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Episode 26 – Martin at INDISC + Ed VanderVeen TPF interview

Stern code updates AFMr fix update Complex useless toys Alien updates Interview with Ed VanderVeen from Texas Pinball Festival Texas origins and growth Who ISN’T coming to Texas INDISC Stream Tournament Martin’s result Getting to Utah Competition winner This week in pinball Mailbag

Duration: 01:24:49

Episode 25 – Scott Danesi has a roo’s ballbag, Karl DeAngelo does not

Pulp Fiction and Beatles Alice Cooper Tease Scott Danesi Interview TNA music Upcoming TNA update Kangaroo Testicles Win a signed TNA Cassette! Future Spa from the future TWERPY results v2 New Batcode Karl DeAngelo interview Critical Hits cards / IE pinball INDISC 2018 – Do or Die A.N.A.L.C.R.A.P. Pin-stadium debate – WOZ stream Sopranos review…Read more Episode 25 – Scott Danesi has a roo’s ballbag, Karl DeAngelo does not

Duration: 01:55:58

Episode 24 – Martin gets drunk and abuses John Popadiuk

Aerosmith exclusive news Heads Up comp in US John Popadiuk SOCIAL JUSTICE AFMR Issues Whirlwind blows Houdini Ships TWERPY results! Jordan Tredaway interview Ryan runs first IFPA tournament Flip Frenzy Chaos Martys Flush Flaps Heads Up Showdown 2017 Podcast highlights Martin gets super drunk

Duration: 01:44:09

Episode 23 – Stevie Ritchie gets a new JOB!

New GOTG songs Hobbit code Steve Ritchie new job Alien LE bolts TNA success Dutch positive AFMr in Australia Joe Balcer interview TWIPYs and TWERPYs Martin tries to buy Ryan out Dialed in leaves Martin is coming to the USA! Mailbag Christmas Cracker jokes Favourite machines from favourite designers

Duration: 01:07:25

Episode 22 – A Very Kaneda Christmas – 2017 Year in review

Kaneda Bio 2017 Year in review for all Manufactures Will they make it in 2018? Updates for Woz, GOTG, SW Steve Ritchie Live! Switch Pinball Arcade CDMD for GOT Eric Meunier’s Triceps We beg for the TWIPYs The TWERPYs! Rob Radar is back Dialed In! is finally Dialed In! Hashmans party Mailbag Martin doesn’t want Ryan

Duration: 01:51:44

Episode 21 – Ron and Bruce: Raw, Delirious, Uncut

Bruce is a Billionaire Slam tilt Streaming Bruce Willis pinball machines Aussie Slang again A.N.A.L.C.R.A.P. Twipy awards Stern news Circle Jerking Jack Danger loves flip frenzy Game of throne Pro Vs Le/Premium Jordan destroys Ryan MailBag

Duration: 01:26:51

Episode 20 – Jack Danger Loves Budgy Smugglers

Jack Danger joins the show Twitch Streaming Jack’s visit to Australia Mega Aussie Slang Test – All Basic Aussie Terms Explained A.N.A.L.C.R.A.P v2 Power 100 Comp ACS changes Node Board fixes 5 Days of Deep Root Abobo Lee Bobo New TWD code, possible TWD VE? Ryan Comp distractions Sopranos final stream Chaos in Melbourne City…Read more Episode 20 – Jack Danger Loves Budgy Smugglers

Duration: 01:35:10

Episode 19 – Fun with Bonus Head – Steve Bowden

– Steve bio – Lance Armstrong has 1 testicle – Guardians of the Galaxy DF stream – Batman 66 – Lyman code layering – Deeproot Jobs – Steve Vs Martin in A.N.A.L.C.R.A.P. – Rollergames > WWE – TWIP – Deeproot interview – Ryan gets new machine – Wizard of Oz stream – Mailbag – Kaneda…Read more Episode 19 – Fun with Bonus Head – Steve Bowden

Duration: 01:35:17

Episode 18 – No scoop for you!

