south of Michigan, east of Belmont, and north of Washington Street. The area east of Belmont, between Michigan and 10th Streets, is sometimes included with Haughville and sometimes with Stringtown, depending on which source is consulted. The area originally settled as the town of Mt. Jackson is now known as the Hawthorne or West Washington neighborhood. Its boundaries are the old Big Four tracks to the north, Warman Avenue to the west, the Penn Central tracks to the south and Belmont Avenue to the east.