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The Hawke Media Podcast is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and executives crush the digital marketing game. Each episode features an interview with an entrepreneur, executive, or thought leader, discussing topics like: media buying, influencer marketing, Facebook ads, SEO, SEM, email marketing, social media, creative, retargeting, content marketing, branding, UX/UI design, content amplification, social acquisition, affiliate marketing, and more.




28: How Finding the Correct Product/Market Fit Drives Better Product Decisions w/ Joana Kogan

The phrase “product/market fit” was coined by Marc Andreessen in his post “The Only Thing That Matters.” In short, product/market fit means being in a good market with a product that can satisfy that market. Many companies create an MVP and simply hope their product takes off. You can have a huge market, but if you don’t have a product that fulfills the needs of that market, you’re going to be missing out. So product/market fit is all about finding cohesion between having a good product...

Duration: 00:14:56

27: 3 Ways to Improve Digital Marketing with Customer Intelligence w/ Andreea Gleeson

There is no one place to go to obtain customer intelligence; you have to get it from lots of different points. For digital music distributor TuneCore, the key to their success has been taking what they’ve learned from various initiatives and bringing them together to get a more holistic picture of their customers—and at the same time identifying those segmentations they need to do to better target based on the customer’s needs. Andreea Gleeson is TuneCore’s VP of Marketing and Product....

Duration: 00:22:15

26: Predictive Marketing Via Email w/ Jamie Field

In this episode, Tony interviews Jamie Field on predictive marketing via email.

Duration: 00:18:33

25: How to really Connect with your Customers w/ Gautam Gupta

What if you could take the guesswork out of snacking? What if you didn’t have to be a slave to the vending machine, fueling your body with unhealthy junk? What if you could choose affordable, healthy snacks, and they were delivered right to your desk? Most consumers buy the same products every time they go to the grocery store. You’re already going to go to the store and buy these products, so why not have them delivered to your door?

Duration: 00:17:21

22: Why is Traditional Retail Under Siege? w/ Scott Friend

The overall growth in U.S. general merchandise and apparel over the last decade is relatively flat. But look under the covers and disaggregate brick-and-mortar sales from digital sales. Not surprisingly, you’ll see digital growing at a double clip while brick-and-mortar is declining. In this episode Scott Friend, Managing Director at Bain Capital Ventures, reveals the details behind that decline and predicts whether legacy retailers will be able to keep up with a rapidly evolving retail...

Duration: 00:20:26

21: Everything You Need to Know About Account-Based Marketing w/ Paula Crerar

The goal of account-based marketing is faster sales cycles—and revenue of course. This differs from traditional content marketing, where you’re thinking about your content mix, SEO, and conversion goals. Traditionally, you’re looking at bringing people to your site with your content, then from that big pile of people, filtering out some for sales to engage with. Whereas with ABM you say, “I know who I want to sell to; let me target my efforts there.” Listen in as Paula Crerar, VP...

Duration: 00:16:57

20: 3 Ways to Hack the Mind of the Online Shopper w/ Jennie Wong

The key to understanding the online shopping experience is to start with a realization: The device your shopper is using to buy things with is not the thing they’re holding in their hands: it’s the thing between their ears. In this episode Dr. Jennie Wong, author of 7 Ways to Hack the Mind of the Online Shopper, makes the case that the real hardware of eCommerce is the human brain. Listen in as she walks through 3 of the 7 steps in her book to truly understand the mind of your online...

Duration: 00:18:24

19: Launch Lessons From the Popular Game “Dots” w/ Paul Murphy

Paul Murphy is the Co-Founder and CEO of Dots, the company that produced the popular minimalist game. Dots has experienced the rapid growth of their team in a short time, partly due to a unique launch story. How did they do it? “The main thing is you have to be selective when you’re asking for help,” Paul says, “and you want to be as specific as possible when doing it.” Listen in for more advice on how to get your own product/app idea off the ground.

Duration: 00:17:16

18: The 7 Common Elements of Viral Videos w/ Joel Ackerman

Virality is an elusive beast. There’s a misconception that folks can snap their fingers and create something that “goes viral.” You can’t control virality, but you can give yourself the best chance for something you create going viral. In this episode Joel Ackerman, Chief Creative Genius at Ackermania Creative, teaches the seven elements of virality. While they’re not a perfect formula, they are “ingredients” or “colors” that you can mix together to give yourself the best shot at...

Duration: 00:21:26

17: Brand Protection on Social Media w/ Jenny Wolfram

Developing a company’s social media presence is an invaluable means of marketing, one that can lead to great expansion for your business in a growing online economy. However, blazing the trail of online media also comes with unprecedented issues, both legally and in the realm of public opinion. The internet never sleeps, but hopefully you do. As your business presence expands online it will need systems in place to not only help its marketing thrive, but also to protect it from risks...

