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Issue #45: Chicken Pun

It’s been so long since we recorded together that I don’t even remember what to put here. Boy is there egg on my face! Turn on your chicken finder and see if you can locate Wings and Rings, a Chicken Fight Pyramid Scheme, and Egg grenades. Find out more on the Headline Heroes website.


Special Edition #7: Basically Face/Off

Completing the trilogy of being one cohost down, Drew and Tanner come up with a completely original idea. Turn your face dials to listen as we talk about National Pretend You’re Not Stupid Day, having feet for hands, and the world's greatest plot twist. Find out more on the Headline Heroes website.


Special Edition #6: What’s in a Name?

Tanner’s gone this week but not forgotten. In fact, he called in with a new twist on what we do here at Headline Heroes. Listen to Drew and Nate’s angelic voices as they discuss baked goods, Grandpa Joe, and mistaken identity on the phone. Find out more on the Headline Heroes website.


Bonus Episode #1: The Lost Episode

Oh what's this? An episode, and it's not even Tuesday!? Well, that's because we present to you our first bonus episode! You see, last year we sat down to record an episode only to realize all too late that we had lost Tanner's audio. But we are not ones to waste! After months of hard work, we were able to fix it as best as we can so that Tanner is present! Enjoy! Find out more on the Headline Heroes website.


Special Edition #5: Radioactive Man

Episode Notes Drew is gone for this episode, so Tanner and Nate go a little WILD. Okay fine, they watch The Simpsons and talk about it. If you’re interested in two idiots giggling at Simpsons gags, boy howdy do we have a podcast for you. Find out more on the Headline Heroes website.


Issue #44: Cat Scratch Reader

Shhhhhhhhh… you’re in a library silly. You got to be quiet! While you’re here, would you like to check out a book on cat Wishbone, Dr. Suess’ secret manuscript, and big ol' nerdy glasses? Better get a library card first! Find out more on the Headline Heroes website.


Issue #43: The Frumpy Banana

This week we needed a little bit of help, so we lit the Guest Signal and our friend Derek, from The Wild Pitch and the Pop Up Film Cast, appeared! Hold on for a second while we jump into a phone booth and discuss Tanner’s vast LOST knowledge, growing your beard all at once, and the most we’ve ever done for a costume. Find out more on the Headline Heroes website.


Issue #42: S.P.O.OK?

When there’s something strange, eating in your house. Who you gonna call? Preferably not us. We are too busy talking about our favorite Superbowl commercials, how to pronounce raccoon, and how necessary it was to see Bart’s dick. Spoiler alert: we talk about how Dumbledore dies in that one book or whatever. Find out more on the Headline Heroes website.


Issue #41: That’s a Bad Bake, Nathan

We just got back from the future and boy are our arms tired! The future is pretty crazy, seeing as it’s turned into a full out eagle/raccoon war. We also can report in the future there are swiss rolls, talon fight clubs, and tanooki suits. Find out more on the Headline Heroes website.


Issue #40: Whale That’s All, Folks

Whale, whale, whale what do we have here? It’s a new issue of Headline Heroes, featuring a look at everyone’s favorite young adult novels! Have a whale of a time with us as we talk about our search for mozzarella sticks, brain blasts, and our very first weather report. Find out more on the Headline Heroes website.


Issue #39: Drunk Mr Freeze

Crack open a cold one, ‘cause it’s time for your favorite podcast. We love you SO muCH, nd your our BEST FRIEND. GET OFF OF US while we talk animal crackers, Jack and Jill survival, and the next big cooking podcast. Find out more on the Headline Heroes website.


Issue #38: Dax Shepard Jr.

This week’s episode is a blast from the past. Or maybe the future? We aren't sure I guess. Stare into your reflection and try to see us discuss the best Headline Heroes bromance pairings, our in-depth Star Wars knowledge, and what movies have the best time travel. Find out more on the Headline Heroes website.


Issue #37: Mush Heads vs. Crunch Nuts

Happy New Year everyone! We are back with OG Headline Heroes. Break some records with us as we delve into the Tanner’s big secret, a Guiness World War, and how we eat our cereal. Find out more on the Headline Heroes website.


Special Edition #4: Headline Heroes Holiday Special

Happy Holidays everyone! Are you ready to get jolly at Derek’s grandparent’s house? Santa is down and out and it’s up to our heroes (and even some villains) to save the day. Hold on to your nog as they defeat Anti-Santa and make sure every good girl and boy gets the present they deserve. Find out more on the Headline Heroes website.


Special Edition #3: Boys in the House

In this special edition, we are recording in the same room, and it is WEIRD. We start out with opening a very special gift, and then we move on to confront one of our biggest regrets. Buckle up and hear us talk about the relationship between buffalo & Tim Allen grunts, a band of only harmonicas, and a ghost/human relationship. Find out more on the Headline Heroes website.


Issue #36: Potato Paul

It’s time to cook a potato, do you know where YOUR children are? Load up that spud while we dip into iced tea roombas, ancient potato caves, and, of course, blowing up a baby. Find out more on the Headline Heroes website.


Issue #35: The Sauce is McRib

Get ready for the crunchiest prison escape story ever told. This week we smooth out the details of Mr Ed’s dark secret, mom names, and the return of everyone’s favorite name game.


Issue #34: This One is For the Fans

Wait until you get a taste of this episode. It’s really gonna take you to Flavortown. If you’re a supertaster you might catch hints of the death of Barney, how to make a peanut butter sandwich, and the surprise appearance of everyone’s favorite purple guy.


Issue #33: It’s Just a Prank, Bro

Chill, dude. This episode is just a joke. Can’t you take a joke? Now get your head in the toilet and hear us discuss Tanner’s new house, how to take pranks to the city level, and tales of our high school glory days.


Issue #32: My Toilet Ghostero

What happens when we get an article about a haunted bathroom? A lot actually. Like a lot. Join as we are flushed down the drain and discuss Nate’s new leaf bed, Banjo-Kazooie, and thug Looney Tunes.


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