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How To Cure A Cold Fast, Cure A Virus Fast And Prevent Future Colds & Viruses: Natural Cold Remedies, Homeopathic remedies, and home remedies.

Learn to cure and prevent the common cold and other common viruses fast in this episode by using simple vitamins and nutrients in higher doses. This episode includes natural remedies for cold and viruses, homeopathic remedies for cold and viruses, and home remedies for cold and viruses. Matt dives into how shitake mushrooms he's feeling right now and how he's pushing through this podcast. Matt discusses methods including high dose vitamin c, chlorella ingestion, spurilina ingestion as well...

Duration: 00:23:46

Self esteem, Self Beliefs And My Boss Told Me I Was Fat: How To Develop Self Confidence And Self Belief In Yourself And Your Goals, Plus How Ladies Lose Weight While Eating Sweets Every Day!

Matt Michael discusses the end of health humor life and the beginning of the short simple health solutions podcast as he states the show will still focus on “info-tainment” and be entertaining as well as educating about health, weight loss, mind, spirit, and more. Today’s episode focuses on self esteem, self beliefs, self confidence, and how to build self esteem, how to build self confidence, and how to enhance self love, self image, and self worth. He discusses what it takes to love...

Duration: 00:20:25

Diet Tips For Fast Weight Loss & Health Maintenance + A Hiatus & New Beginnings With New Age Holistic Health And The Short Simple Health Solutions Podcast

New Age Holistic Health - Short Simple Health Solutions Podcast On Today's episode of the health humor l.... Oh wait! We have a new name! Find out the details of the new brand change inside this episode. This new podcast is short and sweet as it will be in the future as well. It begins with a motivational quote as it will from here on out. (Because we all need daily and weekly motivation) Matt discusses Diet Tips For Fast Weight Loss as well as Health Maintenance in this episode. He will...

Duration: 00:13:05

Soda Pop: Drink or Stop? High Fructose Corn Syrup & Aspartame: Safe Or Poisonous? + Getting Pounded!

Soda Pop has been a long time staple in American society. However, there is now an extravagant amount of controversial information known about sugar, high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, and many other ingredients in soda pop. Can you drink this American and Worldwide staple drink and still be healthy? Should Soda Pop continue to be a long time American past time? What are Matt and Tyler getting pounded with? Or Who are they pounding? Or Who is pounding who? The pair discuss high fructose...

Duration: 00:38:43

Funny Pet Peeves, Why Matt's Crazy Ex Would've Never Moved in, Toilet humor, How To Lead By Example, Female Stalkers, And Ratchet Feet Hanging Out Of Car Windows

Tyler and Matt shoot the shit on this podcast about funny life occurrences and pet peeves. It is mentioned that they will be discussing soda and "how to prevent yourself from getting sick" next podcast. They Discuss Matt's current girlfriend who is doing a "trial move in week" to see how it goes living with these two gentlemen. Will there be any pet peeves occurring with this move in?? Tyler goes into his pet peeves and how he hates feet sticking out of car windows. Matt discusses some of...

Duration: 00:32:57

Paranormal Activity pt 1: Clairvoyant Psychic Mediums, Intuition, Intuitive Abilities, Haunted Frat House Tales, And The Dell Customer Service Lady

Tyler and Matt begin the Health Humor Life paranormal activity series by discussing the events that lead from them growing up in a strict catholic religion to eventually opening their minds as they had many spiritual, paranormal, ghost, and psychic medium experiences. Matt states that it is perfectly ok if you do not believe in ghosts as you will still find these stories intriguing. Tyler opens up about beginning his journey as a Clairvoyant and how he first experienced being able to sense...

Duration: 00:45:12

CrossFit Gyms And CrossFit Training Programs: Is This New CrossFit Community For You? Plus: Should A CrossFit Bro Date A CrossFit Chick?

Crossfit is a lifestyle in which you are prioritizing health and fitness goals. Founded by Greg Glassman over several decades, it is a unique fitness regimen. It is stated that he is the first person in history to define fitness in a meaningful and measurable way. He then created a program designed to improve fitness and health. Crossfit is varied functional movements performed at a high intensity. These functional movements reflect aspects of gymnastics, weight lifting, running rowing and...

Duration: 00:31:30

What is anxiety? how to cure severe anxiety and symptoms of depression naturally. Symptoms of Magnesium deficiency, Benefits of a magnesium supplement

Anxiety and depression now plagues a large majority of America and other countries. However, it wasn't always like this! So what the hell happened?! On this edition of Health Humor Life, Matt goes into what causes anxiety, an anxiety attack (panic attack), OCD, major depressive disorder, and other illnesses. He discusses how to treat anxiety and actually cure severe anxiety and symptoms of anxiety naturally in most people. He describes the most important natural remedies for anxiety which...