JJP 6 = Willy Wonka? IFPA Power 100 Heighway news TBL News Original Stern or Not? Trial quiz show GOTG first footage Copy, Paste, Modify Pinball buying market Dialed In! 1.50 Stream Ryan repairs Juniperlooza Feedback Mailbag Shout-out

Duration: 01:24:06

Episode 17 – RotorDave likes to KISS Millionaires

Dave Peck Bio GOTG streams Stern of the Union Are Kiss/Xmen great games? David Theil Expo Talk Dutch Pinball open/TBL news Hobbit code update Pincade 2018 System 11 comp Melbourne Matchplay Kids tournament Massive Mailbag

Duration: 01:55:43

Episode 16 – Guardians of the Galaxy (MetallicaMan)

Stacey Tweak Dialed in 1.5 Code Big Lebowski v2 Heighway 3rd pin + TnA goodness Guardians of the Galaxy release GOTG Art GOTG Toys GOTG Layout GOTG Licensing 24 hours at the Sanctum Halloween Party Sopranos Guardians Inferno

Duration: 01:30:27

Episode 15 – Pinball at PAX

MM Corrections POTC Batman code drop Stern Guardians of the Galaxy IFPA Heads up comp Michael Hull (Timbandit) interview Links – ST, AC/DC, MET, Tron, Apron DMD PAX Star Trek ColorDMD Mailbag

Duration: 01:37:20

Episode 14 – Flippin out with Jack Guarnieri

Dialed in! code 1.45 Alice Cooper Flipout 2017 H2H’s first seminar Pirates hands on impressions Jack Guarnieri and Jack Jnr Interview Aliens hands on impressions Please plan my TPF trip Hobbit ‘Black Sheep’ Did Martin watch POTC Pinball Injuries

Duration: 01:38:32

Episode 13 – JJP Pirates of the Caribbean sets the bar too high

Corrections ColorDMD ST Pinball Expo Houdini Stern Dongcopter Pirate JJP – Pirates reveal Pirates, Pirates, Pirates Dutch Pinball Comp winner Poker and Pinball Magic Girl Stream Sopranos Jurassic Park strip

Duration: 01:40:39

Episode 12 – Who will win Expo 2017?

#FakeNews correction Stern Code updates Pinfest 2017 Thunderbirds impressions Chicago Pinball Expo JJP4 @ Flipout 2017 Competition v3/4 Argonauts comp Avaturd JCVD Vs SS

Duration: 01:31:00

Episode 11 – Pinball Drama

AFMr/MMr Flipper issues Alice Cooper Pinball Aliens shipping? Star Wars Mystery post Australian Magic Girl JJP4 stream Playboy pinballs Forum Drama Competition Bayside Comp Pie Face Marty loves Dusty Upcoming events

Duration: 01:20:51

Episode 10 – Rooting for Jersey Jack

Yeti unroots Alice Cooper art Homepin Vs PinHeck Dialed In Collectors edition Pirates of the Caribbean Pinball JJP in Australia PAX comp winner WOZ stream Rosstown Arcade results AFMr stream We like big BUTs Mailbag – Slap save

Duration: 01:29:32

Episode 9 – JPOP is back!!

Interview feedback PizzaNPinball JPOP resurfaces Steve Ritchie original TPA Ghostbusters TNA production Franchi excitement Movie remakes JJP Pirates Oz Aliens PAX comp! Star Wars LE/Dialed In! unboxing Rosstown Arcade Ryan buys more machines Mailbag

Duration: 01:29:47

Episode 8 – Mike Kalinowski from Homepin Interview

Cassandra’s Crate Dialed In and Star Wars in Oz Mike Kalinowski Interview Competition winners Ryan Vs Marty @ Argonauts Blinding for decades ChunderStruck Mailbag

Duration: 01:31:34

Episode 7 – Now you’re a MAN! MAN MAN MAN!

Homepin Mole Stern in Brazil AC/DC VE differences JT statement Bro do you even like Alien? Lebowski disagreement Red Smoke Mod First Competition! Give me my ball back! Missing key dilemma A real Pinball Strip club Martin gets drunk PAX Australia MailBag. Steve Irwin Pinball – Leyland Brothers – The Block Pinball – Eric Bana Alby Mangles…Read more Episode 7 – Now you’re a MAN! MAN MAN MAN!

Duration: 01:28:03

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