Duration: 00:10:02

16: How a Once-Great Beauty Brand Was Resurrected Through Social Campaigns w/ JuE Wong

A few years ago, virtually everyone had heard of Elizabeth Arden. Yet when asked about the brand, people followed up with “...but what are they up to today?” It was the largest of all the turnaround opportunities that JuE Wong, our guest today, had been involved in. The task piqued her interest. Today, JuE is the President of Elizabeth Arden. In this episode, you’re going to hear how she helped resurrect a brand that was considered by most to be well past its prime.

Duration: 00:21:53

15: Thought Leadership Marketing Sells Itself w/ Heather Taylor

There’s nothing worse than being heckled by a salesman when you have no interest in the product. In the same way pushy marketing, especially from an unknown source, is not going to generate the type of traffic you want your business to have. This week, Tony had the pleasure of speaking with Heather Taylor, Director of Creative Strategy for North America at The Economist. Heather creates RSPs to figure out the best content programs for a desired audience. The Economist was founded in...

Duration: 00:20:22

14: How to Drive an Effective Content Marketing Strategy w/ Drew Neisser

Normally, “PUSH” is the exact opposite of what your goal should be in content marketing. You want to pull readers in, not push them. But PUSH also happens to be the perfect acronym for what your content needs: P: Purpose U: Utility S: Story H: Humility In this episode Drew Neisser, Founder and CEO of Renegade, expands on that acronym and more as he lays out a plan for an effective content marketing strategy.

Duration: 00:23:03

13: How to Create an Employee Advocacy Program w/ Marylin Montoya

Your employees have a firsthand knowledge of your company, since they’re in the environment every day. If your employees are happy, your clients will be as well. That’s the idea behind social selling that utilizes employee advocacy. Listen in as Marylin Montoya, Director of Marketing at Sociabble, shares how and why to create an employee advocacy program.

Duration: 00:23:03

12: How eBay Empowers Its Customers on Social Media w/ Dallen McKee

More and more people are starting to recognize social media as a customer care platform. A few years ago, a report came out from Nielsen stating that close to 33% of all customers would prefer to use a social media channel as opposed to calling over the phone. They prefer a quicker, more personal interaction, as opposed to waiting on a phone call for who knows how long. In this episode Dallen McKee, Global Social Customer Care Leader for a little company called eBay, shares how a wildly...

Duration: 00:17:01

11: 3 Content Distribution Strategies of a New-Media Company w/ Paul Berry

Good content doesn’t help your marketing if no one is reading it. While SEO still plays a role in drawing eyes to your content, it is quickly being outclassed by social media. Facebook in particular is a great place to share content to pull in more business, but it can be confusing for newcomers to the idea. In this episode, Paul Berry, founder and CEO of RebelMouse, explains how to build your content distribution strategy with both search and social to promote organic growth.

Duration: 00:22:08

10: The Forgotten Marketing Gem That All Businesses Should Uncover w/ Matt White

In business, a lack of thoughtfulness—whether intentional or not—has resulted from digitized communications. The idea of a handwritten note, in a world like ours, is so thoughtful—and could teach your business a lot about how to make people feel valued. In this episode Matt White, Director of Sales at Bond, shares his thoughts on how to position your company as one who wants to “serve the world and give it a way to be more thoughtful.”

Duration: 00:20:50

9: How to Raise Money Through Digital Marketing w/ Ajay Yadav

There are a lot of tools out there that you can use to raise money, separate from traditional VCs or angels. Ajay Yadav is the Founder of Roomi, a roommate-finding app that has raised more than $1 million using AngelList. While you may be familiar with AngelList, you might not be getting as much out of it as you could. In this episode, Ajay explains how you can use AngelList to raise money from dozens of investors with a few steps and some simple A/B testing.

Duration: 00:16:55

8: How to Increase Your Average Order Value by 55% w/ Casey Gannon

Apps are where everyone is working right now. Whether they’re used for shopping or communicating, apps provide a better user experience than websites. They’re built in, easier to use, and top-of-mind for users. For a long time, apps were prohibitive because they were so expensive. Since this is no longer the case, the question is, how much of a priority should your company put on developing an app? In this episode, that question is answered by two guests from Shopgate: Casey Gannon (VP...

Duration: 00:20:00

7: Why Small Businesses Won’t Grow Without a Marketing Focus w/ Nathan Flowers

When you ask a small business owner if other small businesses need to take marketing seriously, you assume they’ll say yes. But Nathan Flowers, CMO of Fulkra, actually says, “It depends.” Listen in to hear Nathan talk about why you may not need a marketing focus now, but why you will never grow without one.

Duration: 00:18:07

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