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Dirty Electricity – A contributing Factor to Vision Loss! - Dr. Kondrot's Healing the Eye Podcast

Dr. Samuel Milham has alerted the world about the frightening link between occupational exposure to electromagnetic fields, electromagnetic pollution, and human disease.On this podcast, Dr. Milham takes the listeners through his early years and education, following the twisting path that led to his discovery that most of the twentieth-century diseases of civilization, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and suicide, are caused by electromagnetic field exposure....


Save Homeopathy - Dr. Kondrot's Healing the Eye Podcast

Save Homeopathy! The FDA has recommended rescinding Compliance Policy 400.400, which has protected the practice of homeopathy for the past 25 years. This has established guidelines for manufacturing, labeling, and advertising which helps protect the consumer The FDA has no plan to replace this policy except with arbitrary case by case decisions. This could put homeopathy under the same regulatory statute as pharmaceutical products and herbal products. Homeopathy cannot be judged under...


Ask Dr. Kondrot a question and update from the Hawaiian Eye Meeting - Dr. Kondrot's Healing the Eye Podcast

Once a month on Healthy Vision Talk Radio we feature, "Ask Dr. Kondrot a Question". Do you have eye or vision problem and are looking for an alternative solution? This is an opportunity to have all your questions answered regarding your eye and vision problems. If you have a question you can always email Dr. Kondrot at or have a Free Consult by going to


Burning, itching eyes? Oh, my! - Dr. Kondrot's Healing the Eye Podcast

Burning and itching eyes are a common and very frustrating problem. Learn the common causes of burning and itching eyes. Some Mistakes can lead to blindness! What are the dangers of common treatments? Learn safe alternative solutions


Meet Dr. Travis Zigler. On a mission to end preventable blindness - Dr. Kondrot's Healing the Eye Podcast

His name is Dr. Travis Zigler, he and his wife Jenna have been actively involved with Volunteers for Optometric Services to Humanity, which is a group that travels worldwide to give eye examinations to people who cannot afford nor obtain such care. They have made trips to Ecuador, Peru, and Jamaica twice, and have plans to participate in future missions. Dr. Travis Zigler is on a mission to end preventable blindness.


Miracles in Restoring Blindness. Interview with Racheal Gillibrand. - Dr. Kondrot's Healing the Eye Podcast

As an Ophthalmologist, I have always been interested in the miracle of restoring blindness. While on the Camino le Puy Pilgrimage in France I discovered the Abbey of San Foy in Conques, France. San Foy was responsible for many miracles of curing blindness in the Middle Ages. This is an interview with Racheal Gillibrand from the University of Leeds in England who has done extensive research on this saint and miracles in the Middle Ages


. Everything you need to know about floaters - Dr. Kondrot's Healing the Eye Podcast

They are found in the vitreous humor but they are not humorous if you have them. In fact people have committed suicide because of the devastating side effects of the floaters. image Where are they located? What causes them? How to prevent them! Why surgery is not the best option! Alternative treatments that help!


Macular pucker, macular wrinkle, macular hole, oh my! - Dr. Kondrot's Healing the Eye Podcast

The macula is a part of the eye crucial to good vision, but as we age, it can be damaged by macular holes and macular puckers. What are the symptoms, and what are the approaches for macular holes and macular puckers treatment. -Learn the Cause -Ways to prevent the progression -Dangers of Surgery -Alternative Treatments that work Learn More at


Dr. Glenn Strauss a remarkable eye surgeon doing missionary work on the Mercy Ship in Cameron, Africa. - Dr. Kondrot's Healing the Eye Podcast

Dr. Glenn Strauss, the Director of Missions of the Christian Ophthalmology Society will be my guest. He is doing remarkable work in bringing eye care to the most needed areas of the world. I will be interviewing him from Cameroon, Africa where he is doing missionary work aboard the Mercy Ship.


Learn about Stargardt’s Disease - Dr. Kondrot's Healing the Eye Podcast

Learn about Stargardt's Disease, a type of macular degeneration also called Juvenile Macular Degeneration. Learn ways to prevent the progression of visual loss and in many cases reverse the vision loss!


Medical Mission to Vietnam to Restore lost vision and the New Home Program! - Dr. Kondrot's Healing the Eye Podcast

Join Dr. Kondrot on a recent KFNX Radio Show on his Medical Mission to Vietnam to Restore lost vision and the New Home Program! The Mission included eye exams at an Orphanage, training eye surgeons at Binh Dinh General Hospital on the use of a laser for surgery and surgically treating a patient with a 6th Nerve Palsy. Check out a video of the trip at Dr. Kondrot also discusses the New Home Program to restore vision. It is not necessary to travel to Florida!...