Duration: 00:27:31

Seasonal Affective Disorder and Depression Cure, How to Improve Your Memory and Live Your Life Goals, Plus Free Birth Control, Zombies, and a Sexy Sound Cloud Message

In this episode of the health humor life uncensored podcast, we will discussing the successful natural treatment of seasonal affective disorder and seasonal depression with a simple strategy. Seasonal affective disorder and seasonal depression are both very common this time of year. Matt describes how he experienced this himself last week and tells how he improved, cured, and maintains the prevention of seasonal affective disorder. He goes into various techniques including exercise,...

Duration: 00:33:42

Differences Between Men And Women In Society And Relationships, What is a "Fuckboy"?, What Is A "Bae"?Can You Date A Woman with 7 children and 4 Different Dads?

Tyler And Matt are joined By Colby once again for a more entertainment oriented discussion on difference between men and women in society and relationships, "fuckboys", universal income, the feminist movement, father figures, action towards goals and much much more. The trio delve into the differentiating traits of men and women and why everything isn't always equal in life and the workplace. They discuss the major physiological and thus real life differences between men and woman in...

Duration: 00:34:15

New Years Resolution Ideas For Weight Loss Success, FREE Nutrition Book And Video Course, Dog Almost Loses Virginity, Our Mom's Hate It When We Swear.

Matt and Tyler open the podcast by discussing Their Christmas experience with the family and the dog almost losing his virginity in the living room. Tyler describes the Dunkin Donuts drive through "pay it forward" movement. Matt discusses The #1 thing to look out for in order to lose weight successfully and achieve your new years resolution goal. The pair take viewer questions from emails and Matt discusses how fruit smoothies played a role in one client gaining weight. Matt describes a...

Duration: 00:27:58

The Benefits Of Eating Sugar, Dad Bods, Lonely Steve From The War, Fast Weight Loss Without Sugar, and Having A Kid With A Dad Bo

Most information in this podcast can be found in greater detail with cited references in the "Optimum Nutrition For Fat Loss ebook" found on for FREE! Visit the homepage to get your copy today! In an informative yet entertaining podcast, Matt discusses the "benefits" of sugar as Tyler is intrigued. The show opens with a reenacted sugar ad from the 1950s/60s era when sugar was promoted as a health food to lose weight. Matt brings up Tyler's desire to say "fuck" less...

Duration: 00:43:28

Goal-Setting, Half naked men on your wall, Journaling, Action Taking instead of Masturbating

FREE Weight Loss and Health eBook on - Send Questions and comment to (We will be doing a Q and A Soon) Tyler and Matt record separately on this day as the Podcast begins with Tyler getting immediately interrupted by a local Amtrak Train. Tyler discusses goal setting, how to set goals, and goal setting theory. He describes to the audience how putting a photo of a half naked man on your wall will help you with your life goals. He goes into...

Duration: 00:31:20

Love, Lawn-Care, & Break ups (Including Matt's recent emotional story)

FREE Health and Weight Loss ebook and video course on Tyler opens the podcast by reading an ad for Pat's Lawn care. (Our newest sponsor!) Matt soon delves into the emotional and shocking story of his most recent break up which is what sparked the topic of this podcast. He discusses the effects of an online dating website and insecure emotions and how this combination has come close to ruining his once great relationship. Tyler also discusses his most recent heart...

Duration: 01:11:28

Juicing for Weight loss, Benefits of Juicing, Matt Stretches Tyler, Personal experiences with Pressed juices, fresh juice, and juicing recipes.

Tyler and Matt open the Podcast by discussing the non homo stretching techniques Matt performed on Tyler earlier that day. These stretches included leg stretches, back stretches, and various stretching exercises designed to lower thy back pain of Tyler. They then dive into a discussion on juicing, the benefits of juicing, juicing for weight loss, juicing recipes, and their personal experiences while drinking pressed juice. Matt discusses making it almost 13 days while Tyler juiced for 5....

Duration: 00:46:33

How to be debt free, Girls of Walmart, Black Friday, and the Himalayan Salt Challenge. Ep 2

More How to be debt free, Girls of Walmart, Black Friday, and the Himalayan Salt Challenge ep 2. Matt and tyler open the health humor life podcast by fully disclosing that they are absolute "nobodies". Long time friend and band mate Colby, joins them as he brings up stories of walmart girls after the three discuss debt, how to be debt free, ways of making money, working hard, and their personal "get out of debt" stories. Many "folks" get themselves into deep debt...

Duration: 00:44:21