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Haunted After Hours was created out of the ingenious and wacky mind of Chuck Manning, who kindly asked us to host a show with a totally female perspective of all things that go bump in the night. Yes, your hosts are hot, sexy women (had to throw that in there) but this is not a show where we will simply talk about our feelings. We will cover solid issues that we have experienced as woman ghost hunters, as well as provide talented and insightful guests, and cover unique topics within the magnificent and unusual haunted world. We do not claim to be experts. Our opinions are based on our interpretations and personal experiences. We are a positive and open-minded show with several points of view. We take the paranormal very seriously but Haunted After Hours is a fun, lighthearted, and causal atmosphere that strives for paranormal unity. This is a bully-free forum and will not condone gossip, scandal or drama…not what you expected? Fantastic! Enjoy the show!



This program will be available today at 11PM.