Hormones and Vision Loss - Dr. Kondrot's Healing the Eye Podcast

An imbalance in your hormones might be a contributing factor to your vision loss. Dr. Ben Gonzalez, an expert on hormone replacement therapy, is my guest. Learn what steps you can take to see if hormone replacement therapy is needed to help you restore lost vision and prevent additional vision loss.


Using Essential Oils to Treat Eye Disease - Dr. Kondrot's Healing the Eye Podcast

Dr. Victor Marcial-Vega has convinced me that Essentials Oils have a powerful effect, especially when used with Microcurrent. I routinely use Frankincense oil along with microcurrent treatments. Essential oils can have amazing healing properties and they have been shown to even repair DNA. Microcurrent can act as a carrier to bring the oils deeper into the body for healing. Find out more about essential oils and microcurrent. Join me for this exciting interview with Dr. Victor Marcial-Vega...


Should Religion be in Medicine? - Dr. Kondrot's Healing the Eye Podcast

I recently came across an article entitled “How the religious right is interfering in medicine and putting patients in danger”. Should religion be a part of our medical system? Join me when Dr. Charles McWilliams discusses “Monastic Medicine” His insights will surprise you!


Fernando Pena, MD, an Eye Surgeon, discusses using alternative treatments to restore lost vision - Dr. Kondrot's Healing the Eye Podcast

Interview with Fernando Pena, MD a Board Certified Ophthalmologist and Eye Surgeon who will discuss how his practice has changed since implementing alternative therapies like Homeopathy and Microcurrent!. Learn how other Ophthalmologist are beginning to embrace the techniques of the Kondrot Restore Vision Program


Embracing Vision Loss With Spiritual Insight - Dr. Kondrot's Healing the Eye Podcast

Reverend Linda Baldwin is my guest. When we have a disease, a problem with our body, or whatever problem we have, there’s always a lesson to be learned. When suffering vision loss, one of the first things you need to ask yourself is “What aren’t you seeing?” It’s always connected to what we’ve avoided or what we need to see. It’s much easier to do it when we at least recognize our spiritual being and how connected that spiritual being is to our maker. As a homeopathic doctor, one of the...


Chelation: Remove toxic Heavy Metals and save Your Health and Sight - Dr. Kondrot's Healing the Eye Podcast

In many cases of chronic illness, including eye disease, the underlying cause of the disorders is very simple – heavy metal poisoning. This one disease affects all of us on the planet to some degree and can be cured by getting the lead, mercury, and other toxins out of our bodies, bones, and brains. Learn how chelation can be helpful in the treatment and prevention of macular degeneration, glaucoma and cataract. Begin chelation now to save your health and sight!


Restoring Lost Vision - Dr. Kondrot's Healing the Eye Podcast

Dear Friend, Many of the patients I've seen over the last 30 years have been told by their eye doctor that, "Nothing can be done for them". These words take away hope! And they are simply not true. When I began my career as an Ophthalmic Surgeon, I thought the scalpel cured everything. However, after a Homeopathic remedy cured my severe adult onset asthma, I began to explore the world of alternative therapies. I have treated thousands of patients who had lost hope - people who had lost...


3 Steps to Reverse Cataract Podcast - Dr. Kondrot's Healing the Eye Podcast

I started out as an eye surgeon. I felt there wasn’t any disease I couldn’t cut and put back together again. My philosophy has changed ever since homeopathy cured me of a severe case of asthma when traditional western doctors said nothing could be done. I’ve been integrating alternative therapy since then. I strongly feel that alternative treatments and looking at the underlying cause should be the first approach to any eye disease. A cataract is like a red warning light. When a red...


The Big Lie in Glaucoma Treatment Podcast - Dr. Kondrot's Healing the Eye Podcast

Learn what treatments work and why your current treatment might be ineffective and even dangerous to your health and vision. Glaucoma is a serious disease and proper treatment is necessary to prevent vision loss. Lowering eye pressure by using drops, laser or surgery, in most cases, is not the best way to treat this disease. Learn why the focus of treatment needs to be on improving the health of the brain and optic nerve. 1) Learn the facts regarding an extensive study on Marijuana...


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