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Health Check grapples with health issues on a global scale, investigates discoveries and solutions in healthcare, and looks at how to deliver a healthier world.




Sleep Disorders Link to Premature Birth

Women who suffer from sleep disorders are at increased risk of delivering their baby early. Although half of pregnant women have problems sleeping, the study carried out by the University of California, San Francisco focused on those with serious sleep disorders. The mechanism behind the link isn’t yet known – but the researchers say that women with serious sleep problems should seek help from their doctor. Yazidi women have been singled out by so-called Islamic State militants for...

Duration: 00:26:29

Health Corruption

Health corruption is hidden, but can happen anywhere from the smallest, remote clinic to the billion dollar health systems, from low income countries to the richest places in the world. Tim Mackey, Director of Global Health at University of California San Diego explains the impact is has on patients and how it can be challenged. We’ve all heard of the term “a broken heart” to describe the terrible sadness we feel after the loss of a loved one. Until recently it’s been thought of as just a...

Duration: 00:26:34

Worrying Signs of Disease in American Footballers’ Brains

High-impact collisions are all part of the game for American footballers. But new research has found a worrying amount of disease in footballers’ donated brains – similar to changes found in Alzheimer’s disease. Jesse Mez, Assistant Professor of Neurology at Boston University, was shocked by the widespread presence of tangles of tau proteins, which signal the progressive brain disease chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Ayahuasca is said to be the strongest psychedelic drug in the world. A...

Duration: 00:26:44

Could Injections Revolutionise HIV Care?

Could future of treatments for HIV be revolutionised by an injection? HIV/Aids researchers from around the world have been meeting in Paris this week. Anti-retroviral drugs have transformed HIV into a manageable long-term condition. But taking the medication for a lifetime could involve up to 20,000 tablets. So Professor Joe Eron and colleagues from the United States tested an injectable, slow-acting form of the medication, which releases over one month or two. The jab performed as well as...

Duration: 00:26:43

Life Expectancy Rise Halted in UK

The rise in life expectancy in the UK has stalled for the first time in a hundred years – despite improvements in other parts of the world. The increase was around one year every three and a half years for men, and a year for every five years for women. Sir Michael Marmot who's the Director of the Institute of Health Equity at University College London was surprised to find that this rate of change has halved since 2010. He believes that as well as dementia, socio-economic inequalities are...

Duration: 00:26:47