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SC15 – #syndicast Jeremy Moore talks Shooters Source, North Texas Multigun, VS3G and Triple C

This week we are joined by one of my all time favorite people in 3 Gun, Business and HELL I would say life! He is a serial 2A Entrepreneur, shooter, Texan with a capital T, Match Director, Range Manager and owner of Shooters Source. Please help me welcome Jeremy Moore. Topics:


SC14 – #syndicast Dustin Sanchez on Shooting, JP Rifles, Team Breda and Nordic Vortex Tri-Gun Marketing

On this weeks Episode I speak with Dustin Sanchez on on Shooting, JP Rifles, Team Breda and Nordic Vortex Tri-Gun Marketing. Topics:


SC13 – #syndicast Rob Romero and Charles Sole on Strategic Match Design

In this weeks episode I get a chance to sit down with Rob Romero and Charles Sole to talk about their new venture strategic Match Design. We cover: and much much more!


SC12 - #syndicast Discount Codes, Participation Awards and Other Delights...

I think it is time we take a serious look at what we feel we are ENTITLED to and square that with our belief in freedom and personal responsibility. 3 Gun has long been one fo the ultimate expressions of freedom and personal responsibility and yet, we still want discounts and participation awards.


SC11 - #syndicast Facebook is bringing people together and you are not invited!

On January 11th, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would be changing its news feed algorithm to prioritize content from “friends, family and groups.” “You’ll see less public content like posts from businesses, brands, and media" Zuckerberg cites “a responsibility to make sure our services aren’t just fun to use, but also good for people’s well-being” as justification for the change, admitting that businesses are going to have to work harder than ever to gain their customers’...


SC10 - #syndicast This is my #2AStory

Arghhh! Missing a full day of SHOT Show due to a massive snow storm. I used the opportunity to tell my #2AStory. I encourage you to pick a medium and do the same.


SC9 - #syndicast Lets Tell a Better Story!

The 2A community has lost control of the narrative in a big way assuming we ever had it at all. Our old ideas of staying out of the media are not working and we remain in a vulnerable place around our rights. I submit it is time to reframe the story and we haver an incredible set of tools for doing so!


SC8 - #syndicast The New Deal for Sponsorship

Shooters! Who among you wants to do more for your sponsors and get paid more appropriately in the process? This conversation and document is a first step in making that happen. For a copy of the document or more information email me mark@hawkeyesyndicate.


MC6 - #matchcast Start Picking Matches for 2018

Hey Shooters! It has been a little while since the last #matchcast. Adam and I have been crazy busy with a full measure of life. In this episode we attempt to get off the blocks and start looking at 3 Gun Matches for 2018.


SC7 - #syndicast Attraction vs. Promotion

This week on the syndicate we will be talking about the idea of Attraction rather than promotion and why most of us are missing the real opportunities for personal branding, market influencing and most importantly community growth. Attraction Rather than promotion - I was first introduced to this idea… Article HRExaminer - John Summer Marketing, when executed effectively, is all about making the prospect of doing business with you so attractive that the normal dynamics of promotion...


SC6 - #syndicast Negativity and how to express it

This week on the Syndicast we are talking about NEGATIVITY. We will kick off my rant with a letter penned by Mark Passamanek of Carbon Arms describing what he has been seeing in 2017 with an awesome call to action for the upcoming year. From there I will do my best to put this into perspective for the individual and how you can be part of the solution - All coming up next! Mark Passamanek - Carbon Arms I have been shooting competitively for a while, about 20 different sports over the...


SC5 - #syndicast Deconstructing the Hiperfire Rifle Side Contest

The follow up to Episode 4 : Get over yourself Hey everybody, welcome to the syndicast. On this weeks show we will be giving away the Hiperfire Social Media Side Stage Rifle to the shooter that delivered the largest number of Hiperfire hashtags during the event and then deconstructing how the top 5 chose to game this out. With no rules, the sky was the limit and the battleground was facebook, instagram and twitter! Who will take home the big prize all coming up next!


SC4 - #syndicast Get over yourself and express your truth!

This week on the show we talk about getting over your fear and expressing your truth in social media. We do this through the lens of a specific match promotion we are doing at ignite and our largest event of the season - Jeff Kirwold Memorial 3 Gun and Shoot-off to benefit Task Force Dagger.


MC5 - #matchcast August 22

Hey everybody welcome the matchcast This week on the show Adam and I will dig in to the scores from Rockcastle 3 Gun Pro-AM and the USPSA Minnesota State Section Match right after we talk about where to be this week in Minnesota Action Shooting. Before we begin, if you are getting value out of this share it with one friend. Upcoming Matches in Minnesota - Number one choice for this weekend is the Jeff Kirkwold Memorial 3 Gun Match and Shootoff - Wednesday USPSA at MGFC, USPSA at...


SC3 - #syndicast with Entrepreneur & USPSA Shooter Krystal Dunn

This week on the Syndicast we are talking with Entrepeneur, USPSA Shooter and Sponsee Krystal Dunn. Krystal has taken her Social-Fu to the next level after receiving some big sponsorships in 2017. We will be talking about how she is handling all that, the need for privacy on social media and I am dying to find out what she has to say about the gun bunny strategy. Plus she has some goodies from Federal ammunition to giveaway. All coming up next! Welcome to the podcast Krystal Before...


MC4 #matchcast August 15

Mark's Show Notes: Hey everybody welcome the matchcast This week on the show Adam and I will be talking about upcoming matches here in Minnesota and across the country. We also have the run down from the weekend, Including Rocky Mountain. Finally we are going to muse about a new PCC movement happening in the Southeast Upcoming Matches in Minnesota - Tuesday Steel Challenge at FLSC and USPSA at Scapsa - Wednesday USPSA at MGFC, USPSA at Pine Island and 3 Gun at FLSC - Thursday USPSA...


SC2 The partnership of being sponsored with Josh Froelich

Josh Froelich has been on a meteoric rise at matches taking several number one spots in 2017. His achievements in USPSA and 3 Gun have only been matched by what he is doing for his sponsors. Listen up to this weeks #syndicalist


MC2 #matchcast August 11

On this weeks #matchcast Minnesota USPSA Area 3 2017


MC2 #matchcast August 1



SC1 Blueprint for sponsorship from Vortex Optics

On this episode of the #syndicast presented by Hawkeye Syndicate we discuss the following topics:


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